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  • I’ve only thought about it briefly, you’d need to write a set of custom templates so that everything passed the AMP specs

    I know bbPress uses CSS’ !important in a few places so that we can force a few things for our “template compatibility” in supporting as many themes as we do, you can't use!important` with AMP:

    Apart from that issue of the top of my head, I don’t see why it couldn’t be done 🙂

    Deleted, and awesome, glad you got it fixed 🙂

    Sorry, but the bbPress team has no access to WLM whatsoever, we cannot do anything about it.

    If WLM state they support bbPress and bbPress’ roles and capabilities implementation then they should document that and help their _paying_ customers.

    This sounds like it’s a Wishlist Member issue not a bbPress issue.

    Does WLM have any documentation on using WLM with bbPress?
    (All I could find was

    As it is a paid plugin I don’t have access to it, I assume you get official support from WLM as you have paid for it though.

    In reply to: bbPress Update Error

    Glad you got it sorted, when the next bbPress update occurs let me know if it fails again and we can look into this further

    I’ll include the above in ticket #2963

    Thanks for identifying the cause @atmojones, made tracking this down much quicker 🙂

    So the regex we use #([\s>])@([0-9a-zA-Z-_]+)#i in bbp_make_mentions_clickable()

    The ([\s>]) is checking for a whitespace character before the @ symbol

    The code here below is from using TinyMCE and as you noted @atmojones there’s some non-breaking spaces html entities for the instances when an an even number of spaces preceede the @ symbol:

    The root cause is every second space is swapped out with nbsp; which makes sense from a HTML perspective, where this takes place I’m not so sure of, it’s either in TinyMCE directly, or WordPress via wp_spaces_regexp() in wptexturize() (I think it’s the former)

    The workaround for bbPress and I suspect BuddyPress also, would be to check for both ([\s>]) and nbsp; preceding the @ symbol

    Here’s the results of swapping ([\s>]) for ([\s>;]) (Adding a check for just the semi-colon):

    Testing one space @atmojones
    Testing two spaces @atmojones
    Testing three spaces @atmojones
    Testing four spaces @atmojones
    Testing five spaces @atmojones
    Testing six spaces @atmojones

    The resulting code from the above:

    <p>Testing one space <a href="" rel="nofollow">@atmojones</a>
        <br> Testing two spaces <a href="" rel="nofollow">@atmojones</a>
        <br> Testing three spaces <a href="" rel="nofollow">@atmojones</a>
        <br> Testing four spaces <a href="" rel="nofollow">@atmojones</a>
        <br> Testing five spaces <a href="" rel="nofollow">@atmojones</a>
        <br> Testing six spaces <a href="" rel="nofollow">@atmojones</a>

    The above doesn’t really show the code, multiple spaces are stripped:

    In reply to: bp_send_email help

    I suggest you post this on as the function bp_send_email() is a BuddyPress function 🙂

    If you uncheck the tick next to position: fixed; it will display correctly.

    The file source is from /wp-content/themes/DT/framework/css/css.core.css?ver=4.6.1:

    .sticky {
        position: fixed;
        top: 0;
        z-index: 1000;
        width: 100%;
        border-bottom: 1px solid #ddd;

    Changing position: fixed; to position: inherit; will fix it for you.

    I suggest you read your themes documentation or contact the theme author for the best way to apply the CSS fix for the DT Framework theme you are using 🙂

    In reply to: bbPress Update Error

    First, make a backup your database using your webhost site backup, or database backup preference.

    Cool, deleting the bbPress plugin will *not* delete anything from your database 🙂

    So delete the plugin, and then download and activate bbPress again 🙂

    Backup first, because, backup, your data is important, and incase anything else goes wrong you have a backup 🙂

    In reply to: bbPress Update Error

    Do you have any issues updating WordPRess itself? How about other plugins or themes?

    I think you may need to contact your webhost for help with this issue.

    Not so much what I need, it is what you need to help work out what the issue is 😉

    At a quick glance it looks like the bootstrap.css is overwriting the bbPress CSS styles.

    Can you make the topic a “sticky” again please:

    This is the forum correct? EDIT: Removed URL

    I would suggest trying it on a local setup using MAMP or XAMP

    Then export the forum using WordPress’ “Export” tool, and then the “Import” tool on your site.

    p.s I haven’t tested or seen anyone do a Vanilla install for quite a while and sugget you take a close look at the import o make sure it works. Also try bbPress 2.6-alpha, lots of importer improvements, you can get it from here

    In reply to: bbPress like Flarum

    This is pretty cool @sceko, I’ll have to take a closer look soon 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this 🙂

    Have you used Google Chrome Inspector? ( Right click -> Inspect)


    Have a look at some videos to help get you started if you have not used it before

    The theme used here on is called bbpress-org, the theme used on is called buddypress-org, I see a pattern emerging, the theme used on is called codex-bbpress-org, the theme used on is called codex-buddypress-org, there is a pattern here :shakes fist: ;P

    Along with the above, each of those themes is a WordPress child theme, the parent theme is named bb-base, as you can see below per the announcement blog posts all the above parent and child themes and plugins used on all the sites were “open sourced” back in March 2014

    Open Sourcing

    Open Sourcing

    The above posts also link to the source repos, there is also a new child theme that is now used on the bbPress 2.x powered forums and an even newer evolution of this theme is being worked on for the updated redesign of the WordPress forums, you can even sneak a peak at the new design by visiting this URL:

    The updates to all of the above and the migration of the WordPress Support Forums to bbPress 2.x, rather 2.6-alpha is one of the reasons bbPress 2.6 isn’t out yet, it’s because we’re making sure bbPress 2.6 will be the best it possibly can be, and by deploying it on and the ensued battle testing of it that has been taking place we’ve got a few things to do before we can say bbPress 2.6 is ready to be released.

    @mikehaceman, thanks for testing this, I’ll update the and test the patch in a few hours

    And FWIW an import should also work albeit slower without the wp_bbp_converter_translator table, some hosts don’t allow users to create new tables, so I’ll see if I can figure out why this isn’t working either for you 🙂

    Stephen Edgar


    A couple of things, if you use bbPress 2.6-alpha that should fix your issues, you can download it from

    You “might” need to update your old SMF database to the latest version, its too difficult to maintain multiple database versions for ~25 or so forum imports we support.

    In reply to: Login Issue

    Stephen Edgar


    Run through the deactivate plugins process again, this time though reactivate the plugins one by one, and test as you go, as soon as you activate the plugin that is causing this you can raise a support issue with the author or there may be an alternative plugin you could use for that feature if a fix isn’t available.

    Stephen Edgar


    Awesome, glad there is a solution that works now 🙂

    Stephen Edgar


    Per forum moderator support has been added to the upcoming bbPress 2.6

    Stephen Edgar


    Currently there is no solution, wait for a reply on that Trac ticket that you replied to and we will see what happens.

    In reply to: Login Issue

    Stephen Edgar


    Create yourself a test user with the default participant role and use your browser “incognito” mode.

    Also try disabling all your plugins and see if that fixes the issue.

    Also, I just learnt that if your themes header.php contains lang="en" that will cause issues, see

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