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    In reply to: Plugin not translated


    Problem solved! I have contacted Zippy courses, it was the theme translation. The theme overrides bbpress plugin translations so it must be translated itself.

    I have updated the theme translation files and it works.

    Thanks a lot!!


    In reply to: Plugin not translated

    Stephen Edgar

    Thanks for the screenshots, they are a big help 🙂

    The “before” screenshot has lots of untranslated strings, Topic, Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2, Participant, Edit, Move etc etc

    Wheres most of the above are now translated in your “after” screenshot, I see 4 strings untranslated though: Reply to, Notify me of follow-up replies via email, Tags: and Submit

    Those 4 strings all appear to be translated correctly, e.g

    p.s. Spam isn’t translated, Spam appears to be Spam in any language 😉

    I’ll dig around some more and see what I can find


    In reply to: Plugin not translated


    Thanks for your help!

    I have deleted .po/.mo files so the plugin is untranslated:

    Then, I have updated translations automatically through wordpress and this is the result:

    The strings I indicated before remain untranslated, as well as the form strings in the screenshot. You can see some strings are translated an some are not. I know the language file contains all the translations but somehow the plugin insn’t finding them all.

    I have no ideas…


    Stephen Edgar

    You shouldn’t need to download the .po or .mo files anymore

    You should be able to change your WordPress install language to Spanish and WordPress will automatically download the WordPress translations for you, this will also include the latest bbPress translations and any other theme or plugin that has Spanish translations.



    Hi everyone,

    I have installed bbpress and download the es_ES translation for spanish.

    The weird situation i’m experiencing is as follows:

    1. In my main forum page i can see the following translations for “Forum/topic/entries/freshness”
    2. When i click on a main topic the translations are “DEBATE USUARIOS PUBLICAR ÚLTIMO MENSAJE”

    I have downloaded the file bbpress-es_ES.po and nowhere is the word “REFRESCAR” which is not a proper translation of “freshness” I’ve search also for “freshness” and i can’t find that word as well…

    Does anyone know if there’s any other .po file that needs to be translated? I’m doing something wrong? This is driving me crazy hehe

    Any help will be greatly appreciated,




    I found out where is the problem.

    It is due to the language translation file, If I put the default language back in english there is no problems.

    To the french users if you get this issue try :

    #bbpress-forums .administrateur .bbp-author-role {
      background-color: blue;

    It will wrk but when it comes to the french translation of moderator : modérateur it will be harder due to the special character on it.

    You will have to rename it before being able to change color.


    Stephen Edgar

    @haddly Thanks though it looks correct to me:

    A single topic and single reply so without plurals:

    Multiple topics and replies so with plurals:

    Also the German translations for this string for bbPress 2.5.x are here and for 2.6-alpha are here




    I made some languages tweaks in my and bbpress-fr_FR.po files to make sure that when the forums are browse on mobile (portrait), then the strings ‘Participants‘ and ‘Articles‘ would not overlap (horizontally) each other. I translated those to short and sweet: ‘Voix‘ and ‘Posts

    I used to edit the French language file with Loco Translator but now, for some reason I don’t understand, Trying to save the translation generates an “ERROR: Forbidden

    Also every time you upgrade bbpress language files and that I upgrade some plugins, the languages files are forced in and my French custom file gets overwritten. That is starting to be irritating. A chance I have a backup, but… this should not be the default behaviour. Isn’t it?

    Please note, I found this “Error: Forbidden” problem with some other plugins where the .pot file had a missing language header.

    Kind Regards,




    no, it wasn’t turned into von. It looks like this:

    This almost looks like the default way bbPress displays the last post column and seems to be the default way in your theme for single forum post pages. The “by” could probably only be shown on the forum archive on your site. At least that is how I see it when I see a demo of your premium theme.

    One of the issues is that a multilingual single site requires a translation for forum posts for them to show up… You can imagine that it would not be feasible to translate every forum post…

    Yeah I can.

    I’m not sure though if I can create one community if I separate the installs for the languages.

    Your right it is probably better if you could just have a single forum for a small community of users (whatever is the minority of either English or German users). Maybe a theme/bbPress plugin translation switcher if the user comes from an IP in Germany. I am not sure just brainstorming.

