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    You just create a folder titled my-plugins in your bbpress directory and upload a plugin into it. There is no activation for them as in WP, they are active automatically once they’re in the folder.

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    That’s a kick, thanks! Very easy as well.

    Ah okay, finally found it when I searched by user id in the database, the bozo value wasn’t showing otherwise.

    If I’d removed my big red nose I’d have not missed the bozo.php when I poked through the includes folder.

    My knowledge of PHP is enough to not shoot myself in the foot. I don’t know enough to see what the triggers are, or what is causing the problem of not being able to take someone off bozo status from within their forum profile. Using the database to un-bozo someone is not very efficient, obviously.

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    Ah, I can see now I misread the question, you could erase my post so it doesn’t confuse anyone.

    User-specific time settings would be nice. Another site which I may switch to bbPress would probably prefer to have that feature.

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    In your config file you’ll see this:

    $bb->gmt_offset = -4;

    Just set the value to your own timezone. Mine is -8 for PST.

    English, and yes I have the bbpress integration plugin installed in my wordpress plugins, as well as the display name plugin for bbpress.

    I have not yet upgraded wordpress to 2.0.5, am still running 2.0.4.

    I’m glad to have happened upon this thread, after reading it I decided to check my own and found if I registered through the forum the user was set to Administrator in WordPress.

    While I’m no coding expert, I’ve enough experience working with WordPress and all it takes to set things up to be quite sure I have not made an error somewhere.

    Just as hasund said above, the new user is listed in a separate section under Authors & Users in my WordPress Dashboard – at the bottom under all admins, subscribers, editors, etc. Their

    I’m using the Role Manager plugin, could that be causing the trouble? The only step from bbPress that I did not follow was the Pretty Permalinks; every other step, plugin, etc. I followed to a T.

    This is a very serious issue, my entire site would have been vulnerable had I not found this thread and gone ahead and opened my forums this weekend as planned. I’ve removed my register.php file for the time being. I already have some people using my forum, but they are trusted friends who already have some access to the main site anyhow, thank goodness.

Viewing 7 replies - 26 through 32 (of 32 total)