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[bbpress 2.0] Changing Freshness to display the actual date

  • Most forum software displays the actual date for the freshness. I have used the following code as an example:

    <?php global $post;

    $lalaposttime = date( 'D M Y', strtotime( $post->post_id ) );

    echo $lalaposttime; ?>

    This worked to a point, however it displays the date as “THU JAN 1970”.

    I assumes that it will be different for the bbpress plugin itself.

    Could anyone help get me started with this?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • If your php code work and displayed the date as “THU JAN 1970”, it happen due php code ‘D M Y’

    You should refer this page to change code that will suit your display need.

    <?php global $post;

    $lalaposttime = date( 'CHANGE THIS', strtotime( $post->post_id ) );

    echo $lalaposttime; ?>

    Thank you however this has not made any difference.

    I am using the actual bbpress (2.0) plugin not the standalone and it still displays the 1970 date. It doesn’t matter what date format I use. I have a feeling it made be due to the $post->post_id that is causing this.

    Thinking to start new forum and testing it within my local server but found this modification trouble also, can anyone provide solution.

    So my forum and site will go alive soon. thanks!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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