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post customisation idea

  • This is a bbpress forum suggestion:

    • In ‘options’ add a number of posts visible before archiving. Selecting a number e.g 10 would see a eleventh post moved to page 2.
    • Add a ‘more’ tag option if its a lengthy post
    • How about tabbed browsing for forums?

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  • I don’t really have anything against the option of a more tag, but I can’t imagine it being useful. Replies are meant to be read in series, and anything that breaks that flow can’t be a good thing (in my opinion).

    What do you mean by tabbed browsing for forums?

    Tabbing like Firefox. Several forum headers like installation -FAQ -Help! and tab between them.

    I recommend using Firefox.

    Otherwise it seems a bit of a template issue to me. I’d personally hate using a template that used slow JS to tab what I was looking at, instead of letting me use FF to tab what I want to look at – although perhaps I still don’t understand it right.

    Isn’t teh first suggestion set in the config file or somewhere else? i think we have that one already.

    Maybe the tabbing was a bad idea, but I’ll hang on to the other two as being sound, and I’ll add the option for users to add more to their profile page. Perhaps a mini blog.

    These are merely suggestions for further dev.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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