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    (newest WP, newest polylang, newest bbpress) – same issue, polylang string translations works fine and are displayed in frontend where used, but bbpress content (forums, posts, comments) are all language-neutral, so same content are displayed in every “polylang-language-site”.

    Does bbpress support multi-language at all, or do we miss some setting/plugin?


    In reply to: Czech translations

    Pascal Casier


    That’s something to be checked with the General Translation Editors ( )

    I will forward the link here to them.




    at wordpress translation page
    There is a LOT of waiting translations.
    Could you please look at it and confirm them as ‘current’?




    WordPress Version 4.7.1
    bbPress Version 2.5.12
    Theme: Hayden

    Hello, I am having great difficulty getting any widgets to appear in my Forums sidebar. I believe now that it relates to the page I have bbPress running on. After initially installing bbPress I later added a new page and added [bbp-forum-index] as directed to do in the documentation. However, when I’ve tried to use the Forums page id to exclude the Forums link from automatically appearing in the footer it did not work. Also I had to use (.bbpress) in my css to style the header of the page as .page-id- was not working.
    My issue still occurs when tested using Twenty Seventeen.



    I’m not satisfied with some of the translated words i bbpress (danish) – I have tried to change in / wp-content / languages / plugins / bbpress-da_DK.po

    I have tried to change freshness:

    #: includes/admin/forums.php:414 includes/admin/topics.php:638
    #: templates/default/bbpress/loop-forums.php:22
    #: templates/default/bbpress/loop-topics.php:22
    msgid “Freshness”
    msgstr “Seneste indlæg”


    Stephen Edgar

    If you have WordPress set to use Hebrew you should be able to go to Dashboard -> Updates -> Update Translations and WordPress will download the bbPress Hebrew translations automatically


    Stephen Edgar

    Actually, you should be able to do this now, I was looking at an incorrect URL.

    Finnish is in the API here

    You should be able to remove the .po & .mo files and then just update your translations from the dashboard (/wp-admin -> dashboard -> updates -> Update translations)


    Stephen Edgar

    When you downloaded those files what options did you select?

    You need to select All current to get the “current strings”

    p.s. I’ve also just made a request to have bbPress “stable” language packs generated, once this is complete you should be able to download the translations directly from the WordPress updates dashboard, just as you get the translations for WordPress itself.

    Keep an eye out for Finnish to show up in the API here



    With the


    plugin, text tranlation does not work: people still get the english text,
    eg :
    Hello!\n\nA new topic has been posted by [topic-author].\n\nTopic title: [topic-title]\nTopic url: [topic-url]\n\nTopic excerpt:\n[topic-excerpt]\n\nNotify message by bbPress Notifications

    in addition, the Bbp extension (in that localization) says
    Compatibility: Loading Issue: Author is using load_textdomain instead of load_plugin_textdomain function. This may break behavior of WordPress, because some filters and actions won’t be executed anymore. Please contact the Author about that.
    Thanks for for helping me to find another way to get french texts
    regards Charles




    I’m new to bbPress and have got the basic functionality working but I am having problems with the language pack.
    The one I downloaded said 100% and I dug around the files and saw the corresponding translations for different parts. However, it is not being reflected on the site. Well it is partially but not fully.

    View post on

    As you can see, only parts of the forum is being translated and looking through the PO file, I could see everything.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks in advance!


    Stephen Edgar

    Hi @roozbehrah, we try to fully support RTL languages.

    The bbPress translations are an indicator of that, Hebrew and Arabic are also RTL languages and as far as I am aware there is no issues with URLs with these RTL languages.

    There is also this plugin that uses numeric permalinks, i.e. “topic/forum ID”:

    If you could add some further explanation and examples of how bbPress could support RTL locales and URLs better I’d be happy to add these improvements to bbPress 🙂



    As always apologize for my English, it is a translation from google translator. Searching google I got an answer of course to bbpress forums.

    The patch works, provided that the issue of the response is made by the author. If it is effected by a moderator or administrator keeps repeating in the line of activity

    I looked directly into buddypress forums, but as is almost always the subject had no answer, linking to the core or incompressible explanations and as always in this forum recommend hiring a developer and close the issue. It seems that they forgot the essence of wordpress: Community.

    In fact it seems that in the future buddypress will be absorbed by bbpress. It’s just my appreciation and sorry to say nonsense.

