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Plugin: Forum Restriction

  • davidbessler


    Restrict specific forums to specific individuals.

    I guess this is the way one starts making plugins. Just put it out there. Let it ALL hang out. My first plugin. Please don’t make fun. Instead, help me improve it.

    Download it here.

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  • This is exactly what I need. I tried adding this into my-plugins. It shows up correctly but doesn’t seem to work. Has it been verified to work with bbPress 0.8? Or am I doing something wrong?

    What is happening: I put in my “display name” into the allowed user field and get back an error that there is no such user. I also tried putting in “admin” and get the same error.

    I tried putting in another user and got no error message – however the user wasn’t displyed in my allowed user field. Is this what is supposed to happen?

    Help is greatly appreciated. Let me know if I have missed something obvious.



    Have you installed the display names plugin? If not, try that.

    I have it working on 0.8

    If you put someone’s name in and not your own, in the field, it will hide the field from you even if you are the admin.

    Please keep me posted if you do or don’t get it to work.

    Ok I seem to have it working now. I did have display-name.php installed. I think the problem was with another plugin: bb-limit-latest-discussion.php. I took that plugin down and the forum restriction plugin began to work properly.

    I still get an error when I put in my display name; however it does give me access to the forum category. This afternoon I’m going to work on getting all the forum categories set up the way I want and I’ll let you know if it seems to be working right for everyone.

    I like the limit discussion plugin because it makes for a cleaner forum; however having restricted access to forum categories is more important to the purpose of my boards so I’m just going to leave the limited discussion plugin off for now.

    thanks David :)

    and I fixed the latest discussion issue with the front-page-topics.php plugin ( and it seems to be working fine. I had one user and my sock account help me test it lol, I will work on getting everything set up this afternoon and see if it all goes well.



    The RSS issue is an important one for me to have fixed as well – I cannot allow my restricted forums to be available via an RSS feed – they are for approved members only – At the moment I have disabled my RSS feed until a solution can be found

    Any solution for the RSS problem?

    I find another problem: the private forums appear in the tag view and untagged view.

    Finalboss: look at the way this plugin filters the private forums from view currently. Look at the list of filters, find the appropriate ones and do the same there.

    “Things are moving right along. I figured out how to actually HIDE the non-accesible forums and their topics from those not authorized”

    How you did that?



    Is this plugin supposed to work with the latest version of BBPress because following the upgrade – I’ve lost complete access to my restricted forums – they don’t even appear in the list of forums on my admin screen – As these forums are the ones used by moderators and admins – they are very important to retrieve without displaying their contents to the world

    Also worth noting is that the config screen for this plugin doesn’t appear to be working with the latest version either

    Curious if the RSS issue with this plugin has been fixed?



    I test this plugin in version and 0.8.3 . I cant make work.

    Definitely not working.

Viewing 13 replies - 26 through 38 (of 38 total)
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