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auto-installer (completely automated) coming soon

  • _ck_


    I am beginning to test some code I have written to pre-configure a CPANEL based website to auto-install bbPress. Barring any extreme problems (or unforseen events in my life) I should have an early beta to test by the weekend.

    It will only require a few simple inputs such as your username and password (same as you’d use on FTP or cpanel access) and from there it will do everything – create the database and tables, download bbPress, install it and take you to it’s configuration options.

    It may be possible to eventually get it working with other types of hosts. I plan to investigate doing it on dreamhost and perhaps a couple of the other most popular hosts.

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  • If you make it too easy then everyone will have one, and what will happen then? :)

    Before long it will be possible to talk to bbpress instead of type….

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