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    Is it possible to embed a feed of forum activity on another site (sort of like an RSS feed, I guess). I’d like to show recent topic, but then when the user clicks on the topic, they go to the Forum on the host site.


    I agree with the original poster. the list of plugins leads to many outdated and unsuported so it may be good to add a filter for plugins that are usable for the latest version?

    For me the bbp style pack has been the most usefull along with (thankyou Robin!) 🙂

    These are the plugins i have installed so far…

    bbP Signature
    bbp style pack
    Hide Admin Bar From Front End
    Image Upload for BBPress
    reCaptcha by BestWebSoft
    Site Kit by Google
    Super RSS Reader
    WP Mail From II
    WP User Avatars
    Yoast SEO

    Im looking for………….

    Add smilies/emoticons to tinyMCE
    Upload of attachments such as sound files and video to play inside a post
    External Links to open in a new tab…

    Nice to meet you all 🙂


    I do have that code on those other templates as well, so it works well. You know what though, I just found out that I didn’t have any custom code added to form-topic.php, so that must be how they are creating new topics. SMH. I thought that I had all of the template files customized and that they were somehow creating new posts via URL, RSS, or some other “back door” method. Thanks for your time, you can close this post.


    My bbPress forum is integrated with WooCommerce Memberships, so that only members can view topics and post replies. I’ve achieved this by editing all of the template files that bbPress has dealing with viewing a reply or being able to post. So none of the reply forms will even load if the user is not an active member. Still every once in a while, a spammer is able to create an account and post a new topic. How is this possible if they are not a member? Is there another way that someone is able to create a forum post that doesn’t involve having to click the “Create new topic” button (which isn’t there) can they post via URL or RSS? Is there any way to see how they are posting?



    I have a lot of plugins installed on my site.

    Let me know if you have anything to check more

    Best Regards,


    301 Redirects

    Activity Log

    Advanced Access Manager

    Advanced Editor Tools (previously TinyMCE Advanced)

    Advanced TinyMCE Configuration

    All In One SEO Pack

    Automatic Copyright Year

    Awesome Weather Widget

    bbp style pack

    bbp User Ranking


    bbPress – Private Replies

    bbPress forum utility pack

    bbPress Permalinks with ID

    bbPress Profile Link Shortcode

    bbpress Simple View Counts

    bbPress Toolkit

    Classic Editor

    Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator

    GD bbPress Attachments

    GD bbPress Tools

    Hide Admin Bar From Front End

    Hide My WP Ghost Lite

    Image Upload for BBPress

    Link Widget Title

    Log Out Shortcode

    MangBoard WP


    Nav Menu Roles

    Pages In Widgets

    Post/Page specific custom CSS

    Search & Replace

    Shortcode in Menus

    Shortcode Widget

    SiteOrigin CSS



    Timeline Express

    User Registration

    Wordfence Security

    WP 2FA – Two-factor authentication for WordPress

    WP OPcache

    WP RSS Aggregator

    WP Statistics

    WP-Optimize – Clean, Compress, Cache

    WPForce Logout

    broken link check





    I’ve been trying several codes but I can’t get what I want.

    I just simply need a rss URL that shows recent topics in all forums but not their replies. Is that possible?


    Robin W

    ok, this may or may nogt work

    can you download this file

    RSS Test

    and then open it and paste the contents into code snippets ion the php/code section

    then let me know if it does anything (at all!!)


    In reply to: writing to contents


    Just to update, all seems to be working so I thought I would share this. I am sure the coding is bad but it works !!
    I am the only one that can create topics, I moderate all replies and want to add to the end of each reply ‘#plasticfree’ and a custom metadata value for each topic that I put in when I create a topic.
    This means that the hashtag and twitter name goes out with the RSS feed to tiwtter etc.
    Thank you Robin for all your help.

