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Bozo problem

  • peiqinglong


    Greetings! So I recently upgraded to the latest version of BBPress and for whatever reason, Me (KeyMaster) and all my mods are marked as bozos. I was doing some reading and there is supposed to be a checkbox in the admin panel to check wether or not a user is a bozo right? In my admin panel, there is no checkbox, just an area to enter a number and me and my mods are listed as 1. Trying to change it to 0 doesn’t have any effect. Is there a fix for this? Thanks!

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  • I have the same screen as radkitten, but I do not notice anything out of the ordinary. I don’t have to approve posts, for example. I’m using a .81 install (first version I installed), with a handful of plugins (post count, smilies, quick buttons on the post box).

    Looking at the page source code, type=""checkbox"" and value=""1"" (yes, there are double quotemarks).

    <th scope="row">This user is a bozo:</th>
    <td><input type=""checkbox"" value=""1"" id="is_bozo" name="is_bozo"/>

    I went to template-functions, to bb_profile_admin_form, and found no code for inclusion of a bozo checkbox, but code to include a custom member title etc.

    Edit: yeah, it is trying to double-escape my quote marks when I edit. I had to remove the original forward slashes now to avoid this.

    I went to the rendered page and it does say the type is supposed to be a checkbox. IE:

    <th scope="row">This user is a bozo:</th>
    <td><input name="is_bozo" id="is_bozo" type=&quot;checkbox&quot; value=&quot;1&quot; />


    However in the actual view of the page it is not a checkbox but a row with a “1” that I cannot get rid of in the place of it.

    mods, request you change the title of this thread to: “How Can I Stop Being Such A Bozo?”

    I have an install where the “1” is shown as well and mdawaffe knows about it and is working on it!


    Hi trent, yeah, me too facing the same problem, my userid cannot post to forum its always marked as spam, and in bozo field its same with radkitten

    The TRAC version of bbPress has a fix in it that has it so Akismet doesn’t filter trusted users. The ticket is here. If you don’t feel comfortable upgrading at least the 2 files in question to the TRAC version, all you can do until this fix gets put in a release is set Akismet as false in config.php. I am not 100% if you can just take:



    Those 2 files out of changeset 722 and apply them and have this fixed, but I would backup those 2 files you have already and then try it out! If you are adventurous that is!


    Thanks Trent! u’re the savior…




    I’ve been trying to trace which code assigns the post status to “2” for every post but I cant seem to find it since it marks every post a spam, bozo or not bozo. I dunno why.

    Hi Trent,

    After i modified the:



    There is nothing happening ?

    i dunno what happen, my post is still marked as spam.

    and is bozo value for all user is “1”

    I dunno what the meaning of this, appreciate for the advise

    Interestingly, my bozo problem seems to have matured/reached Phase II, during which all posts I (and perhaps some, though not all, others) make are marked as spam.

    That’s just where I am, fel64. It seems to be only affecting myself and my mod/admins. I can’t unbozo us in the database anymore so we all just unspam our posts as we go for now.

    I have alerted mdawaffe of this issue and hopefully he can come up with a better explanation how to handle this. Sorry about this.




    Thank you Trent, I’m having this issue as well : /

    Can we make this topic sticky till resolved please?

    Please try this plugin:

    And let us know if that resolves the “1” strangeness on the profile edit page.

    None of these tricks work for me. I’m using latest bbPress and fix plugin. Even with a clean install, my keymaster user will randomly become a bozo. I have a either a “1” or ny login name in the profiles bozo field (yes, it’s a field, not a checkbox). Akismet is not enabled.

    Also, there is no “is_bozo” in my usemeta table at all, and sure enough it’s not listed in the admin bozo section.

    Is there a fix for this? It’s a big mess.

    mdawaffe is working on a permanant fix for this problem for a quick release before 1.0 comes out. He is aware that some people are having problems because Akismet is not ‘whitelisting’ the trusted users right now and the next release will have this happen. I would turn Akismet to false in your config and see if that at least works for you right now.


    Akisemet was already false, and it still happened. Anyway, I’ve commented out the entire bozo function in the core for now. I look forward to mdawaffe’s fix, thanks.

    When is 1.0 due, anyway?

    It was scheduled to be out pretty soon here, but the number of tickets keeps increasing. Usually, at some point, mdawaffe just cuts the tickets to the next version and has a release. It will be soon I would imagine…..maybe within 30 days, but don’t quote me on that……;)




    I have this problem as well. I am a bozo (the admin of the forum) I don’t have anything in my Akismet field in my config.php. Why is this happening and what can I do until the next release?



    OK. I read ALL these posts. I have the same problem, I am marked as a bozo and also all my members, but I don’t really know why is all that bad to be marked as a bozo. My forum works fine. I can post, my members can post. What are the disadvantages to be marked as a bozo?



    If you’re a bozo, when you post nobody else can see your posts. If everyone can see your posts, then you’re not a bozo.

    I don’t know if people are still having this problem, but the same thing happened to me and I used a simple hack to fix it. So for anyone who wants a solution, here goes:

    Open the ‘bb-includes/template-functions.php’ file

    Go to line 1228 where it reads: echo attribute_escape( $label[2] );

    Replace it with: echo str_replace('&quot;','"',attribute_escape( $label[2] ));

    The problem I found was that it was using "‘s instead of ‘s for some unexplainable reason, so I just used a simple str_replace() function to solve the problem. I hope this helps some people, I know the last post was 3 months ago.


    Now I look like a fool :(

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