    I see what you mean. I think I’ll check with the author of my theme (Buddy) and see what he says. Thanks for the tip!

    I kind of 90% think it is just something in the theme in a function or straight up in a forum archive template file. It could be a simple fix with a just a child theme and using the bbPress templates in your currently active theme.



    Hi Robkk,

    no, it wasn’t turned into von. It looks like this:

    Are you planning to have a multilingual single site? You might be on to something here if you are trying to run a multilingual single site.

    Yes, that was the idea, but I keep running into so many issues with this that I’m now starting to consider separate installations.

    One of the issues is that a multilingual single site requires a translation for forum posts for them to show up at all. I would like users to be able to access my website in their language (menus, buttons etc) and write forum posts in their language without the need of a translation.

    However, if I post something in English it will not show unless I translate the post into German and vice versa. You can imagine that it would not be feasible to translate every forum post. If I deactivate the translation of replies, then part of the interface won’t be translated either.

    I’m not sure though if I can create one community if I separate the installs for the languages. E.g. I would still like users to be able to contact each other via private and public messages and post in the German and/or the English forum. Member lists should show members of both sites etc.

    I’ve not looked into this yet so I don’t know if this can be done.

    Just so you know, I thought the root issue could be the “by” not changing in your forums is because it might have outputted the text using code from a custom phpbb starter pack theme created by @lynq, here is an example of the custom forum freshness column from the starter pack.

    I see what you mean. I think I’ll check with the author of my theme (Buddy) and see what he says. Thanks for the tip!

    Manuel Fritsch


    if you look at our latest topic, you will see the blue notice bar. In in, the time is formatted incorrect. There should be a comma, or even better, the word “und” between the hours and the minutes, not a full stop. I tried to change it in the translation, but there is only a code for the whole timestamp. I would suggest to update bbpress in this regard, so the timestamp becomes localizable.




    I would really appreciate your help. I’ve been searching for a solution, but I can’t figure it out. Is there a way that I can ad a missing string to a translation file so it is then available for translation?

    Any tip is appreciated.





    could it be that there is a string missing in the bbPress translation file? I’m currently creating my forum. As far as I can see all the strings are translated fine but one.

    I’ve looked through all the strings that contain ‘by’ and they are all translated correctly with the German word ‘von’. However, I’m thinking that this particular ‘by’ is not even in the list and therefore not translated. Can somebody help me with this?

    I’m using:
    WordPress 4.5
    BuddyPress 2.5.2
    bbPress 2.5.8
    Polylang 1.8.5
    Loco Translate 1.5.5


    Pascal Casier

    Hi Marc,
    I didn’t try any of them, but these are some possibilities:
    1) installing bbPress on the us_US and then downloading the nl_NL bbPress translations and adding them in the bbPress folder (
    2) Go MU and have the main site in us_US and create a subsite in nl_NL


    In reply to: language change

    Pascal Casier

    bbPress translation files comes automatically and the ‘search’ button is in the translated list:
    value="<?php esc_attr_e( 'Search', 'bbpress' ); ?>"
    But I see you also have ‘topics’, ‘posts’ and ‘freshness’, so nothing is translated.

    Can you please tell me:
    1) in what language locale your WordPress is running in ?
    Dashboard > Settings > General Settings > Site Language

    2) What version of WordPress and bbPress you are using ?




    Found the solution: simply selecting ‘Dutch’ in the Admin > General Settings section instead of ‘Dutch (Formal)’ in the field ‘Website Language’ did the trick. After saving and refreshing the website, the forum shows the Dutch translation.

    In any way thanks for your time & attention and willingness to help!

    Kind regards, blux78


    Pascal Casier

    Goeie morgen,

    Can you point me to the page where you found that procedure ? Translation should come automatically when it reaches 100%, there should be no need to install the translation manually!

    I must however inform you that only the informal dutch is at 100%, not the formal dutch ! So help will be needed to get that one translated.

    Let me know how you want to proceed.

    Alvast bedankt,



    Hi all,

    I’m working on a website (being hosted locally for now) which should have a forum translated to Dutch. I’m following all the necessary steps to my knowledge, have downloaded the stable, 100% completed language files, uploaded them to the correct folder as mentioned on this site, but the translation isn’t kicking in.

