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    I browse the bbpress forums from time to time. In the dark cold winter I hope to work through a few books and try them out.

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    I’m impressed, it looks very good. The only problem I can see is that it reminds me that I need to learn more about coding and I don’t have the time :)

    Thanks, I’ll take a look. A mass delete function sounds a bit drastic though! What would be useful is a filter, to select registered who have never posted too. So select members – over e.g. 1 year registered – no posts and check select all-delete.

    Looking good. Perhaps one day optionally link the bbpress admin into WordPress in a ‘all in one place kind of way’.

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    Appreciate these things are always developing and improving, though the integration of the two is an important part of their dual improvement, so perhaps some notification via the WordPress panel which says, do NOT upgrade yet if you are using the current version of bbpress perhaps…?

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    …If you are using bbPress, you are considered an “early adopter”

    I have noticed of late that early users of bbpress are now being categorised as ‘early adopters’ whereas one of the reasons I used it was that it was described thus:

    • Light and fast
    • Tired of getting your forum hacked? etc
    • Integrates easily with WordPress
    • If we could re-write WordPress, it would be a lot like bbpress

    All of the above suggesting that it was a ‘finished product’ and technically superior to WordPress in some respects.

    What features will the ‘released version’ have and will there always be integration problems? Will bbpress adopt common forum features or develop unique features of its own?

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    Think I will stay with 2.5.1 for the time being. Thanks

    Thanks, I have upgraded OK, though I have a login/logout integration problem now with WordPress and bbpress. I’ll ask someone I know with more technical expertise for advice.

    I unfortunately have the same problem :(

    I’m currently running bbpress vs. Do I have to rename the config file for bbpress when I upgrade?

    I have xammp (installed on a USB key) and upgraded to WP 2.5 and since then the forum no longer works. Will test on localhost first before I go live I think :)

    The solution I think is to wait for the full and tested new version of bbPress to become available and use that.

    No help I’m afraid…sorry. But am I to understand, that when I upgrade to the latest versions of WordPress & bbPress, integration (functioning correctly or not) is already built it, without the addition of plugins etc….??

    If you make it too easy then everyone will have one, and what will happen then? :)

    Before long it will be possible to talk to bbpress instead of type….

    I had a problem with WordPress in IE7, and I installed the latest version of IE7 which cured the problem. There has been several beta versions of IE7, and it could just be that you are running an old version. Worth a check….

    thanks for the info. Have installed and sync’ed WordPress and BBpress on xammp now. Really there is nothing like an install you can play with without worrying about it all crashing :)

    Re the integration plugins with security issues, what is the situation with those?

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    bbPress looks great on a mobile phone. Well it does on my Nokia N95 8gb anyway :) Downloads quick too. The future is mobile!

    ‘I (sambauers) am in the middle of finishing a major release of my own open source project…..’

    Impressive looking work.

    Maybe the tabbing was a bad idea, but I’ll hang on to the other two as being sound, and I’ll add the option for users to add more to their profile page. Perhaps a mini blog.

    These are merely suggestions for further dev.

    Tabbing like Firefox. Several forum headers like installation -FAQ -Help! and tab between them.

    fel64 wrote: How did you make it work?

    Its easy to install really. You have the main tinymce folder which I opened and uploaded the contents to the ‘my-plugins’ folder. This is the mistake I made.

    • Just upload the jscript folder within the tinymce folder to my-plugins
    • Edit header.php in your bbpress template, adding the reference to the javascript

    This is part of the code which I copied, which you put before the </head> closing tag in header.php.

    <script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript” src=””></script&gt;

    Change to:

    <script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript” src=”my-plugins/jscripts/tiny_mce/tiny_mce.js”></script>

    The FULL code you put in header php is the top of the page, but this bit is important.

    Since my last post (panic?) I realised my mistake. It works OK now. Problem is the ‘guy who knows more than me’ is beginning to worry me now hmmm.

    Tried adding the TinyMCE to bbpress and it didn’t work. Asked a guy who knows more about this than I do, and he couldn’t get it to work either. Browsing for an answer, its suggested

    • a javascript conflict with a plugin
    • , or template.

    I’m using the latest version of WordPress in case there is a conflict there. (Windows hosting)

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    It’d be better as a plugin for WordPress, with the obvious option not to activate it, and the opportunity to deactivate it without affecting the function of WordPress.

    It’d share all the benefits of WP too.

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    Apparently it was a software glitch, all resolved now thanks

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