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  • If you select a different forum from the dropdown, e.g. SMF what error do you get?

    Can you also try using an incorrect password, you should be seeing some kind of errors here rather than nothing each time.

    The database *must* be located on the same database server as your target WordPress installation, you can import from a remote database server.

    Make sure you select “phpBB” from the dropdown at the top of the importer page.

    As noted elsewhere, this looks like a conflict with the editor plugin you are using.

    We need some more information on what the plugin is and any other tweaks your using help out here

    Editing your profiles has now been fixed, sorry about this :)

    I’m still going to keep this topic closed, it’s been a spammers paradise :/

    For others bumping into this topic, the codex article is here:

    @donchulio Thanks, strange the collation isn’t there, but anyway, I’ll create an SMF test site using latin1 and see what results I get :)

    What am I doing over here in the sidebar :(

    A quick look at the <tt> issue:

    We’re doing this:

    // Replace '[tt]' with '<tt>'
    $SMF_markup = preg_replace( '/\[tt\]/',   '<tt>',  $SMF_markup );
    // Replace '[/tt]' with '</tt>'
    $SMF_markup = preg_replace( '/\[\/tt\]/', '</tt>', $SMF_markup );

    I’m wondering if your SMF forums used custom BBCode’s here? It looks like it was for URL’s where class="bbcode_url" was being added to links, maybe also a custom BBCode for [tt] was being used where no closing [/tt] BBCode was required?

    @abcdiamond A good DB search and replace plugin is

    The class="bbcode_url" could most likely be ignored as it’s only a CSS style

    Strange that you have <tt> and not </tt>, I’ll take a another look at these.

    What about collation?

    Which one is latin1? Having both these values would be helpful so I can test it please :)

    bbPress has quite a few functions that will help you here:

    bbp_get_user_profile_url() would get you /forums/membre/user
    bbp_get_user_profile_edit_url() would get you /forums/membre/user/edit

    You can also use bbp_get_current_user_id() if you need the current user ID

    @sammmmy Fixed, the posts were caught by Akismet for having more than 2 links, I’ve fixed one and removed the other duplicates.

    This is excellent, I’ll take a look later, a couple of things if you could clarify please:

    In the posts table, subject is the topic title?
    In the posts table, message is either the topic or the reply content?
    In the threads table, topic, what is this? Is this also the topic title? And if it is also the topic title does this match the subject field from the posts table exactly?

    @cocolabombe0 I see you already have a ticket here :)

    Did the link to the code I sent you help?

    Thanks for this @@pegelf, bonus points for forking my gist, makes the changes you made easy to see, much appreciated :)

    It sounds like you are hitting this crazy freezing issue, it’s not easy to track down, but once you’ve found the offending database row you should be good to go.

    Following the instructions @robkk linked to above should help track it down, when I hit this issue if I’ve got 100,000 replies to import and it fails at 2,100, I’ll delete those first 2,199 reply rows from a working copy/backup of the database as a quick indicator of if/when the issue will crop again, helps to “scope” out whats going on.

    If you open up phpMyAdmin which I presume you’ve most likely got installed on your webhost and then open the SMF database and then open the smf_messages table then click ‘sql’, copy and paste this into the query box and click “Go” (The Go button is at the bottom right)

    show variables like 'character_set_database';
    show variables like 'collation_database';

    You should see something like this

    In my case the character set is utf8 and collation is utf8_general_ci

    @donchulio Adding a topic titled Ankündigungen with the topic content Ankündigungen and a reply with content Ankündigungen works as expected for me with bbPress 2.5.8

    Can you check what character set and collation both your source SMF database is and also the same for your WordPress database?


    Can you extract some sample data for me from your database so I can get this working for you?

    Ideally if you made a copy of the forum, topic, reply, and user tables with just a few rows of data left in each table? (Of course without any sensitive data by editing or removing it of course)

    More specifically, the forum table would have one or two forums, the topics table would have a couple of topics that have a parentID of one of the forums you include, and then a couple of replies that have parentID’s of topic or topics you’ve included.

    Yes that is an other problem, every languageID field is empty.
    how can i solve that?

    You shouldn’t need to do anything, if there is no value it will default to English

    In the wbb1_1_board from wbb3 is the parentID “0”
    but in wbb1_board from wbb4 is the parentID “NULL” (german for zero).
    There are a lot of these fields….

    Indeed Null is German for zero, also NULL is a special value in SQL databases.

    Typically I’d expect a reply to always have a parentID, that ID should be the topic ID.

    A topics parent ID will typically be the forum ID the topic belongs to.

    bbPress will treat replies without a parentID as an “orphaned” reply because there is no association between the topic and reply id’s.

    bbPress will treat topics without a parentID as a topic not associated with a specific forum, so unlike replies, bbPress does not require topics to have to have a forum id.

    Forums without a parentID are treated as “top level” forums, forums with a parentID of another forum are treated as “child” or “sub” forums of the parent forum.

    So some parentID values may be an integer 1, 13, 653 etc, sometimes it will be 0 meaning there is no parentID and other times it will be NULL, it is all dependant upon that forum softwares configuration and the context it’s being used in.

    Stephen Edgar


    I don’t mind these topics at all, it gives us something to think about and reflect on upon, I think topics like these are important, I might not agree with everything said but I do actually agree with quite a lot. :)

    Constructive feedback will always be welcome and appreciated :)

    Stephen Edgar


    Yes, “individual sub-forums moderators” is in the next release of bbPress, bbPress 2.6 :)

    Just download it and activate it like a typical plugin :) And of course make any changes your wanting to make copy and pasting those lines to add more should suffice :)

    This will do what your after, you can customize this to your hearts content, add 1 or 1,000 extra profile fields, the fields will dynamically register into bbPress user profiles and templates :)

    Because us Australians are cool :)

    What happens if you logout and log in again, also fully refreshing the import page would do the same thing, if you’ve left the import page open for too long without doing anything then the MySQL connection is dropped from the database and is most often the cause of only seeing Starting without any other error.

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