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  • 2,500 is a lot less than 30,000 posts 😉

    If you click “Screen Options” from the topics dashboard you can change the number of topics displayed per page from the default 20 to around 250, you can then select all those 250 topics with one click by checking the checkbox immediately under “Bulk Actions”, then select the drop down “Move To Trash” and “Apply”, this will remove 250 topics at a time?

    Do that 10 times and your issue will be resolved?

    Did the counts update to reflect the topic count of the forum is now 20 less?

    The last version of the import has problems and lost the relation between post and owner.

    That’s because the current version only supports phpBB 3.1.x as I stated above.

    As you don’t need to worry about any custom modules as bbPress doesn’t support these anyway I still think you are best of upgrading your phpBB database schema to 3.1.x, but here is a 3.0.x alternative for you to try, though no guarantees and I won’t be making any 3.0.x changes etc.

    This here is the 3.1.x version:

    This here is the 3.0.x version:

    You’ll still need to use bbPress 2.6 alpha with that 3.0.x version.

    Can you remove a page of topics at a time?

    Go to the bbPress topics dashboard:

    From the dropdown select the forum you want to delete the topics from and click filter, now select the 20 topics from that forum and in the “Bulk Actions” dropdown select “Move to trash” and click apply.

    Going back to the repair tools and running those has the forums topic and reply count now been reduced by the number of topics you just deleted?

    The dashes ———— usually indicate that the database connection has been lost, sadly this one bug I’ve not been able to nail down with the importer to fix and give a decent warning/error message.

    Basically a workaround is to open another tab in your browser to the dashboard page and refresh it every hour so and by doing so WordPress doesn’t “lose” the database connection

    I’ve only ever had a handful of people ask and/or help on importing Xenforo to bbPress, I’ve been lucky that I’ve been given copies of the raw database to work on, thats the only reason the bbPress Xenforo importer exists.

    There are some bbPress forum tweaks that can be made to improve performance, and as pointed out some of those will ship with bbPress 2.6 (hopefully sooner rather than later), there are also further tweaks that won’t ship with bbPress 2.6 but can be added to further improve performance.

    Edit: This site is running on bbPress 2.6, by the end of the week so will, over the past couple of weeks bbPress 2.6 has been used to roll out ~25 international (Non English) forums across see:

    bbPress 2.6 is very stable right now 🙂

    Strange, I’ll try to take a look at this next week @moedan9

    When I do look at it though I’ll be using SMF 2.0.11 as it is the latest release.

    @aeneas1 I’ve split this into it’s own topic, things can be hard to track otherwise.

    Did you do the import with bbPress 2.5.x or 2.6 alpha?

    The 2.6 alpha now supports importing from phpBB 3.1.x which fixes quite a few issues with phpBB users, you can get it from

    Right, I suspect this might be more like 30 seconds?

    Typically if PHP cannot complete a task within 30 seconds you receive a “time out” error

    If you run the “Count topics in each forum” and “Count replies in each forum” repair tools you should get an accurate count of how many topics and replies remain in the forum you wish to delete. Now try deleting the forum again, once PHP times out, go back, run those same two repair tools again, are the counts different? how many topics and replies did it delete before timing out? If it’s 1,000 topics removed, you’d need to repeat those steps 30 times, get my drift? Keep doing this until the forum and all its topics and replies are deleted.

    So the above is a bit hacky, but it should get the job done 😉

    bbPress 2.6 has dropped support for importing from phpBB 3.0.x, you need to upgrade your phpBB database to 3.1.x before importing into bbPress 2.6

    Can you add some more information on how to reproduce the error?


    1. Click this
    2. Do this.
    3. Now click this
    4. etc etc

    A list of plugins you are using would also be helpful, at the moment it looks like for sure a conflict between one or two of them

    Have you tried deleting the forum from the dashboard?

    If you delete a forum it will also delete all topics and replies in that forum

    I’d suggest switching your “password protect child pages” plugin to a “membership” type plugin:

    I’m sure one of them will support what you are looking for and allow you to continue using a single password where bbPress is also behind that.

    Try also having the user flush/clean their browser cache.

    You can also test things by creating a test user yourself and making sure everything works as expected

    Try importing using the beta of bbPress 2.6, it includes heaps of import enhancements, let me know how you go 🙂

    You can get it from

    This is an aMember issue around supporting bbPress’ roles

    A quick search of their forum shows many bbPress users asking the same question, but never getting a reply

    The current suggestions seem to be if you have a license is to create a support ticket for help from aMember.

    I’ve not heard or seen such a plugin….

    That said, I swapped out “topic tag” for “term” and searched the plugins repo:

    There may be others but this one stood out:

    Add some tools for taxonomies : Terms suggestion, Mass Edit Terms, Auto link Terms, Ajax Autocompletion, Click Terms, Auto terms, Advanced manage term

    It doesn’t list bbPress as being supported but maybe it could be adapted to support bbPress or support for bbPress added to the plugin.

    See for further information and bbPress 2.6 PHP 7.x compatability.

    I always forget GD-bbPress-Tools also has a quote thing :/

    The quote plugin I mentioned does have an issue sadly, so go with Rob’s suggestion 🙂

    Awesome, glad you’re sorted…

    Now I’ve just got to finish getting 100% translated 🙂

    You might also be able to look yourself. In the zippy theme directory, e.g. wp-content/themes/zippy you might find a bbpress folder with some bbPress templates located inside, if that is the case then maybe the Zippy version of form-reply.php is out of date.

    I just setup a new site with WP 4.5.3 and bbPress 2.5.10 es_ES

    Everything is translated for me:

    Does the theme you are using include custom bbPress templates?

    It looks like there might be an issue with the file form-reply.php

    The file can be found in: templates/default/bbpress/form-reply.php

    It should match:

    Can you check the above for me please?

    Thanks for the screenshots, they are a big help 🙂

    The “before” screenshot has lots of untranslated strings, Topic, Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2, Participant, Edit, Move etc etc

    Wheres most of the above are now translated in your “after” screenshot, I see 4 strings untranslated though: Reply to, Notify me of follow-up replies via email, Tags: and Submit

    Those 4 strings all appear to be translated correctly, e.g

    p.s. Spam isn’t translated, Spam appears to be Spam in any language 😉

    I’ll dig around some more and see what I can find

    Cool 🙂 So rather than “closing a topic”, you’d “unstick a topic” 🙂

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