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Topic Tags autocomplete

  • atmojones


    I’m working on a site where users seem to have difficulty using the topic tags. I can’t disable them because the client wants them. I was thinking if there was a drop-down suggestion/auto-complete for the topic tags input it would greatly reduce the incorrectly formatted (making them useless) tags and give people a better idea what belongs in that input.

    Is there functionality for this in bbPress that I can enable, or a third party plugin? I’ve found googling for this very frustrating because using the term “topic tag” in a search brings up help forums that have topic tags of my other search terms.

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  • I’ve not heard or seen such a plugin….

    That said, I swapped out “topic tag” for “term” and searched the plugins repo:

    There may be others but this one stood out:

    Add some tools for taxonomies : Terms suggestion, Mass Edit Terms, Auto link Terms, Ajax Autocompletion, Click Terms, Auto terms, Advanced manage term

    It doesn’t list bbPress as being supported but maybe it could be adapted to support bbPress or support for bbPress added to the plugin.



    Hi @atmojones

    I too am very interested in this ‘autocomplete tag’ enhancement for bbpress too. I’m new to WordPress, but it sounds like it would be indispensable if you are running a forum and don’t want your Users to make a mess of your tagging system Did you have any luck with finding a solution?

    If you edit a topic in the backend if you start typing topic tags in the meta box you’ll see autocomplete in action, it’s just not enabled on the front end, with large scale forums autocompletion will have scaling issues



    Hi Stephan (@netweb),

    That’s a great insight! Like @atmojones I’m confronted with the fact that the users of my bbpress forum make up so many tags that tagging is not helpful anymore.

    My question to you: is there a way to enable the autocomplete in the frontend as well? That would solve the problem.


    With some custom development, you could @seoguru, CMB2 I’m pretty sure could handle that type of thing on the front end.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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