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    I need help with the following:
    Is there a way to integrate bbPress with a downloadmanager.
    I want that members of a -non public- forum can post and download files.

    WordPrerss Download Manager has a add-on to integrate with BuddyPrerss, hopefully there is such a plugin or add-on for bbPress.

    Thank you in advance.


    Robin W

    really hard to do – i’d suggest you’d need to look at rss feeds.


    Hi there, first of all, sorry if this is something everybody knows, i did try to google it but came up with only things that aren’t the same as what i’m looking for.

    What i would like is for an image preview of some sort to come up within the post or reply, in bbpress, whenever somebody pastes a URL. Ideally it should only happen for the first URL in each post or reply, and ignore any subsequent URLs, but if that’s fiddly then just something that will generate previews for any URLs posted would be very helpful.

    Here is an example of it not happening:

    That’s me posting an OP in my bbpress forum, and as you can see i pasted some text from a web page, and then a URL link to the page. Now what would be ideal is if the post also automatically showed a picture, drawn from the URL, inline within the bbprss post, in the same way that facebook pulls a picture in when you post a URL on their site.

    Is there a plugin that does this, or some simple tweak i can make to the config files of the site to make this happen? I’m not totally ignorant of how to use php and CSS but for the sake of argument, please assume that i am, because it isn’t far from the truth!

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

    It is currently WordPress version 5.1 and bbPress version 2.5.14-6684
    I am using DI Business Responsive theme, though i don’t think that makes much difference for this particular question.

    Robin W

    this seems to be some custom code the function vvd is not a bbpress one. I presume you have added this to your functions file, or a plugin has it ?

    I googled and got this thread where the snippet is mentioned

    function vvd_no_view_ip( $author_ip, $r, $args ){
    	return __return_empty_string();
    add_filter('bbp_get_author_ip','vvd_no_view_ip', 10, 3 );

    is this the code you are using ?


    How would I make bbPress functions available for a WordPress template file?

    Specifically, I’m building some custom RSS feeds, one of which lists the latest topics posted on the website, but with some modifications. While I can pull the latest topics with a query_posts() call using (‘post_type’ => ‘topic’) and parse them with a standard post loop, I can’t figure out how to access tags related to each topic. I assume that bb_get_topic_tags() should get me the tags but the function is not available for the RSS file template which is in my WordPress template directory. I have basically been using this method for custom RSS feeds.

    Since a function_exists() call for bb_get_topic_tags() returns false, I assume that I should first prime or load the bbPress plugin somehow. But how? Or am I approaching this completely wrong? I suppose I could always do a direct SQL query but I would like to avoid that if possible.

    I have tried searching here and elsewhere but keep drawing blanks. The closest I could get to is this topic but it doesn’t really give an answer, or at least not one that I can understand.

    I’m running the latest public bbPress and WordPress versions.


    In reply to: Single Forums


    HI all……so @Robin-w can you help me do this with that plugin somehow?

    I only want one topic per forum. Just one.

    And that single-topic forum? It will be attached to a hidden group.

    So I’m looking for….a way to bypass the screen that lists “topics” in a forum; there will only be ONE topic PER forum, so having that screen there is unnecessary and confusing to my forum participants. And creates “click fatigue.” They should be able to get to the group front page, click “Forum”…then be brought to the discussion on the only topic that that forum will ever be tied to.

    And each group’s topic will be different. But ONLY one topic per forum, per hidden group.

    Note: I’ll eventually be creating hundreds of individual hidden groups….so I do not want to have to go in and hand code the direct link to the single forum topic for each of these groups, just to bypass a page, each time….

    Soooo……I want the flow to be:
    – [click on ‘My Groups’ which is right next to ‘All Groups’ — it’s at that page]
    – [I then see a group link, in list of groups….so I click on a desired group]
    – [get to that group’s front page]
    – [click on ‘Forum’ option there]
    – [***NOW I should see no other things to choose from — there are no other topics that will be in this forum, so I should not be brought to a page with a list of topics to choose from; instead, I am immediately brought to a discussion, which is a discussion that is covering the only topic that that group is ever going to discuss]

    HOW do I achieve this….???

    I was looking for a widget that was a “discussion” widget that I could use to customize the group front page, but never found one.

