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bbPress released

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    What are the changes we need to do in theme?

    I’m currently running bbpress vs. Do I have to rename the config file for bbpress when I upgrade?



    kernow: Its better we did. As BBpress and WordPress both have ability to auto generate config file we get the benefit of getting the latest modifications.

    Thanks, I have upgraded OK, though I have a login/logout integration problem now with WordPress and bbpress. I’ll ask someone I know with more technical expertise for advice.

    Hello people, I use bbpress but I don`t know how can I use in posts backticks… :-(

    wp_validate_auth_cookie has an error. When hashing for the key

    $key = wp_hash($username . $expiration);

    WordPress and BBPress do it differently thus nullifying the ability to integrate the cookies of the two.

    The problem is that this in bbpress pluggable.php:

    $key = wp_hash($username .’|’. $expiration);

    should be this:

    $key = wp_hash($username . $expiration);

    There are a few other places where this needs to be fixed too

    Any theme changes to do?

    I’m having a problem with a fresh install of After last step of installation…

    Referrer is OK, beginning installation…
    >>> Setting up custom user table constants

    Step 1 - Creating database tables
    >>> Create table bb_forums
    >>> Create table bb_posts
    >>> Create table bb_topics
    >>> Create table bb_topicmeta
    >>> Create table bb_tags
    >>> Create table bb_tagged
    >>> Added index wp_users UNIQUE KEY user_nicename (user_nicename)
    >>>>>> Duplicate key name 'user_nicename'

    Step 2 - WordPress integration (optional)
    >>> WordPress address (URL): MYURL
    >>> Blog address (URL): MYURL
    >>> WordPress cookie secret key set.
    >>> WordPress database secret set.
    >>> User database table prefix: wp_

    Step 3 - Site settings
    >>> Site name: MYSITENAME
    >>> Site address (URL): MYURL
    >>> From email address: MYEMAIL
    >>> Key master role assigned to existing user
    >>>>>> Username: admin
    >>>>>> Email address: MYEMAIL
    >>>>>> Password: Your existing password
    >>> Description: Just another bbPress community
    >>> Forum could not be created!
    >>> Key master email sent

    There were some errors encountered during installation!

    I should note that I assigned the key master as my admin user in WordPress. When I go to my forum I receive the following error….

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /MYPATH/bb-config.php on line 22

    Fixed it. There was a problem with the secret key. I entered it in the field during installation, but for some reason it wasn’t written correctly in the bbpress config file.

    Hi All,

    I upgraded our forums to . after testing a new theme etc. extensively on a fresh install elsewhere. After all was worked out, I went in to update the existing forum and while it sort of works (for some reason the well tested .9.0.2 theme is not working), the server is returning “PHP has encountered a Stack overflow” whenever you click any topic on the index page. Could it be a server mapping issue?

    I also upgraded WordPress on the same DB and no issues at all.

    Any ideas?

    PS: The upgrade reported no problems)

    Update: Got the template working for some strange reasons but still getting the overflow error when clicking through to a topic:

    Solved… of sorts. It was something in the theme that manifested itself on an upgraded DB but not a fresh install! Very odd.

    Hi, I’ve just upgraded bbpress to and I cannot log in at all. BBpress tells me the user name doesn’t exist.

    The installation process asked me if I really wanted to run the upgrade script and I said yes.

    Previous to the upgrade, I had BBpress integrated with WP.

    I’ve checked the secret keys match in both config files.

    I’ve tried javalizard’s cookie fix.

    But still no joy.

    Any hints gratefully received.


    You need to upgrade WordPress as well to fix the cookie incompatibility.



    I’m scared. I want to keep my bbpress forum updated, so I want to upgrade it, but I’ve upgraded other forums in the past and lost all the posts, or lost the way my current theme works, or lost all my plug-ins.

    What is the easiest way to upgrade without losing anything?



    I get this error when I upgrade…

    But I renamed the config file to bb-config-old.php… I even tried totally removing it, and it still says there is an old config file detected, but I’ve looked everywhere and there is not!

    An old config.php file has been detected in your installation. You should remove it and run the installer again. You can use the same database connection details if you do.



    sorry for all the posts, but I just put back my original 0.9 bbpress forum version… because I could not get this to install. It just kept saying that there was an old config.php file somewhere so it wouldn’t install. But I even deleted everything, and just uploaded all the new files like I was installing bbpress for the first time, and still it said that there was an old config.php file.

    First I followed the directions, re-naming my config file, and keeping my plugins folder and template folder, and deleted everything else. Then, I uploaded the new files. Went to my site, and error, old config.php detected.

    you know what would be cool? If someone could just make a plug-in that people could use that would upgrade their forum to the new version somehow without having to upload new files….

    I used to use a simple machines forum, and they would do that, when there was a new version, you could just install the new version as a plug-in. worked great.



    looks like I figured it out, there was a config.php file in my parent directory for something else on my site… i think that should be fixed so that if there is a config file somewhere other than the forum folder it doesn’t detect it.

    Now I just have to figure out how to get all my posts and forums back….



    Ok, again, sorry for all the posts, but a moderate can delete them if they would like… I just want to say that for the code challenged, a new “upgrade instructions” should be made.

    First, there can’t be any config.php files ANYWHERE on your site.

    Second, if you want to keep your old posts and forums, make sure you click on the advanced settings box when going through the installation. It is very important that your database have the same prefix as before… you need something like phpmyadmin to check this.

    Other than that, follow the instructions.

    @wilcosky, this is a sticky thread, so why not just start a new topic for you problem.


Viewing 21 replies - 1 through 21 (of 21 total)
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