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List of all BBPress plugins with recommendations or ranking?

  • Tobias Claren



    I have installed WordPress.

    For testing, also MyBB in /forum.
    I ask myself the question, is BBpress an alternative to extra forum scripts now?
    A few years ago, BBPress was quite rudimentary, wasn’t it? Did this change?
    Can BBpress keep up with all available plugins in the range of functions with forum scripts such as SMF, MyBB, phpBB etc.

    Is there a good clear list of all plugins for BBPress?
    Possibly with usage ranking. There will be a reason if certain plugins are used very often.
    But also curated recommendations.
    The plugin list here is very “simple”.
    21 pages with 10 plugins each, not sortable, no recommendations or rating based on usage (not quality rating) …
    I saw user avatars. But there may be different plugins for the purpose.
    Or a map with the members.
    I don’t know where to start.
    And doesn’t want to try out hundreds of plugins.
    E.g. such an insignificant little thing as using homemade forum icons.

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  • Robin W


    lists re very subjective – what I find useful you will find useless or not how you want it.

    gives a list

    I’d add bbp style pack to that list, but I wrote it, so I’m biased

    bbp style pack

    That plugin also lists other plugins that I have found added value to forums



    I agree with the original poster. the list of plugins leads to many outdated and unsuported so it may be good to add a filter for plugins that are usable for the latest version?

    For me the bbp style pack has been the most usefull along with (thankyou Robin!) 🙂

    These are the plugins i have installed so far…

    bbP Signature
    bbp style pack
    Hide Admin Bar From Front End
    Image Upload for BBPress
    reCaptcha by BestWebSoft
    Site Kit by Google
    Super RSS Reader
    WP Mail From II
    WP User Avatars
    Yoast SEO

    Im looking for………….

    Add smilies/emoticons to tinyMCE
    Upload of attachments such as sound files and video to play inside a post
    External Links to open in a new tab…

    Nice to meet you all 🙂

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