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bbpress update soon?

  • Is there a new version of bbpress due soon to support the new version of WP? Prefer to wait if poss.

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  • _ck_


    From what I am being told, it’s going to be awhile before an official release of bbPress will work with with WP 2.6 because of the radical cookie changes. Most certainly not the 0.9 branch.

    There is a version of bbPress in the trunk that supposedly will work with WP 2.6 but that is definitely not recommended for the average user.

    Stick with 2.5.1

    Think I will stay with 2.5.1 for the time being. Thanks

    I have a WP 2.6 install that works perfectly with the 0.9 bbPress branch. Unless there are some specific problems that I haven’t experienced yet.



    Malfhok, you’ll notice that you cannot stay logged into both sides of WordPress and bbPress if you use the admin area. The cookies have completely changed on the WordPress side.

    I didn’t give any thought to my bbPress installation before upgrading my WordPress 2.5.1 installation to v2.6. Before the upgrade, the integration was perfect. I didn’t notice the “broken” integration since my browser was set to remember my login information, but once I visited this forum, threads like these forced me to investigate and realize the sad truth!

    I hope an update to bbPress comes soon.

    Actually, I’ve been logged into both admins since I upgraded, and it hasn’t asked for my password since the initial upgrade. Any ideas why I’m seeing this “bug” and nobody else is?

    Serious, though. Nobody take that as a sure sign that bbPress 0.9 works with WP 2.6. _ck_ knows more about bbPress than I do. :-)

    @Malfhok: Try logging out, clearing your browser’s cookies/temporary files and logging in again. Is your login session transferred to bbPress/Wordpress?

    Because I didn’t want to lose my cookies within Firefox (which made me falsely believe that the integration was still working), I tried logging in through Internet Explorer and it was then that I noticed the broken integration.



    Malfhok, you’ll discover WordPress 2.6 is maintaining a separate set of cookies to bbPress if you trying logging out and back in. Also try logging in as a regular user and notice you don’t have login sync anymore between the two programs.

    I really don’t understand the statement that “it will be a while” before they upgrade bbpress! I upgraded to 2.6 as my website (blog) is the most important part and I wanted to add bbpress as a side thing. It confuses me that they company that owns both products is basically telling you to downgrade back to 2.5.1 on WordPress to get the two things working! I will never do that… I will just have to wait for the bbpress update.. but the “awhile” part really makes me concerned! Is that months from now? Or weeks?



    Note that bbPress is not a finished final product. It’s pre-release and therefore in a state of flux. bbPress has always been a bit behind WordPress changes. If you are using bbPress, you are considered an “early adopter” and therefore you have to accept that things aren’t going to be perfect.

    No one but maybe Sam or MDA can say when bbPress will have a release that’s 2.6 compatible. There is code in the trunk that supposedly will work but I wouldn’t recommend using the trunk. It has to be ported to the 0.9 branch and then tested. I suspect they may even wait for the 1.0 beta release and I don’t know if that’s two weeks away or two months away.

    Again, there is nothing special about the WP 2.6 release – it only has a handful of extra features and no security bug fixes over 2.5.1 – in fact people are having a bunch of little problem with 2.6 still so why rush to upgrade? I was able to easily downgrade back to 2.5.1 with no problems.

    …If you are using bbPress, you are considered an “early adopter”

    I have noticed of late that early users of bbpress are now being categorised as ‘early adopters’ whereas one of the reasons I used it was that it was described thus:

    • Light and fast
    • Tired of getting your forum hacked? etc
    • Integrates easily with WordPress
    • If we could re-write WordPress, it would be a lot like bbpress

    All of the above suggesting that it was a ‘finished product’ and technically superior to WordPress in some respects.

    What features will the ‘released version’ have and will there always be integration problems? Will bbpress adopt common forum features or develop unique features of its own?



    Again, I’m not an official voice for bbPress, but I don’t see how any of the points listed above are incompatible with the idea that bbPress isn’t a finished program. All of the points are true, it’s a useful and usable program, but it’s not done yet.

    Over time, based on feedback and user code contributions I am very confident that integration will become virtually painless and almost instantaneous.

    bbPress is only a year old in code development. I’m not sure if you realize that. Polished products like vbulletin are EIGHT years old (and $85 a year plus support plus most plugins and themes are commercially sold)

    If you are curious about future features you can always browse the TRAC which will give you a rough idea (ignore the date schedule, they’re just vague estimates). Remember, it’s a community project, you can suggest features and contribute bug fixes too via TRAC.

    Appreciate these things are always developing and improving, though the integration of the two is an important part of their dual improvement, so perhaps some notification via the WordPress panel which says, do NOT upgrade yet if you are using the current version of bbpress perhaps…?

    I wish I knew about the integration problem before I upgraded to 2.6. I’m experiencing more problems than the upgrade is worth. Like someone said above, 2.6 is not really anything special.

    Is there any surefire way of downgrading back to WordPress 2.5.1? I have backups but made a few posts since then and don’t want to lose them.



    Normally they advise against this because of potential database changes but you should literally be able to install 2.5.1 back over 2.6 – backups are always a must though.

    If you have an svn client installed this is as easy as a single command.

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