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    Might need some help from @netweb since he is part of the polyglots team. I am not that familiar with the translating process yet.

    You may need to make a post on the polygots page to notify them that you have a bbPress project translation and where to submit the translations, I am sure they will be able to help.

    You may be able to just contact your team here to see if they can also help you.

    You may have to edit the translations here, and just wait for the team to approve the strings.


    In reply to: Translate bbpress

    Hamed Hosseini

    I’ve seen this page, but I want to send my own file . that file you mentioned is out of dated and with to many wrong translations
    how can i do that ? ‘


    Hamed Hosseini

    After two months, I have translate bbpress to the Persian language. How can I send it to you to be add in the core of translations?

    i want to be your representative like for .

    Regards , Hamed .



    hi @netweb maybe you could help me.

    i made a personalized Spanish translation of the and the es_ES.po to have the more common words used in my country. I followed the instructions here and it worked, i had the Spanish translation with the changed i made but every few days the translations go back to the standard Spanish translation of bbpress. Is there a way to keep my own personalized translation without losing it?




    I have problem with translation Polish Plugins BBpress. I use plugin translation loko.

    Translate no problem headline, while there is a problem translation other elements.

    It is not affected while the change

    Please, help me! How to translate all the elements?



    I created a personalized language translation.

    But every few days it goes to the standard Spanish translation.

    i want to keep my own translation. How can i do this?

    WordPress 4.3.1
    bbpress 2.5.8




    In the WordPress backend you will see these new menu items when activating bbPress.

    -All Forums
    -New Forum
    -Forum Moderators (in 2.6)
    -All Topics
    -New Topic
    -Topic Tags
    -All Replies
    -New Reply

    I am sorry but the Czech language is incomplete right now. It will be much appreciated if you do help use in creating a new czech translation for bbPress. If you want create a new topic on this site and I will try to help you the best I can in creating the translation file.


    Sorry Polish language file for bbPress is incomplete also, would love if you helped create the file. If you want create a new topic and I will try to help you the best I can in creating the language file.



    I thought that when I click to Forum there was submenu with one choice Seetings.
    bbPress 2.6 alpha is installed and activated by manual installation but I don’t use it now on our web because I don’t want to use it in English. I will find Czech translation or I will try to translate it …




    I have the problem with the translation of bbpress to Czech. It seems to be ok on one my site, but on the other, there are some words which aren’t translated (for example Topics, Posts, Freshness, Search), but some are. For both sites I use the same .mo and .po files and both of them are in folder /wp-content/languages/bbpress/

    Do you know how to solve it? And where could be the probem? In the theme?



    Hi you all,

    I made a personalized Spanish translation of bbpress words but when this get updated it goes back to the one that bbpress offers in Spanish.
    Is there a way to prevent these changes?

    I want to keep my Spanish translation all the time.



    Yes and as I understand him missing access. I try to click on the link to access the forum settings, direct link menu which disappeared immediately goes to a page saying, Hacker or what? It is not associated with updating plugins, themes and WordPress. Checked.

    Sorry if hard to understand. Partly as a Google translation. But I understand You perfectly. :)


    Eslam Yosef


    I’m making a multi-languages website, and I’m starting with English (original), Arabic and Chinese. My team includes original speakers of each language so we can have a good view of which words are for humans and which are not.

    The Arabic translation (which located here) is suck .. really!

    I tried to edit the translation and download the new files, but I can’t because there’s a current translation I don’t want it.

    Since I can’t create the file myself, my question is:

    How can I make my own translation in the same way and download only what I translated?

    Thanks in advance!



    I have been changing a bit of translations in the code – that’s why you might find a mistake here. What I don’t understand is, that when I upload all the original files, it still does the same mistake.

    Can’t you tell me if there’s some specific files that I should re-upload as original, in case I’ve changed something in them?

    What files did you edit, if you did edit any files?? I hope you did not edit the bbPress plugin files in the plugin directory of your site??

    I’ve never used child themes before, so I’m not sure how to do this.

    This will help you learn about creating a child theme.

