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bbpress future

  • What kind of features will bbpress have say in a year’s time? Considering it does not want to go down the path of a ‘bloated forum’, are there any useful features which will become standard in a future release?

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  • No idea. I doubt they’d announce features before they’re ready – that’s a fairly stupid strategy for software. Check out trac if you want to see what’s being worked on and download the latest SVN releases if you want it early (and potentially buggy).

    I hope development team had a look on this thread:

    and on this:

    Why?! Cause i’m not sure bbpress made the right choise on integrating javascript in the core of bbs! It is really hard to develop new templates especially to port some templates that use different ajax libs!

    I know that you are frustrated cool2sv because WP and bbPress both use different AJAX, but it really only matters when you are doing what you are trying to do with running them both at the same time. Most users won’t be affected by this same problem you are having.

    I am not saying what the developers of bbPress has done is 100% the right direction with AJAX in the core, but it was designed to be standalone and work that way. The WP integration was with logins and not developed to have them sharing libs. I have passed this on to mdawaffe, but the redesign of bbPress and its use of AJAX in the core most likely won’t be the #1 priority. WP uses AJAX in the core and so does bbPress. So which one should be blame? Automattic developers like AJAX in the core!

    **Edit** As well, you could sent your request into the bbDevList as well. Just head over to the about page for the address!


    I also think people should realize that bbPress isn’t dsigned to be a plugin for WP in any way and the developers should keep in mind to not develop too much towards this too.

    It’s a standalone forum, fast and light and should stay this way :D

    Of, thank you guys for reply…


    I’m sorry, maybe I did not explained myself clearly:

    I appreciate the thing that developers like the accessibility given by ajax, and are using this in their application, but the point was to leave the core functions that are for displaying content (like wp_list_pages(); for example in wordpress) outside of ajax.

    You’re right wordpress uses ajax in the core but the templating part and the content is not affected at all (only the admin CP). This way we have ajax but only where it is really necessary.

    Sorry for bugging, I do understand that my problem is not the #1 priority of the project team but I was thinking maybe there is any solution, thats why I reported that. Sorry …


    Maybe the problem was in the marketing. bbPress was from the start advertised as perfectly compatible and easy to be integrated with WordPress. That is a great advantage, because WordPress is already one of the most usable publishing platform on the web, and people like everything that comes with it – as a result they took bbPress as an another plugin for giant. =]

    It’d be better as a plugin for WordPress, with the obvious option not to activate it, and the opportunity to deactivate it without affecting the function of WordPress.

    It’d share all the benefits of WP too.




    Although bbpress does not want to become a bloated forum software, it would always evolve to enable capabilities to be added via plugins. As and when requests come in for features, it would be evaluated on the basis of whether it needs to be in a core or as a plugin – and if it needs to be a plugin, hooks will be provided for plugin developers to built *any* feature.


    Sam Bauers


    I can understand the concerns about JavaScript being written into the core. The point that cool2sv and others are making is that all the javascript that is written inline into the core code could be removed and the same functionality could be provided by adding events to DOM objects in external scripts. By doing this we could abstract away the absolute need for any particular JavaScript library, even though we would almost certainly include one in the core. If this was done then people could emulate the JavaScript functionality included in the core using other JavaScript libraries that better suit them. It is a cleaner and more flexible approach. That being said, there is quite a lot of work and testing to be done to achieve this for what may generally have limited benefit. Still, I think it should be considered and maybe even ticketed as an enhancement.

    As this issue is a concern for the users of bbPress here and forward, I created the ticket.


    Oh, thanks Trent…

    I also did something, well not so great as you did… :)

    I wrote about bbPress on my blog, including some of our reviews from here. The blog is of course on

    So far not to much responses… But I saw some referrers coming here from there.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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