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  • Thank you however this has not made any difference.

    I am using the actual bbpress (2.0) plugin not the standalone and it still displays the 1970 date. It doesn’t matter what date format I use. I have a feeling it made be due to the $post->post_id that is causing this.

    @anoited – I’m probably haven’t made myself clear on exactly what I want.Just to clarify what I have and want doing:

    Main Template Theme is BuddyPress default

    Using shortcodes to display my main Forum Index

    In my Child Theme I have added a folder called bbpress with one file called loop-single-forum and changed the bbp_list_forums() part.

    Am I suppose to copy the whole template of bbpress into my child theme. As at present everything is working exactly how I want it except for the part where it displays it displays the subforums with (0,0) next to it. I just want it to be removed.

    Does this work if you have bbpress plugin and Buddypress working? I have to say it’s a fantastic plugin especially the Forum Ranks which is what I’m after.

    Edit: Everything is working as it should be. For some reason it was not updating correctly. The only thing that is not working is that I already have a number of posts, i.e. 10 plus. However it does not display that information within the post count. Only displays any new posts that i have created since installing this plugin. It is only when I go into existing posts and re-save them then it counts.

    Edit 2: All is well, however only normal users do not have the rank displayed. I have set them to subscriber, member and even forum participant to no avail. I will keep this updated should I find a solution

    I’m also looking for something like as it will be very useful. I’m not much of a coder so wouldn’t know where to start. This will be great as a plugin though.

    JJJ > My site is only a test site, how would I turn the shortcodes on? I only want to see what it would look like. It’ll be a while before my site goes live. If you don’t want to post this on the forum, then i’ll understand.




    I’m not quite understanding what you mean.

    I assume that you mean setup a function where if it is bbp_get_topic_last_active then display the date/time.

    Is there anyway you could start me off on this?



    Is there any way to display the “Freshness” as a date format without having to change it in any of the core files? Maybe something to add into the theme functions to override the current settings?

    I’m using Trunk 3132 at the moment and so far it’s working fantastically.



    @JJJ – that’s okay. The shortcode was to be used so that I could create a list of new forum topics that displays the following:

    [Topic Title] Posted in [name of forum] on [topic date] by [topic author]

    unless the bbPress topics/replies list can be modified to display the above info. I’m currently using the Query Posts plugins to do this as it allows me to display the page the topic is on etc, and when i used [entry-author], it displays the wordpress user (author/name), not the bbpress user (user/name).



    The plugin is looking fantastic and so far no issues.

    Is there a shortcode to display the author name of the topic. I have tried everything but cannot display the name. Ive managed to display the WordPress username (author/name) but not the bbPress username (user/name) as they both display two different pages.

    Thank you for all the hard work to everything working on this plugin.



    Plugin is looking fantastic and everything is working accordingly, however I’m still having problems with the “Create New Topic” form appearing on the Forum Index page. This was not there before.

    Going into a Forum Category does not display the “Create New Topic” form and displays the forums in the category which is correct as this was resolved.

    Going into a SubForum displays the “Create New Topic” form which is also correct as this was also resolved.

    Could you confirm whether the “Create New Topic” form is supposed to appear on the Forum Index Page?

    Once again, thank you for making this fantastic plugin.



    I can now see that you’ve fixed the issue with the new topic form displaying the last topic or post in the “Create new topic in: “the name of the last forum/last post” section. However the new topic form now appears on the forum index page which it was not there originally. I assume that this shouldn’t be there either?



    As the bbp theme is now a child theme, will the code: add_theme_support( 'bbpress' ); still work?

    Edit: I’ve managed to answer my own question. I thought the bbpress folder was in my theme but it wasn’t. It’s now there and working.

    Keep up the great work on this as so far it’s fantastic.

    Was not sure if this should go into trac, however:

    I have the following:

    Main Category 1

    A number of forums within this category

    Main Category 2

    A number of forums within this category


    When I go into one of the main categories, i.e. Number 2, it displays the forums within that category correctly, however, the New Topic Form displays, “Create new topic in: “the name of the last forum/last post” in the list”. Is that correct? Or should there not be a form?

    If i create a topic, it puts the topic under the list of forums as well as within the correct Forum.

    I couldn’t resolve the Login page, page title issue. However, I’ve encountered more issues, but this time it locks out my site and gives me a redirection issue. I’ll explain below:

    1. I can access the backend of wordpress and make any changes.

    2. When I close down the browser and try to go back to the backend, I get a problem with the site loading as it has lots of redirection issues.

    3. The only way for me to go back into the backend was to login via FTP and delete the bbpress plugin and my site is then up and running.

    4. I’ve tried deactivating all of my plugins and only enable the bbpress plugin, but the same thing happens. Cannot load the site at all.

    Can anyone explain why this is happening?

    Thank you for this fantastic plugin, even if it is still under development. Great work so far and well done.

    However I just have one small problem and cannot work out why it’s happening.

    I left the slugs as default in the Forum setting and went to view the admin profile. All data is being displayed correct, however the Page Title displays, “Nothing found for User Admin”. I’ve looked everywhere but cannot find where it is going wrong. I’ve tried a different theme to no avail. This is really annoying me.

    I’ve checked all the other pages and they are fine just the user page. Is there something that is causing this? I’ve tried disabling the All In One SEO plugin and then the page title says “Not Found” and the data is still being displayed correctly.

    Any help would be most appreciated.

    Quick question, will the bbpress plugin come with a generic theme rather than using the twentyten theme? I’m asking this because my site is not based on the twentyten theme and having a generic theme with only the relevant code would be great.

    Thank you again for all your hard work on this.

    Downloaded SVN and admin panel is now working. Thank you to everyone working on the plugin.

    Still no admin area. I’ve deactivated/reactivated a number of times. I’ve even deleted all the files and re-uploaded it and deactivated/reactivated. Still no enjoy. I’m using the latest SVN for testing purposes and downloaded the zip

    Hmmm, I’ve deleted and re-uploaded all the files, however I am now not able to create new forums or see any options for the forum. Unless this was removed and has not been implemented yet.

    Originally I was able to as I could see Forusm, Topics and Replies menu. Have I missed something?

    Thank you Gautam, that worked and I assume that if i want to use a different theme, i would have to create a child theme for my main Theme.

    I am looking forward to this and I want to thank you guys for working on it. I’m just testing the plugin from the trac for any bugs etc and was wondering, how do you display the forum itself on the site or has it not got that far yet? Backend seems to be working ok.

    Hi there, I think it is similar to what I have set up.

    For Example, the Welcome/Support/Main Theme are the Forum tables with subforums underneath?

    Take a look at this https://bbpress.org/forums/topic/displaying-sub-sub-forums you can remove the subforum bit from this as well.

    Thanks chrishajer. That worked.

    Thanks for the info.

    I’ll give this a go and will update.

    After some more testing, i’ve managed to get it working exactly how I wanted. You’ll need to change it in front-page.php.

    If you want the code, here it is: http://pastie.org/896738.txt.

    Hope it works for anyone who wishes to use it.

    edit: i mentioned that you need to replace forum.php with the above code, this was a mistake so you will need to revert the forum.php back to it’s original state and only change the front-page.php.

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