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Getting rid of ?replies=#

  • On the end of URLs in my forums it always attaches a ?replies=# to the topic link (or redirects you if you open a topic without that in the url) where # is the number of replies to the topic. It’s really ugly and I want to get rid of it; no other forums apart from this one that I’ve seen have it! I’m using slug permalinks but I believe it was there before that. I’ve got the rules from bb-admin/rewrite-rules.php in my .htaccess because Multiviews didn’t seem to work for me. Anyone know how to get rid of that?

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  • Make a new file in your my-plugins/ directory with the following code in it. Then activate the plugin in your bbPress’ admin panels.

    Plugin Name: No ?replies
    Description: Get rid of the ?replies=# ugliness in topic links
    Plugin URI:
    Author: fel64
    Version: 1.0

    remove_filter( 'get_topic_link', 'bb_add_replies_to_topic_link' );


    Thank you very much. I didn’t realise it would be as simple as removing a filter, that’s cool :)

    Slick! Applies this one and it looks “MUCH” better! Thanks mdawaffe!


    Another something I never knew I always wanted! Thanks. :)

    Thanks for this.

    Do you know anything about the ‘under_title’ hook or where it might be documented?

    under_title looks like a pretty lame hook; I doubt you can trust it’s existence in every theme and it may get removed entirely in some later version of bbPress.

    If you need to add content to a topic page there, I’d just edit your custom theme.

    Aha, glad I spent an extra couple of minutes searching, as I was about to ask this same question. bbpress looks great btw, I really like the slimline approach. :)

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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