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RSS Feed Broken After Domain Change

  • longtinc


    We changed the domain name of an existing website a couple of weeks ago. Everything in bbPress is still working as expected, expect we use the RSS Feed to send automated emails every day with new posts to a list of users and get the following error:
    allowed memory size of 805306368 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 262144 bytes) in /home/customer/www/

    There is nothing here that points to bbPress yet, but we disabled all plugins to try and find the issue and it only remains when bbPress is activated.

    We have also set a large memory size in the config file to no avail.

    Here is the RSS feed result for forums that also shows the error at the bottom in some browsers.

    This started following the domain change. Is there anywhere in some bbPress settings or files that the previous domain URL is still be used?

    Any other hints or information would be helpful.

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