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What are the future plans for bbpress ?

  • Hi all.
    I notice there where not any major releases in the last few months.
    Are there developers who are planing to boost this project ? or should I fear it to be in sleeping-beauty mode ?


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  • Hi schmitt, thanks for the reference. It IS reassuring to see trac changes. perhaps I should rephrase my question:

    Could we expect a 0.9 (or even 1.0) release in the near future (or maybe after WP2.3 stabilizes) ?

    (Surely, I am not the only one who is curious)

    Yes, I am curious too. I can’t contribute so I always feel guilty asking.

    Sam Bauers


    The slower development cycle on bbPress at the moment is mainly because there is one active committer – mdawaffe – one other committer – matt – and only a few regular core contributors (i.e. patch suppliers) – so10, sambauers and very few others.

    mdawaffe has been a little absent from bbPress recently, but he also works on WordPress and other projects within Automattic a lot, so maybe that is where he is concentrating at the moment. There is a chance that mdawaffe is working on some non-public project that has to do with bbPress, but I can’t confirm that.

    matt started bbPress, but these days doesn’t work on bbPress much at all.

    so1o has been quiet around here lately too, although he recently revamped his personal website (built on wordpress/bbPress). Maybe he can tell us what he is up to at the moment himself?

    I (sambauers) am in the middle of finishing a major release of my own open source project and won’t be doing anything at all (besides lurking in this forum) until next month.

    So it basically comes down to these four people to make bbPress go forward at the moment, and for various reasons they aren’t working on it at the moment.

    Please keep in mind that I can’t speak with any authority for the others I have mentioned here and I am happy to be corrected, but this is the best account of the situation I can give at the moment.

    Hi sambauers.

    I thank you for your detailed reply. and hope you great luck on your own project.

    Thanks to your reply, I just noticed your (bbpress wiki website), and will go through it later.

    I hope one of the people you mentioned will give us some inside look to there intentions for the near future.

    Thanks for all of your work.

    ‘I (sambauers) am in the middle of finishing a major release of my own open source project…..’

    Impressive looking work.

    Sam Bauers


    > Impressive looking work.

    Thanks, the release of version 4 of that project is scheduled for 21st September 2007.

    Version 4 is the first public (open-source) major release.

    Sam Bauers


    Right after this topic was started there is a sudden flurry of activity from mdawaffe in trunk.

    So lots is going on now.

    Thanks SamBauers – I now see it :)

    Hopefully one of the other developer will through in a word as to their predictions for the system – I am very curious to know.



    I’ll be getting back to bbPress, devoting much more time to my bbPress showcase/plugins/themes in October and hopefully that will help in it’s own little way to promote bbPress adoption (and therefore my original scheme of attracting more coders to it).

    The rush job on the WP 2.3 release is suspect. I personally felt it was way too soon and could have benefited from much more. I recently installed 2.3 for a new site and kept asking myself why are there the same problems/limitation I encountered with my first 2.0 setup? I notice 2.3 just happens to coincide with the release of the new “WordPress for Dummies” book and I believe the author is a close friend of Matt’s? Hmm. But oh well, enough ranting about WP and back to nagging about bbPress :-)

    Hi _ck_, thanks for giving your frames of time.

    BTW: to what problems/limitation of WP, are you referring to ? (I am curious to know)

    _ck_, are you saying that you will also contribute to the bb codebase or are you just talking about something unrelated?

    > The rush job on the WP 2.3 release is suspect.

    Maybe something for the WP forums.

    I think there might be reduced bb activity for a while as mdawaffe will be working on backPress if I understood that right. The work will also be useful to bb, but bb is not the sole aim of the project.

    [Edit] Thanks for taking care of that duplicate for me, Trent.



    Oh sorry for misleading. Nothing I do really helps the codebase other than to nag about bugs ;) I don’t consider myself experienced enough in that regard.

    But I do try to write my share of plugins and themes and I hope to help attract other coders for the actual codebase.

    Sam Bauers


    You shouldn’t underestimate yourself _ck_, alot of the bugs in Trac that I have seen in the past are well within your range. You should try out a couple.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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