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  • I lost my marbles somewhere along the way. :D I did make one change to the forums – added smilies. Every bozo I’ve got now was using smilies.

    Funny, I just ran into this problem again within the past couple of days. Totally out of the blue, without any changes to the forum, a handful of my members posts are being marked as spam, and half of those users are marked as bozo. Because I have nothing to go on, I can’t offer up any useful info for a solution at this point.

    It’s not a huge problem since I can just check the spam every couple of days and send the posts to the forum. The last bozo solution worked so well that I don’t even check it anymore, but someone emailed me today to alert me and I found a stack of posts from the last 2-4 days marked as spam.

    Very nifty, thanks.

    It only works for newly created sticky topics. Is there a way to make it work if you un-sticky and re-sticky an old sticky topic?

    And here I imagined the secret to be some way to transport chocolate through the internet! This is good too . . . just not as good. ;)

    Found the problem, it is indeed a plugin issue (Allow Images), but deactivating the plugin had no effect for some reason and I only saw it when I worked on my test forum and did a fresh install of the plugin. The plugin still works to display images, you just can’t display code.

    Will pop over and give the plugin author a heads up.

    Maybe I’m mistaken, but it almost sounds like you didn’t unzip the file first.

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    Scratch that last bit, when I finished tweaking the Forum Restriction plugin to work with the icons showed up on my restricted forums.

    Admin > Site Management > Recount

    Just check the boxes for what you need recounted. I did it for the first time today, and though it spat out some php errors at me it still worked (probably my fault after playing around with things today, haven’t seen any posts here about anyone else having those errors).

    Another something I never knew I always wanted! Thanks. :)

    I registered as ‘M’ on the wp forums ages ago. ;)

    And I run all my registrations through wp instead of bbpress, so I’m no help with this one other than that.

    Normal? Not sure what you mean by that. If you mean the lines from rewrite-rules.php, yes that works. It just seemed that MultiViews works somewhat instead of giving me a 404 like it used to, so I figured I may have made an error.

    Any thoughts on this? Switching back to the Kakumei theme has no effect, so it can’t be an issue with my theme. I’ve deactivated plugins one by one to no avail.

    Does my server perhaps not accept MultiViews?



    Forum Restriction plugin requires the Display Name plugin to work. Display Name plugin did not come with a plugin header, so add one and it will all function properly and heirarchy will return to normal.

    So, problem solved, save for Forum Restriction still not appearing in the admin so you can add/remove users.



    Culprit – Forum Restriction plugin

    Ah. I just got an email notice from my private forum. The test forum I created to try and get some heirarchy going on is visible but creating a post did not seem to work and left me with a 0 post count (the posts appeared in one of my private forums instead).

    The Forum Restriction plugin doesn’t work with in that the forums are not visible but still exist in the database.

    I deactivated the plugin and deleted our sensitive posts. Voila, all the forums appear in the dropdown menus and the forum admin appears heirarchal.

    That’s it for me tonight, but at least I’m pretty sure that’s the source of the problem now.



    Ran out of time to fuss around with it, but I did just run through your checklist, mdawaffe.

    1. flat

    2. clicked

    3. can’t make a subforum without anything in the dropdown list, but made a new forum instead

    4. saved

    5. wandered around the admin a bit

    6. clicked it, flat list still, and forum I moved to the bottom was still at the bottom

    7. forum I put at bottom is still at bottom

    8. “Move this topic” dropdown box filled only with the name of the current forum

    Using Firefox, but checked in IE7 with the same results

    After wandering around a bit I went back to it one last time to find one of my forums now appearing in the dropdown box in the admin. Something budged, so thanks for the steps! Will have to nudge things again tomorrow when I have time, and hopefully the rest will appear.



    Having the same problem here, and it’s not a theme issue. I updated my front-page.php to no avail, and switching back to the kakumei theme has no effect. Have not played with any plugins yet (have Forum Restriction and a few others). Hopefully someone will have an answer before I have time to check this out further.

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    I’m not proficient at php but finally figured out I needed to add these bits to front-page.php in my template to create a new column and make the icons show up. Might want to add a tiny bit of instruction for us neophytes.

    <th><?php _e('Forum Icons'); ?></th>

    <td class="num"><?php forum_icon(); ?></td>

    Great plugin, didn’t even realize how useful visual pointers would be to my increasing number of new visitors – the little pics help direct those who don’t seem to be able to read and just post on whichever forum their mouse lands on first.

    Also, any idea how to make it work with the Forum Restriction plugin so I’ve got an image instead of an ugly text link?

    Are you using the Role Manager (or a similar) plugin in WP? That causes registration through bbPress to set new users as an Admin in WP. I disabled my bbPress registration because of that and just run everyone through WP registration instead.

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    I force the WP registration on my users since the Role Manager WP plugin we use causes the bbPress registration to mark new members as an Admin. I customized the wp-login.php page and included text stating that registration was for both our site and forums.

    Just add your WP registration link in place of the bbPress one in login-form.php. If you don’t use a customized theme, I’d stick it in your my-templates folder so it doesn’t get lost when you update.

    Worked like a charm. 25 seconds of my time to fix a problem plaguing myself and my admins, very nifty.

    Can I assume my bozo checkbox will return with the next version of bbpress? Until then how would I mark someone as a bozo… type a ‘1’ into their bozo textbox?

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    That’s just where I am, fel64. It seems to be only affecting myself and my mod/admins. I can’t unbozo us in the database anymore so we all just unspam our posts as we go for now.

    Wow, so glad someone finally figured that out! We need our Role Manager plugin, unfortunately. What I ended up doing was removing the forum registration; it works out well for our purposes, fortunately.

    Worked like a charm, thanks so much.

    I don’t think a font size was specified for h1 in the css that comes with the basic theme. Try adding that in and see if it helps with the amount of swearing that emanates from your css.

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