    And the “activity stream” is littered with an RSS feed and a search bar, and it doesn’t allow for uploading pictures (WHICH IS CRITICAL)….forums allow to upload pictures. So I’d just use the Activity Stream if it was feasible, which it appears to not be. But hell — if that was easier to modify than skipping a forum ‘topic list’ page….let me know that too, please.

    Thanks in advance for all your assistance; I am desperate to finally solve this, lol….! 😀


    І рut /fееd аt thе еnd оf thіs tоріс, but whеn І аdd іt tо mу rss fееd rеаdеr іt dоеsn’t аlеrt mе whеn nеw rерlіеs tо thе tоріс аrе mаdе, hоw dо І fіх thіs?


    I am getting a 404 error on all of my forum reply RSS feeds like this one: and I am not sure why.

    My normal topic RSS feeds work just fine:

    Is there any way to fix these 404 errors OR is there a way to disable RSS feeds for the replies and/or bbpress as a whole?

    Thank you in advance for any guidance!



    So far I can only see topics on how to disable RSS Feed but I can’t seem to find any answers on how to add a subscription button for forums/topics/replies.

    Is there any way somebody help me on how I can add in a subscription button?


    WP Version: 4.9.1
    bbPress: 5.4
    Using Salient Theme



    So far I can only see topics on how to disable RSS Feed but I can’t seem to find any answers on how to add a subscription button for forums/topics/replies.

    Is there any way somebody help me on how I can add in a subscription button?




    I notice Bbpress doesn’t have a feature for RSS feed implementation? So far I can only see topics on how to disable RSS Feed but I can’t seem to find any answers on how to add a subscription button for forums/topics/replies.

    Is there any way somebody help me on how I can add in a subscription button?



    Want to know if it’s possible to use bbprss like phpbb where you can set userpermissions to access certain files. We have a site where it is a forum but there is a section where users and subscribe and be able to download files that are on certain posts. It this possible to setup the same as this site – ?



    I was hoping to edit the RSS to only include the topic title, author & timestamp.

    Currently the rss template contains a lot of data, I just want to display on another page, just the title etc


    issue still exists.. I disabled all plugins and as soon as I enabled bbpress it screwed up my mailchimp RSS campaign…

    I can’t be the only one out there with this configuration surely..

    Looking around at other forum software now.. tired of trying to find a solution..


    Hi there

    I’m pretty new to bbpress sorry!

    I am using the rss feed feature to pull the topic title into my newsletter, however I appear to get the text from the topic body also..

    Does anyone know how to get make it show only the topic title?


    Robin W

    In essence the core issue is that ‘with bbpress’ the ‘feed’ is showing the whole article, whereas without it is showing the excerpt which is what you want- is that correct?

    Since bbpress has rss and a site does not need to have mailchimp to run rss, I presume that you could test if you have an issue without mailchimp, which would help eliminate (or otherwise) your theme and/or other plugins as contributing to the issue, but as I said earlier I’m not a mailchimp guy, so I may be talking crap.

    Given that bbpress has over 300,000 active installations, and mailchimp 900,000 – I kinda presuming that if this was a common issue that it would be known about, as others would be running this combination.

    I am trying to help you 🙂

    Robin W

    have you tried bbpress and rss without mailchimp ? Does that work ?


    Reply from MailChimp Support – I would agree this is a bbPress issue to address..

    “Thanks for contacting us here in Support. I can certainly understand the concern there, and I’m happy to help out in any way I can.

    In your forum post you mentioned that there is no issue when bbPress is not enabled. Based on that information, the issue seems to be related to a plugin conflict rather than an issue with pulling the RSS feed on our end. I recommend contacting bbPress’ support folks to see if they’re able to shed some light on how enabling the plugin will impact the feed. If not, I recommend trying out another plugin that would allow you to add a forum to your site. It’s possible that another plugin would not have this issue. ”

    I replied asking them if they were sure they were not going to help and they came back to me and said:

    “First, I’d like to clarify how MailChimp interacts with RSS feeds. When using an RSS campaign, MailChimp will pull the RSS feed shortly before the campaign’s scheduled sending time. The RSS merge tags pull content from the XML code for the RSS feed. The app cannot alter the appearance of the content in the feed. It will only display what appears in the code. If you’re not able to disable the plugin, it may be a good idea to consider another feed host to generate a URL that can be used in MailChimp.