    To add #plasticfree and twitter name to reply
    function waa_content( $content, $post_id ){
    	// get the topic id 		
    	$post_id = get_the_ID();
    	$reply_topic_id = bbp_get_reply_topic_id( $post_id );
    	// get value from table
        $twitname = get_post_meta( $reply_topic_id, 'bbp_twitname', true );
    	$twithash = '#plasticfree';
    	$post = get_post($id);
    if ($post->post_type =='reply'){
    $pos = strpos($content, '#plasticfree');
        if ($pos == false) {
    		$content .= '<br>'. $twithash .' ' .$twitname;
    	return $content;
    add_filter( 'content_edit_pre', 'waa_content', 10, 2 );

    Is there a hook or action I am missing to add something to the bottom of the contents of a reply when I publish, I don’t mean just show it on a reply but to write it to the table.
    I have a custom field that I populate in a topic I want to add it to the end of each reply. I know how to check if it is already there etc.
    I want it to write it to the contents so it is passed out with the rss feed to twitter etc.

    Dale Reardon

    I want to use the topics RSS feed to send out a newsletter in my email provider.
    The problem is that at the moment the RSS feed is bringing in the entire contents of the topic post rather than just a summary.
    I understand the BBPress RSS feeds are entirely separate to the main WP feeds and not affected by the reading setting of summary excerpt in the WP settings.
    Is it possible to control the length in characters or words that go into the BBPress RSS feed?



    Sorry, currently I cannot reveal that, because information that should be private is leaking this way. We’re still busy removing posts.

    I’m seeing older threads here suggesting you need to modify functions.php to keep forum posts out of your RSS. Like this one:


    No, the “rss feeds per page” setting doesn’t allow values < 1.

    We have the same problem. We just installed bbPress as a private forum, for logged-in members only. But posts appear in our public (and get replicated by Zapier to social media)



    There must be a way to embed audio player for podcasts directly from RSS feeds, into forum topics? I can’t figure it out. I just want to be able to press play directly from the topic, without going to new link or downloading the full attachment. Any suggestions?


    Robin W

    I think if you set

    dashboard>settings>forums>rss feeds per page to zero it should stop, but that does depend on how your theme an other plugins are doing the links, it may not work

    Robin W

    hmm…not sure. Freshness is really weird under 2.6, or at least my undersstnding of how it should work varies form what it actually does.

    I’ll wait until the authors look at my track ticket before I work further on it.

    I see that showroom is still not showing sub forums, and I’m still playing with why that might be happening.


    Topic: Post from RSS

    in forum Troubleshooting

    Anyone knows if it’s possible to post from RSS automatically?
    For example if I have another WP installation and I want to post the posts as forum threads in certain section, is this possible somehow? (maybe with a plugin)



    I need help with the following:
    Is there a way to integrate bbPress with a downloadmanager.
    I want that members of a -non public- forum can post and download files.

    WordPrerss Download Manager has a add-on to integrate with BuddyPrerss, hopefully there is such a plugin or add-on for bbPress.

    Thank you in advance.


    Robin W

    really hard to do – i’d suggest you’d need to look at rss feeds.


    Hi there, first of all, sorry if this is something everybody knows, i did try to google it but came up with only things that aren’t the same as what i’m looking for.

    What i would like is for an image preview of some sort to come up within the post or reply, in bbpress, whenever somebody pastes a URL. Ideally it should only happen for the first URL in each post or reply, and ignore any subsequent URLs, but if that’s fiddly then just something that will generate previews for any URLs posted would be very helpful.

    Here is an example of it not happening:

    That’s me posting an OP in my bbpress forum, and as you can see i pasted some text from a web page, and then a URL link to the page. Now what would be ideal is if the post also automatically showed a picture, drawn from the URL, inline within the bbprss post, in the same way that facebook pulls a picture in when you post a URL on their site.

    Is there a plugin that does this, or some simple tweak i can make to the config files of the site to make this happen? I’m not totally ignorant of how to use php and CSS but for the sake of argument, please assume that i am, because it isn’t far from the truth!

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

    It is currently WordPress version 5.1 and bbPress version 2.5.14-6684
    I am using DI Business Responsive theme, though i don’t think that makes much difference for this particular question.