    WP 4.6
    bbPress 2.5.10
    Buddypress 2.6.2

    The patch works, as long as the issue is made by the author.



    Stephen Edgar

    This behaviour changed in WordPress 4.6, it now loads WP’s translations first by default

    See as there is a proposal that will address the issue, if you like you can also click “Watch this ticket” and you’ll get emails when there are new updates on the ticket.



    i have a personalized translation of forum, i was told to put it in a folder on my theme so everytime bbpress updates languages mine wouldnt be afected, it was working fine until last update. it made changes on the translation, and it wont change the translation for mine

    can anyone help me?



    Stephen Edgar

    Maybe try deleting any bbpress-es_ES.po files, and then get new translations by going to and click “Update Translations”


    In reply to: Translation German


    I don’t think you have to download the files anymore. I think all you have to do is change your language in Settings > General now.

    Here is the list of translations. German seems to be at 100%.

    I guess try what I said above, because a WordPress update possibly changed the language directory for each plugin.


    Stephen Edgar

    @rateyourway The “freshness” term has been removed from bbPress 2.6 (/dev) so you will not see it in the translation files, it is still there for the current bbPress 2.5.x see:

    Edit: The string may also be coming from your theme, switch themes to one of the included “Twenty” themes to double check.



    Hi @netweb thanks for your reply.

    However, I still have the same problem. The bbpress translation doesn’t contain any word called “refrescar” with would be “freshness” in english.

    I can’t find how to change those words…



    Hello together

    I have the bbpress version 2.5.10 installed on my wordpress site:

    and i want it translated i german, but it doesnt work!!

    I have downloaded the files: and bbpress-pt_DE.po and put These files in the Folder wp-content/languages/bbpress

    can you help me?? thxxxxxx!!! sorry for my english!


    In reply to: Plugin not translated


    Problem solved! I have contacted Zippy courses, it was the theme translation. The theme overrides bbpress plugin translations so it must be translated itself.

    I have updated the theme translation files and it works.

    Thanks a lot!!


    In reply to: Plugin not translated

    Stephen Edgar

    Thanks for the screenshots, they are a big help 🙂

    The “before” screenshot has lots of untranslated strings, Topic, Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2, Participant, Edit, Move etc etc

    Wheres most of the above are now translated in your “after” screenshot, I see 4 strings untranslated though: Reply to, Notify me of follow-up replies via email, Tags: and Submit

    Those 4 strings all appear to be translated correctly, e.g

    p.s. Spam isn’t translated, Spam appears to be Spam in any language 😉

    I’ll dig around some more and see what I can find


    In reply to: Plugin not translated


    Thanks for your help!

    I have deleted .po/.mo files so the plugin is untranslated:

    Then, I have updated translations automatically through wordpress and this is the result:

    The strings I indicated before remain untranslated, as well as the form strings in the screenshot. You can see some strings are translated an some are not. I know the language file contains all the translations but somehow the plugin insn’t finding them all.

    I have no ideas…


    Stephen Edgar

    You shouldn’t need to download the .po or .mo files anymore

    You should be able to change your WordPress install language to Spanish and WordPress will automatically download the WordPress translations for you, this will also include the latest bbPress translations and any other theme or plugin that has Spanish translations.



    Hi everyone,

    I have installed bbpress and download the es_ES translation for spanish.

    The weird situation i’m experiencing is as follows:

    1. In my main forum page i can see the following translations for “Forum/topic/entries/freshness”
    2. When i click on a main topic the translations are “DEBATE USUARIOS PUBLICAR ÚLTIMO MENSAJE”

    I have downloaded the file bbpress-es_ES.po and nowhere is the word “REFRESCAR” which is not a proper translation of “freshness” I’ve search also for “freshness” and i can’t find that word as well…

    Does anyone know if there’s any other .po file that needs to be translated? I’m doing something wrong? This is driving me crazy hehe

    Any help will be greatly appreciated,




    I found out where is the problem.

    It is due to the language translation file, If I put the default language back in english there is no problems.

    To the french users if you get this issue try :

    #bbpress-forums .administrateur .bbp-author-role {
      background-color: blue;

    It will wrk but when it comes to the french translation of moderator : modérateur it will be harder due to the special character on it.

    You will have to rename it before being able to change color.

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