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Users receive to much privileges when sharing bbpress-wordpress

  • I’ve done some searching around the forums regarding this issue; haven’t found anything sim. to my problem though – is the error on my side?

    I’ve set up wordpress and bbpress on my sandbox apache server and enabled sharing accounts between wordpress and bbpress. When I create a user on the wordpress end, that user gets correct status in bbpress. However, when I register a user through bbpress, it gets far too high privileges on the wordpress side (author)!

    I’d like to manually set new users to read-only on the blog side of things.

    How can I prevent this?

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  • By default, the bbpress-integration.php plugin that you are using in WordPress brings over the registrations from bbPress and gives them the default role that you have for WordPress. That would mean that if they are given author status then that would be the default role for new members in WordPress. Maybe check that out.

    I tested this on my test forum and then changed the default role from subscriber to admin and sure enough the new user that I created came across in WP as an admin.


    Is it possible to force new bbpress registrations to become (wordpress) subscribers? I’m a little frustrated with my bbpress subcribers unable to use features such as gravitars while commenting in the wordpress section of my site. How can I get the integration be become truly seamless???? Thank you in advance…

    As long as your wordpress default user role is subscriber, it should be working…hmm. If not, maybe post a comment on that plugin in the repository. I am pretty sure it should work that way.


    Are you using the Role Manager (or a similar) plugin in WP? That causes registration through bbPress to set new users as an Admin in WP. I disabled my bbPress registration because of that and just run everyone through WP registration instead.

    I’m using bbPress 0.82 and every time I create a user then it gets the role WP role as Administrator (Eventhough the default role is subscriber). I’m not using any plugins in WP to handle role-management.

    Guess I will have to redirect user-registration in bbPress to WP, to avoid this issue.

    Found out that bbpress-intergration-plugin in WordPress correctly updates user-metadata when going through WordPress-login. But when using the bbpress-login, then it just creates a cookie and when browsing to the WordPress site, then one has Admin-priviledges because user-metadata is non-existing (quite odd actually).

    Ok one is seen as Administrator until browing to the WordPress site, where the bbpress-inegration-plugin is activated and the rights are changed to the default role.

    Still weird that no usermeta means Admin-role in WP.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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