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  • @clayj I’d suggest giving it a try and see how it goes

    If you have any issues with it create an issue on GitHub and we can try and help

    I also just created a new user on the phpBB board: foundation_user, activated the user and then made the user a founder, posted a reply to a topic and ran the importer and all worked as expected:

    Screen Shot

    I’ve just tested my phpBB 3.1.19 phpBB test install and everything worked perfectly without changing the founder state of an admin account:

    I’m pretty sure the “founder” setting won’t have anything to do with it 🙂

    What I think has happened is when you first import your forums the users will be imported as user1, user2, user3, user4 etc, if you subsequently perform another import and you did not reset the forums, or delete delete the imported users then those same 4 previously imported users will remain and the import rather than overwriting these users will import those 4 users as imported_user1, imported_user2, imported_user3, imported_user4.

    I suspect this is what has happened and hence the mismatched post to author relationships.

    @haddly Thanks though it looks correct to me:

    A single topic and single reply so without plurals:

    Multiple topics and replies so with plurals:

    Also the German translations for this string for bbPress 2.5.x are here and for 2.6-alpha are here

    Stephen Edgar


    FYI: bbPress is 100% compatible with PHP 7

    Yeah, a pure MySQL will always be better, for bbPress 1.x imports both the topics and replies steps of the imports have a table join that is currently required for topics to determine the 1st post and ignore replies, then for replies to ignore the topic.

    I’ve got some ideas on how we can eliminate this join which would speed things up significantly but that will have to wait a bit as it involves refactoring the entire process, that then means refactoring the other ~24 importers to also work. At the moment this process is all manual, try this, try that, and that makes it incredibly time consuming. Hopefully not to far down the road I can automate much of this with bbPress’ new testing setup much of the manual work can be eliminated and iterating the importers can happen alot faster.

    Make sure you are using Twenty Fifteen, or Twenty Sixteen and no other plugins activated, 3 a second sounds a little slow, like my reply here, sorry about not getting to it sooner, as said 84 hours have now passed did the import finish?

    I’ve really got nothing else except what has already been discussed here in this topic.

    Thanks for dropping by @redsand, great appreciated 🙂

    Regarding option 1, is it even possible and does such a script exist?

    Yes, there one, maybe two scripts, but they are quite out of date.

    Regarding option 2, what are the required wp_postmeta keys I would need to generate?

    Have you looked at the internals of any of the ~25 importers included with bbPress?

    phpBB and SMF are the two most “feature complete” in that they import nearly 100% of the required wp_postmeta fields.

    A basic example version of an importer is included, Example.php in the `/includes/admin/converters/ folder, its fairly basic, when comparing it with either the phpBB or SMF importers it might make more sense. There is also some initial documentation on modifying this yourself

    If you upload to or somewhere, take a screenshot of it from phpMyAdmin I’ll happily help you get it up and running.

    Also, I suggest using bbPress 2.6-alpha, loads of importer improvements over bbPress 2.5.9, you can grab it from here

    Unfortunately the original Sucuri article incorrectly stated what versions of bbPress were affected, the article has seen been updated to document what versions of bbPress were affected. bbPress 2.5.9 patched the security issue documented by Sucuri.

    @jkuzma, I’ve moved this to its own topic.

    I did not think your issue was to do do with 2.5.9, as you’d replied to I have the same exact problem to the original authors post from before bbPress 2.5.9 was released.

    Can you add here a list of your plugins and the theme you’re using so I can try and replicate your setup and reproduce the issue please.

    p.s. I won’t be able to now, but will look in the mornings its half past midnight here local time, and yawn, I’m tired 😉

    Yes, just delete the 2.5.x version, and upload or copy the 2.6 .zip file to your WP install 🙂

    No problem, let me know how it works out 🙂

    Awesome, I just pinged them on Twitter 🙂

    Having created a 2nd keymaster user this sounds like a plugin conflict, follwo the steps here to see if you can narrow down which plugin is causing the conflict


    For the bbp_setup_current_user issue see:

    bbp_setup_current_user was called incorrectly

    Most likely all the above replies which are *not* the same thing, they are all different errors are caused by the same thing though, a plugin or theme conflict.

    See this

    It probably needs an update, I’m pretty sure its the same one I worked on but just cannot find right this second 😉

    Grab me a link to it and post it here, also make sure your database you want to import from is on the same database server you are using for WordPress, doesn’t have to be the same database, just the same MySQL server.

    This seems to be after 24-36 hours of run time, so I am not sure if I am running across some sort of session expiration or what.

    Yes, that is exactly what you are coming up against, on the technical side, its WordPress dropping the MySQL session, the work around is to every few,4,6,8,12 hours even is to open a new browser tab and refresh a WordPress admin page and that should stop those ------

    Is it possible to re-run an import, picking off where it left off?

    It’s supposed to, there’s some improvements here coming in bbPress 2.6, I also strongly suggest using 2.6-alpha available from, there will be no more import changes before 2.6 ships and there are vast improvements to importing in 2.6.

    Give it a try and let me know it goes 🙂

    @rnmartinez I just replied in your other topic, I’ll close this one but feel free to ask questions in that one and I’ll do my best to get you sorted 🙂

    SMF Import question

    You should try bbPress 2.6-alpha, there are lots of bug fixes for SMF in this upcoming release

    Grab it from

    @siparker, as I just replied to @giobby‘s phpBB post you should try the import with bbPress 2.6-alpha (hoping to release in the next couple of weeks).

    It contains pretty big improvements around the importing and matching of users and their data. It should now correctly map any Anonymous users to bbPress’ Anonymous user though now it will include their vBulletin Anonymous user name. It also works in a similar fashion for deleted users, if the user was deleted and their posts kept, bbPress now maps these posts and usernames to its own internal Anonymous user.

    Also make sure to run the repair tools after importing, it fixes up any freshness, last poster type issues if we couldn’t import that data it recalculates it for you.

    Grab 2.6-alpha from

    You should try bbPress 2.6-alpha, there are heaps of phpBB improvements in bbPress 2.6 🙂

    That should fix your author mapping, it also adds support for mapping anonymous/deleted users to their topics which is pretty cool.

    The mapping of the users old phpBB user ID is also updated to work quite differently to how it did in the 2.5.x release so again this should fix that for you also.

    p.s. here runs 2.6-alpha, and we’re hoping to ship 2.6 in the next couple of weeks.

    Edit: Get 2.6-alpha via our downloads page

    WPML have a bbPress plugin you need to use, they don’t publish it publicly, you need to ask them for a copy of it, that should fix any WPML and bbPress compatibility issues you’re having.

    Thats a little weird ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I’ve really got nothing if you were shown that 0 topics were imported etc, the same system is shared across ~25 different forum packages and I’ve never seen that reported before 🙁

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