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  • bbConverter FAQ/Known Issues 1.3 phpbb – bbpress

    – Post URL’s (**From post above this post)

    The URL’s from phpbb I thought were not getting migrated correctly when in fact they are, it is just that phpbb in its table lists the URL’s rather oddly. When looking at URL’s in the raw tables of phpbb they are in the following format:

    <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""><!-- m --></a>

    Need to strip the <!– m –> & ‘ class=”postlink”‘ before conversion either with bbconverter or firstly converting the links in phpbb before conversion

    – Poster IP Address is not migrated.

    see this post.

    – Images and Attachments (and smilies) are not migrated.

    see this post.

    – Existing Users

    If a username already exists in wp_users the imported user will be named imported_username eg. If ‘john’ already exists will import as ‘imported_john’

    – User Post Counts are not imported

    When viewing /wp-admin/users.php each user post count is ‘0’

    Ideally adding support to bbPress Core /wp-admin/tools.php?page=bbp-recount would fix that.

    (I couldn’t find where WP/BBP is keeping the total post count for a user though it is stored in phpbb_users user_posts)

    – Ophaned/Deleted User Posts:

    If the user has been deleted from phpbb when bbConverter runs these posts will be imported into bbPress as userid ‘1’ (i.e. ‘Admin’)

    – Time Zone

    Ensure you have your WP install is set to the same Time Zone as phpbb to get correct post times

    – User Profile data AIM & YahooIM fields are migrated by Jabber is not

    add the following code for ‘jabber’ to ‘/** User Section **********’ of phpbb.php script below aim/yim

    <br />
    // User jabber.<br />
    $this->field_map[] = array(<br />
    'from_tablename' => 'users', 'from_fieldname' => 'user_jabber',<br />
    'to_type' => 'user', 'to_fieldname' => 'jabber'<br />
    );<br />

    – ‘Quotes’

    I haven’t fully looked into how quote behavior works just yet, needless to say a workaround of sorts needs to be found for this.

    – Additional User Profile fields

    Ideally would like to import phpbb_users user_from (phpbb User Localtion) field to wp_usermeta description (Thus eg. Melbourne, Australia is added to the WP user BIO). Unless of course there is a funky way to import ‘User Location'(user_from), ‘Signatures'(user_sig), ‘occupation'(user_occ) & ‘interests'(user_interests) all together into WP Bio?

    – User Stuff not migrated (No big deal IMHO)

    User Subscribed Post, Favorite, Bookmarks, Private Messages, Rank

    (I dont see much of that as a very big issue in my case, users can just start this stuff from scratch)

    And that’s about all I have for now… Any ideas or other workarounds would all be well received and again thanks guys for this plugin and hope that now phpbb is there I can help contribute something back.



    Version 1.3 Released:

    phpBB3 now supported

    punBB is started and should be early next week.


    Not sure why nor do I care at this stage, just converted 30,000 posts, 6,000 topics & 2,000 users from phpbb to bbPress.

    I haven’t looked at users (or any db tables) just some posts and links are getting converted funkily:

    Edit: Removed examples as formatting makes the issue extremely unclear

    Not exactly what I planned on doing today whilst sitting in the back of a car! Though whilst browsing these forums I bumbed into this thread and have kicked it off on my iPad with a bbPress test site importing from 30,000 post PHPBB site, been running now for around 30 minutes.

    I’ll add some follow ups on how the data Looks in bbPress when I have the right tools :)

    EDIT: ~90 minutes after above

    After ~60 minutes I have stopped it and had a look at the WordPress tables with myphpadmin and I cannot see any new posts in ‘wp_posts’ or ‘wp_users’

    Is the ‘PhpBB_Not_Complete’ import tool active? i.e. Should I see more than nothing, nil, null as a result of trying this?



Viewing 3 replies - 3,351 through 3,353 (of 3,353 total)