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Integrated registrations

  • I’m running the latest version of 0.9 and WordPress 2.5.

    How easy is it to make so that if a user signs up on either WordPress OR bbPress’s register scripts, the correct user role is assigned?

    Right now, if a user on my site signs up on WordPress, they get a Subscriber role but no role on the forum. If a user signs up on the forum, they get a Member forum role but no role on the blog.

    I dabbled with the plugins to supposedly fix this but succeeding in little more than somehow stripping both my WordPress AND my bbPress admin priviledges, which I had to put back in phpMyAdmin, to much strife. Yes that’s right, I ended up as a bog-standard member on bbPress and a Subscriber on WordPress. It was NOT fun.

    I really want to fix this as this is all that stands between me and a fully integrated WP/BBP. Thanks in advacne

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  • Sam Bauers


    Go to the WordPress integration options page in the admin and set the user roles at the bottom of the page. Doing so will update any existing users lacking roles in either WordPress or bbPress.

    Once the user role mapping is set it will add roles to WordPress as well as bbPress from then on when a user registers in bbPress. WordPress registrations is another matter though, I thought a subscriber would have defaulted to being a member in bbPress. I.e. if they had user data but no role the default is to make them at least a member. Can you check this?


    The role mapping has always been set in the admin, but I clicked ‘Set Role Map’ again – didn’t work. Did a test registration from bbPress… the user in WordPress has ‘no role for this blog.’

    Again, I sign up in WordPress, the user in bbPress is ‘Inactive.’

    Could this possibly be something to do with the Role Manager plugin in WordPress? If it is, it’s weird as my default role is still Subscriber…

    I really want to sort this ASAP as members will be seeing the forums from next week and it will be bad if they can’t access one or other section until I’ve manually changed their roles.

    Can someone PLEASE help me, this is ridiculous!!

    I have the respective integration plugins enabled on both WordPress and bbPress

    1) If I sign up in WordPress, the bbPress user has an inactive role

    2) If I sign up in bbPress, the WordPress user has NO role ***AND*** my Key Master account is DEMOTED to a role with no abilities to post, edit profile or anything.

    Please someone take some time quickly to help me solve this issue, it must be something I’m doing wrong here.

    I’m using the latest 0.9 release and WordPress 2.5

    No help I’m afraid…sorry. But am I to understand, that when I upgrade to the latest versions of WordPress & bbPress, integration (functioning correctly or not) is already built it, without the addition of plugins etc….??

    No. I have the very latest bbPress and WordPress nightly builds and this issue remains.

    Could this be to do with me having the Role Manager plugin enabled on WordPress?

    Sam Bauers


    You need to remove the integration plugins for a start. They are not required with WP2.5/bbPress0.9

    The role manager plugin in WP may be hampering things too.

    In fact, you should turn off all your plugins on both WP and bbPress and see how it goes.

    The only other potential for a bug is if you have a non standard WordPress table prefix (i.e. not “wp_”)

    Sam Bauers


    By the way, you probably shouldn’t be running bbPress trunk in a production environment at the moment, it is not stable enough. You should be running bbPress from branches/0.8 of the svn repository. It is the development branch for the next release (o.9)

    Right I’ve narrowed this down.

    I’ve redirected bbPress’ login to WordPress. That’s fine. Now here’s exactly what happens when you register.

    1) Go to wp-register.php, fill in fields

    2) Check email, get password

    3) Login at wp-login.php

    4) Go to forum, already logged in – INACTIVE

    5) Log out of forum, log back in – ACTIVE

    Obviously the last two steps are problems. Is this a cookie issue?

    I’ve removed all cookie stuff, but now you have to login to bbPress and WordPress separately. Is there no solution as yet?

    The solution I think is to wait for the full and tested new version of bbPress to become available and use that.

    Any idea when? Is it all dependent on WordPress?



    I have troubles too with cookies, login inconsistent between WordPress and BBpress:

    Login on WordPress -> Log out on BBpress and vice versa :(

    PD: Until the latest version, with the hack for 0.83, this was working fine

    Web example:




    I’ve got the same problem with no plugins enabled, tested under both IE and Firefox

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