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Can’t put code between backticks after upgrade

  • After trying to add code between backticks, all I’m left with is something like this:




    Instead of:

    <img src="" />

    Deactivating plugins didn’t fix it, and nothing else has changed other than the upgrade. Is anyone else running into this?

    Edit: okay, at least now I know it works on the bbPress forums. I’ve no clue where to look to fix this, can anyone toss out an idea or two?

    ‘code’ works, so long as I don’t include the brackets around the code I’m trying to show.

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  • Found the problem, it is indeed a plugin issue (Allow Images), but deactivating the plugin had no effect for some reason and I only saw it when I worked on my test forum and did a fresh install of the plugin. The plugin still works to display images, you just can’t display code.

    Will pop over and give the plugin author a heads up.

    yeah this is happening for me too. any luck?

    I mailed mdawaffe in the mailing list but no response. He knows and I assume he’s working on it, or going to.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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