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    I tried the German translation and it seems to translate the titles for the profile pages well, I tested it without an SEO plugin activated though.



    are you using a custom translation file for your site to say change/replace text instead of just translating it??



    I have add_filter( 'auto_update_translation', '__return_false' ); in my functions file but bbpress language files are updated anyway. What can I do to stop it? Thanks for help!


    I get what you are saying, but in some plugins that do this they automatically translate a users posts, which not be the right translation all the time. Some other plugins allow you to write a translation for each post, which I have no idea how you are going to do that for each users post in the forums.

    Multilingual plugins are best for blog posts and pages in my opinion, while creating location specific forums or each language on a site in multisite might be better for forums.

    If you do find a cool configuration to work with multilingual plugins then please share with the community.


    I think multisite would be the best option in my opinion. Let the specific language users go to their own specific language forums. No automatic translation for the forums, just let specific language users create their content like normal. I think that is how does it, but I am not entirely sure??


    Hi guys!

    I see people complaining about translation compatibility plugins with bbPress. My question is: What is the best way on having a multilingual site, with multilingual forum?

    Forums should operate separately. What is the best solution to have the Forum working separately in a multilingual site?



    What language is the translation file you are using??



    I found I GitHub stuff mentioned above really complex to setup and having a few glitches. So have fixed them, added full configurability for the messages sent. Currently working on attachments and translations.

    All of this is packed into the plugin, with all third party software needed, so now it is installable like any other WordPress plugin.

    You still need to setup a free PostMark account and configure reply e-mail redirect, if you do not want to see the PostMark address in reply-to (which might be confusing for your users). Detailed step-by-step howto is on my plugin page.

    BR, Jj



    I have fixed this bug, as well as a few others, added full configurability for the messages sent. Currently working on attachments and translations.

    All of this is packed into the plugin, with all third party software needed, so now it is installable like any other WordPress plugin.

    You still need to setup a free PostMark account and configure reply e-mail redirect, if you do not want to see the PostMark address in reply-to (which might be confusing for your users). Detailed step-by-step howto is on my plugin page.

    BR, Jj

    Stephen Edgar

    Also to note, until bbPress 2.5 pt_BR is 100% translated the only translations delivered via WordPress Update will be bbPress 2.4, language packs are only built once they are complete at 100%

    This link shows the bbPress language packs available:

    These need to be translated to 100% to get these via WordPress Update

    If you can help translate those strings then you’ll get bbPress 2.5 translations, you can also get in contact with your locale team via

    Stephen Edgar

    A year or two ago we had lots of translation issues with bbPress, to fix this I got en_AU (English Australian) of the ground and translated all the things, WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress and help out on the #polyglots team

    The string I translated to test was the Pending string replaced with stickfinger for en_AU:

    I then downloaded the .po and .mo files (at the bottom of that screen you can export these) and replaced my en_AU files in /wp-content/languages/plugins

    What happens if you export the .po/.mo files from /bbpress/2.5.x/pt-br/default?

    Also make sure your files are named and bbpress-pt_BR.po


    Hi Stephen

    Thanks for your input here.:-)

    I guess i did not understand you very well :-(
    You telling that in the en_US.po file it works, am i correct?

    I´ve just download a fresh copy of the po file at:

    and that is the header:

     Translation of Development in Portuguese (Brazil)
    # This file is distributed under the same license as the Development package.
    msgid ""
    msgstr ""
    "PO-Revision-Date: 2015-07-15 17:00:03+0000\n"
    "MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
    "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
    "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
    "Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n > 1);\n"
    "X-Generator: GlotPress/1.0-alpha-1000\n"
    "Project-Id-Version: Development\n"

    there is no Kewyword list
    I´ve read something regarding this issue also on buddypress foruns. It seems that the strings after the “_x(….” caracter is the problem on some languages.



    I ‘d like to change the meta titles (browser’s page title) for bbpress’ profile/user pages as it was not catched by the translation in my language.
    So far I tried this which does not work:

    function amend_title () 
    { elseif ( bbp_is_single_user() ) { 
    	if ( bbp_is_user_home() ) { 
    $new_title['text'] = esc_attr_x( 'Translation of Your Profile', 'User viewing his/her own profile', 'bbpress' ); 
    } else { 
    			$new_title['text'] = sprintf( esc_attr_x( "%s's", 'User viewing another users profile', 'bbpress' ), get_userdata( bbp_get_user_id() )->display_name ); 
    if ( bbp_is_single_user_topics() ) { 
    			$new_title['format'] = esc_attr__( "%s Translation of topics",        'bbpress' ); 
    } elseif ( bbp_is_single_user_replies() ) { 
    			$new_title['format'] = esc_attr__( "%s Translation of replies",       'bbpress' ); 
    } elseif ( bbp_is_favorites() ) { 
    			$new_title['format'] = esc_attr__( "%s Translation of favorites",     'bbpress' ); 
    } elseif ( bbp_is_subscriptions() ) { 
    			$new_title['format'] = esc_attr__( "%s Translation of subscriptions", 'bbpress' ); 
    } else { 
    			$new_title['format'] = esc_attr__( "%s Translation of profile",       'bbpress' ); 
    } elseif ( bbp_is_single_user_edit() ) { 
    if ( bbp_is_user_home_edit() ) { 
    			$new_title['text']   = esc_attr__( 'Translation of edit profile', 'bbpress' ); 
    } else { 
    			$new_title['text']   = get_userdata( bbp_get_user_id() )->display_name; 
    			$new_title['format'] = esc_attr__( "Translation of edit %s's profile", 'bbpress' ); 
     return $new_title; 
    add_filter('bbp_before_title_parse_args', 'amend_title' ); 