    Under Settings in our WordPress Admin panel we have set the language to Dutch (Formal), I read that this isn’t desired because the translation for the forum might not kick in? Should I use the other route instead, adding a line in the wp-config file, pointing to accompanying translation files?

    WP version is 4.4.2
    bbPress version is 2.5.8.

    I hope some of you may recognize the problems I’m having and can steer me in the right direction. Thank you in advance for your time and help!

    Kind regards, Blux78


    In reply to: Forum images


    Hello Pascal. I install the bbPress toolkit and the plugin concept is good, but I found issues I’d like to report.
    1) The feature “Replace text Oh bother! No topics were found here!…” is not working. I wonder if the issue is because I am using pt_BR translation. I can see the same message (in portuguese), and my alternative text never show up.
    NOTE: “Completely remove message and box for empty forum…” is working fine.

    2) Display featured image in front of forum name, image width: 50px does not show any image. I see the featured image option in forum page, I loaded a icon-like image but no result.

    3) I also have problems with some features from bbp Style Pack… Maybe a theme incompatibility? My theme is a premium one, to be honest with a good quality so it’s weird. I do not expect this kind of bug, I believe is something related with my site.

    WP version 4.4.2
    Theme Betheme 11.9
    PHP version 5.6.18
    bbPress version 2.5.8-5815
    site url


    Pascal Casier

    So you have bbPress translated into CZ if I understand correctly ?
    If so, would you mind helping with the translation for the whole CZ community ?

    If you are interested, I can guide you on becoming PTE for bbPress, let me know. Then you can import you .po file and everybody can have bbPress in CZ then !



    Adri Oosterwijk

    @robin-w: thank you for your reply. I’m sure it could work. However using this solution forces me to create a function for every language I add.

    @casiepa: Goeiemorgen, daar zijn we weer! Thanks for helping out. I have achieved a lot of what I want but the breadcrumbs remains. (for reference, see this topic on WPML:

    As a result of this thread I have an English forum AND a Dutch page displaying the forum with a shortcode with only one set of topics. Exactly what I want.

    For the breadcrumbs I tried to create a solution with an onclick event and then navigate back in the history but that is not reliable. When a user is entering a topic from, let’s say a google search result page and then clicking the breadcrumb link they are send back to the google page.

    I imagine something like this:

    The English page for the forum has the slug: supportforum (for example)
    The Dutch page for the forum has the slug: helpforum (for example)

    On the forum index page no breadcrumbs are needed.
    On the topics page I only want a link back to the forum index for the appropriate language.
    So the ‘solution’ must not link back to the forum slug but to the page where the index lives.
    I have absolutely no idea how to achieve this.

    The outputted link has to be something like this:

    For the other languages:

    In my case English is the default language and Dutch is the translation.
    The urls should be: -> for the default English language.
    and -> for the Dutch language forum page.
    same way for every other language added.

    I hope this description make sense.




    Pascal Casier

    Yeah, well, I realized myself only some minutes ago that my reasoning was wrong. Of course only stable gets ‘downloaded’. That’s how it goes.
    If you have 2.6 alpha installed and you want to use the latest dev translation, you will have to download the po file and put it locally.

    Pascal Casier

    I was hoping to see 2.6 in January, but the latest WP broke some stuff that needs in-depth checks and testing. As everybody is a volunteer working on this project, no official dates can be set.

    If you translated dev (which is the 2.6 in the ‘trunk), the translation is moved to ‘stable’ whenever 2.6 is set as a ‘stable’ version. So you only need to do the work once.

    I will have a check later why the new German version is not being pushed !


    Manuel Fritsch

    we are just discussing this in Slack. I only translated dev, but not stable. And honestly, I see no point in manually copying every new and changed string from dev to stable, as was suggested there. This could take hours again, only to be obsolete soon.

    So, when is bbpress 2.6 due? Is this correct, that then the dev translations become the new stable?

    Manuel Fritsch


    in the Codex, it says that the automatic loading of locales should begin when they are at 100%. However, the German locale has not been updated in my installation since three days, that is the current date of the files in my webspace. Even though I approved strings in Glotpress every day since then.

    Do you know if there is some “push” mechanism? Because WP-Members always gets updated at night (UTC) after I edited some strings. Or maybe bbpress needs to pull translations, but it does not do so, sufficiently?


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