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Displaying sub-sub-forums

  • I know there is a thread on how to display the sub-sub-forum in a line which is located:

    However, this is about 2 years old and with how i have set up my forum, it doesn’t quite work. I did get it working, however the category loses the styling and it displays the number of topics/posts which I do not want.

    The above link shows you the image shows exactly how I want to display the forum.

    Could anyone help or advise what I can do?

    Thank you so much

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  • pagal


    @ miruru.. I’m happy that you are also interested in this issue… I was also searching the same thing.. but I’m depressed and left if..

    yes you are right this issue is two year old… “but we are new on bbpress”

    I know its not good to highlight someone but It was hurting …

    I was interested in this post .. because the Micheal has been successful to solve this issue.. I also tried it… but i had failed.. so then I decided to contact Micheal to solve this issue… I had registered on his site ( ) and ask him to solve this problem… but it was amazing that he is not interested to solve bbpress issues.. and said his forums not just for bbpress.. ( that’s why he is not accessible to his server and he was unable to show the code )…

    he said he will show the code will soon when he will get his server .. so after some weeks I contacted him again becoz its had been toooo late.. huh then he said even he was not able to access his server.. and you know what happed “he deleted me from his forums :-( ” and kick me off by saying that I was against his forum’s term and condition .. and its a “continues ignorance” to ask questions…

    please don’t go there.. its my humble request to all

    otherwise you’ll be depressed like me :(

    we will be happy if someone solve this issue except “Micheal “.

    your well wisher


    After some more testing, i’ve managed to get it working exactly how I wanted. You’ll need to change it in front-page.php.

    If you want the code, here it is:

    Hope it works for anyone who wishes to use it.

    edit: i mentioned that you need to replace forum.php with the above code, this was a mistake so you will need to revert the forum.php back to it’s original state and only change the front-page.php.



    i am editing the code, and will post soon..

    Stephen Edgar


    Closing this thread also as it is 3+ years old.

    I moved @tazogamer reply and code to it’s own topic:

    My customized sub-sub-forums

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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