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[bbpress 2.0] changing bbp_list_forums() via functions.php

  • Not sure where this should be posted, here or on buddypress.

    I currently have buddypress 1.5-beta-3 and bbpress 2.0-rc-5 running on my test site and I would like to hide the topics and reply count via the functions.php.

    I am also using a custom child theme so that any modifications will not be overridden after updating. The only thing I have in my custom child theme is a blank style.css. I tried entering some styling into the blank stylesheet but nothing is displayed, it’s as though it is ignoring my stylesheet and retaining the default especially the next gallery css but this is another issue. Whenever I add a functions.php with something in this, the site falls over.

    Anyway, what coding would I add into the custom child theme functions file? I know that if I copy all of the bbp_list_forums(), I will get an error to say it cannot be redeclare. By the way, the custom child theme is located in my themes folder.

    Any help would be most appreciated.

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    Your going about it wrong. Instead of using the functions file, simply change the template file.

    Where the templates are using bbp_list_forums(), take that part out, and change it to:

    <?php bbp_list_forums( array( 'show_topic_count' => false, 'show_reply_count' => false) ); ?>

    @anoited – I’m probably haven’t made myself clear on exactly what I want.Just to clarify what I have and want doing:

    Main Template Theme is BuddyPress default

    Using shortcodes to display my main Forum Index

    In my Child Theme I have added a folder called bbpress with one file called loop-single-forum and changed the bbp_list_forums() part.

    Am I suppose to copy the whole template of bbpress into my child theme. As at present everything is working exactly how I want it except for the part where it displays it displays the subforums with (0,0) next to it. I just want it to be removed.



    I see, you are using shortcodes, so my idea doesn’t work then.

    Personally, I like to have complete control over every template in my theme, so I bring over all the bbpress files into my current theme and modify from there.

    As I don’t use shortcodes, I’ll have to let someone else chime in and help you out.



    You could create your own custom shortcode that does it.



    Which, I assume would be copying the existing shortcode function, modifying it to see fit.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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