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bbPress 2.0 – Updates

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  • Hi John,

    I’m new to this forum and hope I’m not repeating the same question. I just noticed that after I installed the twenty ten BBP theme to my WP blog, which was already using the buddypress twenty ten theme, it created glitches in the format of my blog. Since I can’t post a screen shot, I’ll do my best to explain it.

    I noticed that there are several occurrences when I’m editing or when someone is browsing the forums, which should look like this page –, the format will change after a few minutes. Even after refreshing the page, it won’t go back to the original format. The navigation bar and everything populates on the left column like a list on a white background page.

    I need to present my site on Wed. Can you please advise on how I can fix the forums? I hope that’s clear.


    John James Jacoby


    Hi Chrissy06,

    The problem appears to be this file:

    It looks like you copied the bbp-twentyten theme out of the bbPress plugin directory and placed it in your /themes/ folder. This should not be necessary, and it could cause conflicts or issues by moving it.

    The login problem isn’t fixed yet?

    I installed the latest and it’s redirecting me to the /login slug again. I don’t mind hacking it out again, just wondering.

    John James Jacoby


    I made some drastic adjustments to the post_meta values a few minutes ago that could have adverse effects on existing installations. I say ‘could’ because I’ve also included a primitive update script that should take care of any potential disasters for you. This should require no attention on your behalf. If for some reason all your topics disappear, don’t fret as they aren’t deleted, just invisible; and deactivating and reactivating the plugin should realign them.

    Currently doing query optimization and looking for ways to bring the count down. There are a few places we’re creating new WP_Query objects where it probably isn’t needed, which is causing the object cache to miss in a few places it would normally hit.

    Also going to look at topic merging and splitting, as that appears to currently be broken while it attempts to recalculate the new forum, topic, and reply counts.




    its only working now because i reuploaded the images as 25×25, if i upload them again at 200×200 they will appear as 200×200 eventough i specified 25×25.

    The same code works perfectly on wordpress themes, the quick fix was to upload images in the exact size, not perfect solution but it works.

    Perhaps someone else has an ideia on how to make it work without uploading images in the exact size?

    I’ve solved my early issue, lord knows what it was but troubleshooting something else it suddenly just appeared? Thanks.

    With regards permalinks I’m having a issues with my current setup /%category%/%postname%/ in that nothing shows at…



    but I can jump straight to a forum created in admin


    Once there I can create and reply to topics has I should.

    I’m using the base settings so Forums should be the base. Going to /forum/ however shows an edit button. Just nothing else.


    Regarding the bpp-press twenty ten theme not working, I actually didn’t install the theme via the “install theme” in the dashboard. I simply uploaded the plug-in in the dashboard using the “upload plug-in” feature, and it appeared that that also activated the theme.

    I don’t have access to my site’s files (via FTP) at the moment. I can only make changes through the dashboard. Is there a way I can correctly install the twenty ten buddy press theme through the dashboard so that the style.css file functions propertly?




    Is the bbpress plugin in the wordpress directory? Thanks



    @wesleysoccer – No. Go to and click on Zip Archive near the bottom.

    Quick question, will the bbpress plugin come with a generic theme rather than using the twentyten theme? I’m asking this because my site is not based on the twentyten theme and having a generic theme with only the relevant code would be great.

    Thank you again for all your hard work on this.

    So far I’ve had no issues just adding the contents of functions.php, all the new template files and the tag to my existing theme.

    I am wondering what the risk is still of installing at this point and losing all of the existing posts, at a later date due to a new release?



    Jumping the gun a little here but…

    When/if the default theme for the bbpress plugin is setup, can it be more like here or the wordpress forum and absolutly nothing like the buddypress forum? (please!!)

    Hello, thanks for this great plugin! Really the one I was looking for after trying every forum software there.

    I’ve got some questions if you could help me :

    1. How can I add bbpress plugin to this plugin ? Is it possible ?

    2. How can I change the language ?

    3. When the user isn’t logged in, he will get that message after the forums : “Sorry! You must be logged in to create new topics.”

    How can I change this text ? I’d like to tell the user “You can register here” instead.

    4. Last, how to make the option “Notify me of follow-ups via email” it checked by default ?


    John James Jacoby


    Original post updated with progress on various parts.

    @luminis – bbPress should follow the language that your WordPress installation is, however there currently aren’t any language packs that I know of. To change the various things in your theme, you’ll want to create a new theme that you can modify safely. The easiest way to do that is to copy the bbp-twentyten folder out of /bbp-themes and into your /wp-content/themes/ folder, rename it, and edit the name of your new theme in style.css so that you don’t get the two confused. Your # 3 can be found in form-bbp_topic.php, and # 4 would require a helper plugin to hook into ‘bbp_is_user_subscribed’ and adjust the default value.

    Thank you John!

    A last question : can I plug plugins from

    into this bbpress wordpress plugin ? Can I use the bbRating one for example ?

    John James Jacoby


    Sadly no. The bbPress plugin for WordPress is a complete rewrite of bbPress from the ground up to fit inside of WordPress.

    If anyone wanted to step up and write some kind of compatibility code would be neat, but it’s unlikely to ever happen and isn’t on the roadmap is it stands today.

    Rich Pedley


    Probably better to recode and take advantage of what is available in WordPress.

    I’m just waiting for the akismet one to be written ;)

    Hello i’m back after a while..

    Is there any way i can see this ‘new’ bbPress plugin in action?

    I would like to know how things are going with this plugin-idea. I saw something on the forum that bbPress stand-alone will get one last update before they will put it in the ground.

    I was having the same problem as ch8rt in regards to installing on osx with a similar setup.

    It turns out that bbpress.php has its file permissions set to “No Access” upon install for all other users. In fact all files seems to be installing with “No Access”, something I have yet to see happen in any other WP plugin on my local install. Perhaps something to look into for future installs?

    Rich Pedley


    possibly caused by downloading via Trac, I’d leave it and see what happens when it gets released as a plugin on

    I suspect it is a trac issue. I had the same with buddypress from there. I’m guessing I must have changed the permissions like you say, whilst I was doing something else.

    Never mind :)




    so excited that this plugin is moving, thanks!

    I’m integrating it into my theme and I want to do it in as future-proof and minimal disruption way possible (it’s a child theme of thematic)

    I’d like to give all the forum pages a distinct structure (an expanded content div and a narrower, distinct sidebar).

    I was thinking that one simple way of doing this is to add a function that adds a ‘bbpress’ class to the body – thematic’s clear about where to put it, but I’m not sure what it needs to be – I don’t think standard wordpress conditionals will cover it (e.g. how to pick up user profile pages?)

    Is this something that is worth including in the plugin, or is there a straightforward way to do this that I’m missing?

    Thanks for any help,


    Ben L.


    Mark, body[class*=single-bbp], body[class*=page-template-page-bbp] (or if you’re feeling ambitious, body[class*=bbp]) should match bbPress plugin pages. User profile pages currently use the body class for 404 pages, which is a bug.

Viewing 25 replies - 476 through 500 (of 1,184 total)
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