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Fix bbPress Plugin 0.8.1-1

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  • Nice, I like the idea using a plugin to add a quick patch (rather then a whole new version).

    Perhaps it’s an idea to add this to the download page aswell

    (and to the blog as an announcement)

    Worked like a charm. 25 seconds of my time to fix a problem plaguing myself and my admins, very nifty.

    Can I assume my bozo checkbox will return with the next version of bbpress? Until then how would I mark someone as a bozo… type a ‘1’ into their bozo textbox?



    This fix didn’t work for me. Instead of getting the “1” in the textbox I was getting before, now I get just a 1. I have tried removing it, changing to 0, all, but to no avail.

    I’m the keymaster! It makes no sense that the keymaster can get bozoed.. Oughtn’t this be disabled?

    I was able to remove it only by going into the database and manually altering isBozo to 0 after installing this fix.

    I am a little frustrated since I don’t know where the ‘my-plugins’ is in the bbPress directory.

    It is a directory that you create to put plugin files into (including this patch). Since bbPress doesn’t come with any plugins, it is not created by default. All you need to do is create the /my-plugins/ directory off the root and put this patch plugin into it and it automatically will work. If you want to use any of the plugins, they will be thrown into that directory as well.


    Hi, I’m having a bozo nightmare. I installed bbPress a few days ago, and I keep getting flagged as a Bozo.

    1. I’m running latest bbPress, and this Fix bbPress plug-in.

    2. I disabled Akismet per the other Bozo thread.

    And yet:

    In my keymaster profile page, I have a large text field with the contents of my admin name, and I’m stuck as a bozo. Changing “1” to “0” in PHPMyAdmin does nothing. Deleting my name from the bozo field does nothing.

    I understand this is supposed to be a checkbox, but I have this:

    <th scope="row">This user is a bozo:</th>
    <td><input name="is_bozo" id="is_bozo" type="text" size="30" maxlength="140" value="" />


    I’ve never seen it as a checkbox, it’s always been a text area for me. Look here: ~ Err, you probably can’t edit accounts on my forum. Nevermind. :P But really, I have the same HTML output as you.

    You have Update Profile‘ed, haven’t you?

    I keep getting flagged as a Bozo.

    You shouldn’t be flagged again if Akismet is not running. Strange.

    I update my profile after the fact to try and get rid of it; ya know, clearing that field, putting in a “0” etc.

    The really strangest part to me is that there is no bozo in my usemeta table at all. So where the *heck* is the flag coming from?

    mdawaffe is aware of this issue….believe me, he is working hard to get this fixed! Sorry for the problems folks!




    A bozo user should have all its posts “bozoed” ?

    I also have this bozo “1” field but I tried from another computer, without logging me, and my posts appears…

    everything sounds strange is that bug.



    Actually, I said something wrong. New posts I wrote are now considered as bozo. I feel that as soon as a user is considered as bozo, all his posts (and also pasts posts) should be marked as bozo, no ?

    It seems that mdawaffe has lot to do on other projects. No correction after 1 mounth of bug submission, we feel abandonned.

    I used this SQL query to mark all my bozoed posts (from the poster who have id=1, which is usualy the keymaster) to “normal” post :

    UPDATE bb_posts
    SET post_status=0
    WHERE post_status=2 and poster_id=1

    my posts after this “update” has not been bozoed. My profile page still shows a “1”.

    To make the fix work, thierry, you have to change the field to 0 and save with the plugin applied. It doesn’t automatically unmark them I think.

    Same Problems here, any news on this? :(



    I just downloaded this plugin and used with the current version 0.8.1 and it seems to work for me. At first I was marked with 1 but after using this plugin and saving myself as 0 and creating some test accounts no new accounts seem to be marked as “1” anymore. So, It seems to have work for me. Thanks for releasing this.



    Perhaps you should name this the “bbPress 0.8.1 Tuneup Plugin” in line with Mark Jaquith. :)

    Worked for me, although initially highlighted another @strpos error in the functions.php script.

    However setting is bozo to 1 in the admin pages creates the appropriate row in the meta table for the user, setting it back to zero deletes the row, rather than setting the value to zero (which is presumably why the box remains blank) while it works, it seems an odd way of doing it!

    (Just realised I am being critical of someone else’s work without the ability to do it better myself – my apologies – I suppose I ought to get down a book on PHP and try and actively contribute rather than just fault find…)

    Sorry – this was a duplicate – mod please delete)

Viewing 17 replies - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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