    After creating the child theme just copy the bbPress templates to your child theme in a folder called bbpress.

    Or second option: Could you rewrite the htaccess hack so it might work? :)

    You really shouldn’t need an htaccess hack at all, that is why I said don’t use it yet.



    I have been changing a bit of translations in the code – that’s why you might find a mistake here.

    You haven’t been editing core files right?? There are other ways you can translate bbPress, unless you are just editing the templates that you can copy into your child theme?

    There might be another thing you could do if you haven’t already, place all the bbPress templates in a child theme of theme in a folder called bbpress.

    Also remove the htaccess hack since it seems not to work. I don’t want it causing issues.



    I have been changing a bit of translations in the code – that’s why you might find a mistake here. What I don’t understand is, that when I upload all the original files, it still does the same mistake.

    Is there one or a few of the files that determine this part with the URL? Because then I could show you those, and we could see if something was wrong here?




    There should be a vBull importer in bbPress.

    The W3 Total Cache would help optimize bbPress. Of course it is more important to have high performance hardware on your site, use an opcode cache, possibly an object cache (the plugin helps add a backend file), and keeping your database tidy. Page cache can become a little tricky in some situations but it should be fine using w3 total cache with bbPres.

    bbPress is translatable and there are translations for specific langauges.

    bbPress could work in multilingual sites. It might be better to just allow your users to contribute their content in their language though. There is an issue using WPML though.



    I checked the photos you sent me, and all I could say is that I do not know Spanish fluently (If it is in another language, I am sorry but I still cannot read it). I tried google translate to translate the images, but the translation didn’t come out clearly.If you want make an english version of all the images you sent me.

    I think you had some CSS issues on your site, if you want link to your site and I could help you on that.

    You may need to hire a developer to do some of the other tasks you listed.



    Thanks, Robkk. Changing “Your” to whatever is no problem. It’s just that the German language needs a singular translation of “Your” for the user’s home page and a plural translation of “Your” for all other user pages like subscriptions etc.
    It’s the same string of “Your” that’s used for Profile as well as for Topics, Replies, Subscriptions, Favorites.



    All of what is listed is here, only the German language you are using is the 100% finished translation.

    Shouldn’t it be Dein Profil for a straight translation of Your Profile which is what bbPress has for profiles??

    For custom plugin translations I have to look into it, there use to be a way to have custom plugin translations.

    This old code is what I think you could use and test. Edit the existing German language files with something like Poedit. Save them. And Place them in a child theme for example, and put the url in the code below.

    function load_bbpress_tr_mofile( $mofile, $domain )
        if ( 'bbpress' == $domain )
            // replace this. :)
            return 'FULL_PATH_TO_YOUR_FILE';
        return $mofile;
    add_filter( 'load_textdomain_mofile', 'load_bbpress_tr_mofile', 10, 2 );



    I tried the German translation and it seems to translate the titles for the profile pages well, I tested it without an SEO plugin activated though.



    are you using a custom translation file for your site to say change/replace text instead of just translating it??


    HansRuedi Keller

    I have add_filter( 'auto_update_translation', '__return_false' ); in my functions file but bbpress language files are updated anyway. What can I do to stop it? Thanks for help!


    I get what you are saying, but in some plugins that do this they automatically translate a users posts, which not be the right translation all the time. Some other plugins allow you to write a translation for each post, which I have no idea how you are going to do that for each users post in the forums.

    Multilingual plugins are best for blog posts and pages in my opinion, while creating location specific forums or each language on a site in multisite might be better for forums.

    If you do find a cool configuration to work with multilingual plugins then please share with the community.


    I think multisite would be the best option in my opinion. Let the specific language users go to their own specific language forums. No automatic translation for the forums, just let specific language users create their content like normal. I think that is how does it, but I am not entirely sure??


    Hi guys!

    I see people complaining about translation compatibility plugins with bbPress. My question is: What is the best way on having a multilingual site, with multilingual forum?

    Forums should operate separately. What is the best solution to have the Forum working separately in a multilingual site?

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