    Robin W

    this seems to be some custom code the function vvd is not a bbpress one. I presume you have added this to your functions file, or a plugin has it ?

    I googled and got this thread where the snippet is mentioned

    function vvd_no_view_ip( $author_ip, $r, $args ){
    	return __return_empty_string();
    add_filter('bbp_get_author_ip','vvd_no_view_ip', 10, 3 );

    is this the code you are using ?


    How would I make bbPress functions available for a WordPress template file?

    Specifically, I’m building some custom RSS feeds, one of which lists the latest topics posted on the website, but with some modifications. While I can pull the latest topics with a query_posts() call using (‘post_type’ => ‘topic’) and parse them with a standard post loop, I can’t figure out how to access tags related to each topic. I assume that bb_get_topic_tags() should get me the tags but the function is not available for the RSS file template which is in my WordPress template directory. I have basically been using this method for custom RSS feeds.

    Since a function_exists() call for bb_get_topic_tags() returns false, I assume that I should first prime or load the bbPress plugin somehow. But how? Or am I approaching this completely wrong? I suppose I could always do a direct SQL query but I would like to avoid that if possible.

    I have tried searching here and elsewhere but keep drawing blanks. The closest I could get to is this topic but it doesn’t really give an answer, or at least not one that I can understand.

    I’m running the latest public bbPress and WordPress versions.


    In reply to: Single Forums


    HI all……so @Robin-w can you help me do this with that plugin somehow?

    I only want one topic per forum. Just one.

    And that single-topic forum? It will be attached to a hidden group.

    So I’m looking for….a way to bypass the screen that lists “topics” in a forum; there will only be ONE topic PER forum, so having that screen there is unnecessary and confusing to my forum participants. And creates “click fatigue.” They should be able to get to the group front page, click “Forum”…then be brought to the discussion on the only topic that that forum will ever be tied to.

    And each group’s topic will be different. But ONLY one topic per forum, per hidden group.

    Note: I’ll eventually be creating hundreds of individual hidden groups….so I do not want to have to go in and hand code the direct link to the single forum topic for each of these groups, just to bypass a page, each time….

    Soooo……I want the flow to be:
    – [click on ‘My Groups’ which is right next to ‘All Groups’ — it’s at that page]
    – [I then see a group link, in list of groups….so I click on a desired group]
    – [get to that group’s front page]
    – [click on ‘Forum’ option there]
    – [***NOW I should see no other things to choose from — there are no other topics that will be in this forum, so I should not be brought to a page with a list of topics to choose from; instead, I am immediately brought to a discussion, which is a discussion that is covering the only topic that that group is ever going to discuss]

    HOW do I achieve this….???

    I was looking for a widget that was a “discussion” widget that I could use to customize the group front page, but never found one.

    And the “activity stream” is littered with an RSS feed and a search bar, and it doesn’t allow for uploading pictures (WHICH IS CRITICAL)….forums allow to upload pictures. So I’d just use the Activity Stream if it was feasible, which it appears to not be. But hell — if that was easier to modify than skipping a forum ‘topic list’ page….let me know that too, please.

    Thanks in advance for all your assistance; I am desperate to finally solve this, lol….! 😀


    І рut /fееd аt thе еnd оf thіs tоріс, but whеn І аdd іt tо mу rss fееd rеаdеr іt dоеsn’t аlеrt mе whеn nеw rерlіеs tо thе tоріс аrе mаdе, hоw dо І fіх thіs?


    I am getting a 404 error on all of my forum reply RSS feeds like this one: and I am not sure why.

    My normal topic RSS feeds work just fine:

    Is there any way to fix these 404 errors OR is there a way to disable RSS feeds for the replies and/or bbpress as a whole?

    Thank you in advance for any guidance!



    So far I can only see topics on how to disable RSS Feed but I can’t seem to find any answers on how to add a subscription button for forums/topics/replies.

    Is there any way somebody help me on how I can add in a subscription button?


    WP Version: 4.9.1
    bbPress: 5.4
    Using Salient Theme

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