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Converter for Dizkus Forums

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    Since there is not a converter listed for Dizkus (Postnuke/Zikula forum module) I was wondering if anyone else had built one?

    Dizkus was originally based on phpBB and the converter listed for phpBB does partially work when used against a Dizkus database.

    If it hasn’t been done before is there anyone here willing to do it for a fee? I would donate the new converter back to the project.

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  • I’ve never heard of Dizkus πŸ™

    You could try making some more changes to the phpBB importer yourself if it already partially works:

    Custom Import

    Also checkout both of these for SMF and phpBB for the upcoming bbPress 2.6 release.

    D L


    Thanks for the codex links.

    I did spend several hours trying to modify the phpBB converter to work with the Dizkus database tables before coming here. Was able to get it partly working but was losing meta data like poster name, post time, and it seemed the posts (replies) weren’t always assigned to the right topic. Also, what to do about avatars and signatures.

    I’ll try doing it from scratch based on the codex example.phpj. Was just hoping someone had already done it.

    As far as Dizkus, here is a small basic forum that uses it.

    And a larger one

    I’ve put this out on to pay to get it done if anyone here does projects there.

    If you look for a coder concerning WP/bbPress, don’t forget to post on


    Is the latest version of Dizkus v1.3?

    Does this look like the source code?

    The partial work that you did could you post the source code to GitHub please and I’ll take a look

    Actually it looks like it is Zikula v1.3 or v1.4 and Dizkus module v3.1 or v4.0

    Let me know which version and I’ll take a look at the database schema to help match up the missing meta data you mentioned ( meta data like poster name, post time)

    D L


    The sites I have using Dizkus are on Zikula 1.2.10 and using Dizkus 3.1.

    The Github you linked is a newer version that was supposed to get ready for the new Bootstrap version of Zikula, schema would be completely different. I doubt if anyone is actually using that version because Zikula 1.2.10 and Dizkus 3.1 were the last backward compatible and widely used versions.

    Because of the break in development I don’t think the code for those versions are online anywhere.

    I’ve uploaded a structure dump from the biggest site to.

    Thanks for any help or tips you can provide. If a full dump of the database would help I can package one up but would need a more secure way to share it with you.

    I did spend several hours trying to modify the phpBB converter to work with the Dizkus database tables before coming here. Was able to get it partly working but was losing meta data like poster name, post time, and it seemed the posts (replies) weren’t always assigned to the right topic.

    If you still have the code for what you did here could you also upload that please, will save me some time and help me out quite a bit if you could πŸ™‚

    D L


    After some more fiddling I tried again, this has been running two hours on a small database of just a few hundred posts.

    Awesome, I’ll take a look a bit later, should be all I need now to get most of it up and running for you

    Firstly, awesome job at what you’ve done so far πŸ™‚

    I just sent through a pull request with some basic/minor changes

    These are the things I noticed when comparing the DB schema to the importer:

    β€’ This will be tricky as they are in a different table nuke_dizkus_categories, can you manually create these and add the forums to them later after import etc?

    Forum subscriptions:
    β€’ Your schema suggests nuke_dizkus_subscription rather than this zk_dizkus_forum_subscription

    Topic Author IP:
    β€’ With some juggling of the phpBB query this should be possible I think

    Topic content:
    β€’ This doesn’t quite look right, have you had issues with multiple same topics imported when you run the import at the moment?

    Topic favorites:
    β€’ It looks like there are no topic favorites, though I do see forum favorites in nuke_dizkus_forum_favorites, unless the value stored in user_favorites stored in the nuke_dizkus_users table is for user favorites maybe

    β€’ Passwords are hard πŸ™

    Password verify class:
    β€’ If password importing works this field should match the importer class name dizkusZK

    D L


    Thanks! I appreciate your help, I’m desperate to update these sites on old versions of Zikula. I can’t even update the PHP on the server past 5.3 because because Zikula 1.2x won’t work on anything later.

    The issues you noted.

    aren’t used much, so yes, they can be ignored, it doesn’t seem like it’s difficult to assign forums to categories in bbPress if needed.

    The table prefix is causing me confusion as I switch between databases. Some of my forums have databases using nuke_ for prefix and some have zk_ , this is an artifact from many years of using Postnuke/Zikula and based on when the original database was created.

    in the dizkus schema the (prefix)_dizkus_subscription table contains which forums a user is subscribed to.

    The (prefix)_dizkus_topic_subscription table contains which topics a user is subscribed to.

    Topic Author IP
    This isn’t necessary to move to bbPress as far as I’m concerned. Only used when I’m investigating a possible spam post. Someone else might need to have it though, so put it on the “nice to have” list.

    Topic Content
    None of the conversion attempts have been successful enough to see yet. So far have always errored out because of failed sql statements.

    I attempted to do a join because the title of a new topic is stored in (prefix)_dizkus_topics along with the topic post time, views, num. replies, last post ID, forum ID, and sticky status (0 or 1). But the content of the first post in a topic is stored in the (prefix)_dizkus_posts table.

    There is no “first post in topic” post ID in either table, as it looks like phpBB had so I tried to adapt this.