    Any help is much appreciated!



    Ohh unfortunately it is not fully fixed yet :( the “send” button of the compose form is always partly hidden by the our sidebar on the right. It’s different with various browsers: more or less hidden.

    On the screenshot you see that the send button just is “se”, the rest is hidden.

    screenshot of the compose form (cut)

    Live here: (but you need to login)
    Note: The German translation for “send” is “senden”, so if you see “send” there are still 2 letters missing.



    I can’t seem to get my translation to work since updating to 2.5.6.

    Wordpress version: 4.1.1
    Site language: da_DK

    The forum changed to english after updating BBpress. Before that, it worked fine in Danish language.

    I’ve tried uploaded bbpress-da_DK.po and til both /wp-content/languages/bbpress and /wp-content/plugins/bbpress/bbp-languages but it still doesn’t work on frontend and backend.

    My wp-config.php is set to da_DK.

    I’ve also tried to deactivate some of the latest plugins i’ve installed but it doesn’t do it.

    Hope someone can help me solve this.



    I’m very interested in this. Is it possible for you to send me the files for the translation?


    Adri Oosterwijk

    In my site I use two languages, English an Dutch. It took me a lot of time to get it running but after the install of the bbPress Multilingual plugin it seems fine. I have a translated forum.

    However the content of the topics are nit visible in both languages. Only in English or in Dutch. That depend on the page the topic is created. What I want is 1 forum, shown in the English AND in the Dutch site with the same topics.

    I’m running Worpress 4.1, bbPress 2.5.4, bbPress Multilingual 0.9. The translation is managed by WPML.

    Your advice please.


    Adrian Pop


    I am a validator from the Romanian team. We completed the translations for BuddyPress and bbPress in Romanian language and I wanted to try a live test. When I have install the BuddyPress in the Romanian WordPress 4.1, the Update from Dashboard immediately notified me that I can install the translation for BuddyPress, and the installation of the Romanian translation went smooth. But after I install the bbPress, nothing happened :( Is there an error?

    Then I exported the .po and .mo files from the GlotPress project page (, rename the files as and also for .po and manually uploaded via ftp in the wp-content/languages/plugins/ folder. Now after refreshing the Dashboard screen I have the bbPress in Romanian.
    But still – the description string that is displayed on the Plugin Screen “bbPress is forum software with a twist from the creators of WordPress.” is in EN. I tried to find it but it seems to be missing from the GlotPress collection for bbPress.
    Can somebody fix this?

    Many thanks and keep up the good work!



    Topic: Import Forums

    in forum Troubleshooting


    Maybe I’m blind but …
    I’ve just installed bbPress plugin to my WP, with the idea to import Mingle forums but “Getting There” is not getting me anywhere as there is no Import Forums tab.
    The only tabs there are All Forums and New Forum
    My Dashboard Printscreen
    Am I in the wrong place or…?

    Help please! :(



    Sorry for the language.

    “Tanisma Alani” is a topic

    and second area’s translation is “Viewing one topic (A total of 1)”



    I created a folder bbpress in languages, i put the bbpress-fr_FR.po and .mo files into it but the plugin is still in english language.



    Hello,i have installed and make any correction needed in greek translation,but some are not included or missing in .po files.I cannot find where theese should be translated as you can see in the site Iam designing:
    As you can see few messages are missing translations and also if you are logged in also missing translation the Message :Create new Topic at :
    Your permissions allow you to post unlimited HTML etc… and ofcource all messages we see here in a topic creation.
    If anyone can tell me where else should I translate or which file I will be ver gratefull.Thank you very much.




    I have translated bbpress into Chinese with poedit application. Could anyone help me to upload .po file to





    Is there any possibility to get Polish translation for bbpress 2.5.4? It’s fully translated but still “waiting”. I was looking for way to download non aproved version but can’t find it

    Anybody knows how to do that?



    Hello, and happy new year
    After almost 2 year from your proposal to switch to bbpress, and YES we changed to bbpress.
    Greek translation is almost 100%, few more strings

    WordPress Greece, now uses bbpress

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