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bbpress register requires minimum number of username characters ?

  • bbpress registration did not indicate there was a set minumu for how many characters in username, might be a good idea if there was a note in the register form

    i kept getting a username not valid and did not know why, how come with wordpress the username was ok but not on bbpress ?

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  • If I am reading this right, the username was too short? I just registered a user with a single letter as the username on the recent TRAC version and it worked. Others seeing this as well?


    In fact, there is a user of just “M” in this forum and has been for ‘quite a few’ versions of bbPress running this forum…..hmm….


    well i registered with gspark and it said invalid username so i assumed it was too short then i added 001 to it and it took

    I registered as ‘M’ on the wp forums ages ago. ;)

    And I run all my registrations through wp instead of bbpress, so I’m no help with this one other than that.

    is and login intergrated?

    Yeah, they are integrated and so is the WordPress MU forums.


    very cool :)) now how to delete the gspark001 account

    Ignore it forever because mdawaffe will never get around to deleting it ;)


    is there a way to limit the maximum number of characters for a username?

    Yes just edit the textfield (where you have to enter your username) and just let it except like 5 characters or less…

    That’s the maxlength property of input fields.

    You can still edit the HTML, though, and submit your crazy username. A serverside check is best.

    yeah that’ll work for now, thanks.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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