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bbPress + WordPress 2.5.1 cookie conflict?

  • I updated my web site today to bbPress and WordPress 2.5.1. Cookie integration settings got out of whack and I put them back, but now the two are in conflict.

    I’ve verified (by clearing cookies and watching as new cookies are registered) that both bbPress and WordPress are using the same cookie for login info — same name, path, etc.

    However, when logging into WordPress I am logged out of bbPress, and when logging into bbPress I am logged out of WordPress. So they appear to be using the same cookie and overwriting it as I login to each section.

    Note that the SECRET_KEY and BB_SECRET_KEY definitions in each respective config files are identical.

    The cookie seems to be broken up into three parts: user name, a shortish numerical code (in decimal), and a long hexadecimal code. The name and shortish numerical code are identical between bbPress and WordPress but the long hex code changes every time. Does this help provide a clue?

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  • I unfortunately have the same problem :(

    Me too >.< I thought it was just me… heh



    Having just read the thread over here, I went and rechecked that my WordPress “secret” setting as listed in /wp-admin/options.php matched the setting in my bbPress admin-stettings-wp-integration screen and found that somehow they no longer matched. My best guess is that in the database “update” with the 2.5.1 upgrade of WP, it regenerated the database secret, thus killing the integration.

    Sam Bauers



    You guessed right. :)

    I updated the secret key, but I’m still having the same problem as described above.

    I saw your thread. It wasn’t a solution for me…

    I’ve defined both SECRET_KEY in wp-config and bb-config as the same, as well as pulling in the new “secret” from the wordpress options page into bb-admin config panel.

    Still having the same issues of not being able to be logged into both at the same time.

    Can you post the lines you added to your wp-config.php and bb-config.php files?

    The line defining the secret key in bb-config.php should look something like this:

    define('BB_SECRET_KEY', 'My Secret Key');

    and in wp-config.php

    define('SECRET_KEY', 'My Secret Key');

    Don’t forget the BB_ in fron of SECRET_KEY in the bb-config.php file.

    I discovered for it to work that the secret keys cannot have spaces in them (as you could in version 2.5 of wordpress and of bbpress). I generated a new secret key as one long string, and voila… users can pass through both programs without having to re-login. :)

    Strange, I was able to use spaces in mine. Perhaps it has to do with punctuation marks in the string.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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