    While we’re happy to troubleshoot however we can, we’re limited in our support of third party systems. The bbPress plugin is not developed WordPress, but by bbPress Community. They’ll be the best resource on how to troubleshoot any plugin conflicts between bbPress and the site.

    Please don’t hesitate to write back in if there is anything else I can help with, and I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any replies.”

    The ball is in your court bbPress – can anyone help me please?

    Vinod Dalvi

    Does the default WordPress RSS field works fine for you?

    Could you please contact mailchimp support regarding this?


    I just installed BBpress and it screwed up my RSS to Mailchimp feed.

    My web site is set to create my newsletter automatically from my wordpress site’s RSS feed.

    However, when the BBpress plugin is enabled Mailchimp makes a mess of the formatting and displays unnecessary text from the RSS feed (looks like the body text).

    Disable BBpress and it works fine again.. The issue only started after I installed bbpress for the first time.

    Any ideas? I’n not sure where to go from here..



    We have an RSS feed going into a mailchimp campaign each week. We have just installed Buddypress, but our RSS gets messed up – it shows the full text in the mailout rather than the excerpt. When Buddypress is disabled, the feed works as expected. Any ideas?


    hello ….

    I need help with this.

    when I click on the forum ling it gives me a blank page… please see the video in the link

    Cristi S.

    I’d also like a featured image for forum topics.

    As it is now, the image displayed for a forum topic in a RSS reader such as Feedly is the distorted poster’s gravatar image. Which is bad.

    Any plans for this, please? Feedback would be much appreciated.



    Reference site

    Ill start by saying im not a developer and can edit php and code, but I cant write it from scratch…. yet

    So ive been moving a guild site over from phpbb into wordpress and am still trying to figure out the best way to handle applicants, I made a post here if anyone had any ideas about that

    So I was looking into how to maybe do a multisite with a single forum handling all the main communication among the community as a whole. I was looking through the forum here and everything that said it cant be done is very old. Is there a way to have shortcodes and custom user fields to work around that? Or maybe iframe?

    Here is my thought, ill use car clubs for example

    Root Forum

    1 category – Car Club –
    1-2 forum – public
    1-3 forum – recruitment needs

    2 category – members only
    2-2 forum – New Car Club Applicant
    2-3 forum – Car Club Events
    2-4 forum – ADMIN

    3 categories – (3) Honda – (4) Ford – (5) Mazda
    3-2 forum – news rss
    3-3 forum – brand specific news

    Ok, so lets say on the main site if someone goes there it pulls everything since its the root. But give the car club its own multisite along with any niche sub group. In the custom user groups have shortcodes associated with the different ranks to show them on their member page when they look at the info something like [bbp-single-forum id=$forum_id] and add more to the root of that ranks permission. That way you dont have to add them per user, but per rank per group.

    so in the shortcode for public users they would only have access to 1 and its contents
    people in the honda club who are just members would have access to 1, 2(excluding 2-4) and 3, once they get bumped up to admin rank in that group the shortcode to display 2-4 gets added since its connected to rank roles.

    In the same breath on the front end of the multisite pages you could just have them display the public forums associated with that niche pulling the data from the forum via [bbp-single-forum id=$id ].

    I had a ton of control like this through phpbb using theme styling and domain masking and am trying to find a way to make it work in wordpress but its been a learning curve. I know groups in buddypress have some of this function built in, but it doesn’t seem to be tweak-able between sites. I dont want a guest to see every group in the opt in part of registration off the bat. Would rather have them app on that groups page, members review then they get added and what they see is based on what rank they have in all the groups they are in.

    So am i trying to overthink this? Have I missed something that could solve this idea?



    We were running the stand alone bbPress for a loooong time.

    We finally switched over to the plugin version last fall.

    I am seeing a TON of 404 errors for URLs such as:




    I am pretty sure the solution for the /forum/profile/profilename is to create a rewrite that makes them all /users/ instead of /profile/ but I am not sure about the ones containing /rss/

    From poking around I am thinking I should do:




    Assuming that the /rss/ URLs are ‘old’ stand alone bbPress related URLs.

    Anyone have any insight on this?

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