    // Topic content.
    		// Note: We join the 'posts' table because 'topics' does not include topic content.
    		$this->field_map[] = array(
    			'from_tablename'  => 'posts',
    			'from_fieldname'  => 'post_text',
    			'join_tablename'  => 'topics',
    			'join_type'       => 'INNER',
    			'join_expression' => 'USING (topic_id) WHERE posts.post_id = topics.topic_first_post_id',
    			'to_type'         => 'topic',
    			'to_fieldname'    => 'post_content',
    			'callback_method' => 'callback_html'

    Topic Favorites
    Dizkus doesn’t have topic favorites, only forum.

    Since Dizkus doesn’t store passwords, they would have to taken from (prefix)_users table, but thinking about it I’m not sure that this script needs to deal with passwords at all. I will still need to migrate ALL the users from the Zikula installs, not just the ones that have posted in the forums. I’m planning on using WP All Import Pro for that job and migrating other data like converting news items to news and bringing over static pages.

    Worst case, if the passwords get screwed up everyone would have to use the “lost password” system to set a new one.

    Just tried the version of dizkusZK in Github after merging your changes and got this error.

    Repair any missing information: Continue
    WordPress database error: [Unknown column 'zk_users.pn_uname' in 'field list']
    SELECT convert(zk_dizkus_users.user_id USING "utf8mb4") AS user_id,convert(zk_users.pn_uname USING "utf8mb4") AS pn_uname,convert(zk_users.pn_email USING "utf8mb4") AS pn_email,convert(zk_users.pn_url USING "utf8mb4") AS pn_url,convert(zk_users.pn_user_regdate USING "utf8mb4") AS pn_user_regdate,convert(zk_users.pn_user_avatar USING "utf8mb4") AS pn_user_avatar FROM zk_dizkus_users AS zk_dizkus_users LIMIT 0, 100
    No users to convertNo data to cleanStarting Conversion

    D L


    Stephen and all,

    I guess this turned out to be harder than I hoped?

    Looking at this thread I see that I never posted the Github code for the attempt to create a Zikula/Dizkus to bbPress converter, here it is if anyone would take a look.


    But in the end, did you manage to convert or not ?

    D L


    But in the end, did you manage to convert or not ?

    No, not at all.

    D L



    Back to beg for help (although willing to pay) to get this converter built.

    If anyone with the ability could read through this topic and give input here or at I would really appreciate it. My existing forums are starting to throw lots of errors and are keeping me from upgrading my server since they won’t work past PHP 5.3.x

    I’ve updated and sent a new pull request πŸ™‚

    It pretty much covers everything, I removed most of the unused bits and pieces

    β€’ Removes unused anonymous/guest topic and reply importing
    β€’ Updated zk_dizkus_topics and zk_dizkus_posts table joining logic
    β€’ Removes unsupported topic favorites importing
    β€’ Removes zk_dizkus_users tables references, all usable user data is available in the zk_users table
    β€’ Removes unsupported user profile fields
    β€’ Renames all the phpBB things to dizkus

    It appears dizkus supports topic subscription, forum subscription, and forum favorites. bbPress doesn’t support forum favorites so thats out, but topic and forum subscriptions should work fine
    β€’ zk_dizkus_forum_favorites – forum_id
    β€’ zk_dizkus_subscription – forum_id
    β€’ zk_dizkus_topic_subscription – topic_id

    Lastly, the one broken thing πŸ™ Based on the way bbPress’ importer currently works it needs to remain SQL compatible for ~25 different database schemea’s, this is really hard πŸ˜‰ As such I couldn’t find a way to ignore the topic being imported a second time as a reply. So you will see after importing you will have a duplicate post, one is the original topic, and the other is a reply. I’m not sure if the database you shared with me is the complete dataset or not, if it is then manually deleting the duplicate after import would be my suggestion. If not, we can work on making a tweak/modification/hack to the original database to achieve this.

    D L


    This sounds awesome!

    I’ll try it out and report back.

    The whole thing with the topics and replies is hard for me to get my head around. To me a topic is is a topic and then replies to that topic are posts assigned to that topic. I guess that’s the phpBB model.

    Once I try it out I’ll be able to see what can be done about any duplicates.

    Thanks so much for the work.

    D L


    OK if I could delete the last two posts I would.

    After struggling with doing this on XAMPP I gave up and set up a new test on a live server and it worked! (with some issues)

    Awesome, I’ll take a look at the issues shortly. (I also deleted those two posts)

    D L





    THANK YOU FOR THIS! πŸ™‚ An older dizkus forum was the one dread I had on moving a client over to WP from Zikula.

    D L


    Hey great to see a fellow Postnuke/Zikula refugee find there way here.

    Please report back on how the converter works for you. I still haven’t been able to convert a live forum.



    I had the same localhost site problem you did, and when I tried on a live, it seemed to time out.



    Guessing no headway on this πŸ™ I don’t know enough about bbPress or really Dizkus to dig in to it and try to solve the issues.. Bummer, because i really want to get this client off Zikula.


    You’ll need to give us more information than “same too”, issues are rarely ever the same

    What did you see that gave you the impression that it timed out?

    What exactly did you say? Can you post a screenshot or something else to help identify the exact issue please?

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