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Problems with uploading bbpress

  • Hi

    I was interested in downloading your forum software and as I uploaded the zip file into my phpMyadmin database, it just gives me a long query error: “You attempted to load file with unsupported compression (application/zip). Either support for it is not implemented or disabled by your configuration.”

    Is that because I have to change a file extension for the archive? And how do I edit the text in the file, “config.php” with out changing its file type? (I use WinRAR as my zip file manager)

    Also, I tried uploading the archive via ftp. I get yet another error stating: “Abort pclzip.lib.php : Missing zlib extensions”

    Any suggestions?

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  • Nevermind, I uploaded all the files via ftp (file manager) and it works. (I think) I tried running config.php as soon as I filled it out correctly but all it did was give me the exact text as there was in the file. No installation tables, html, or anything. Just text. If its ok, would you like me to provide a link to it?

    Its still a php file type but I dont know why its just text. I got all the database paths right and the prefix table. Any suggestions?

    Maybe I’m mistaken, but it almost sounds like you didn’t unzip the file first.

    I unzipped it and uploaded all the files within the folder. Perhaps I didnt go to the bbpress admin cp. Theres a link to it right?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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