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bbPress 2.0 – Updates

  • John James Jacoby


    bbPress 2.0 is out!

    1. Topic Counts – DONE!
    2. Post Counts – DONE!
    3. Voice Counts – DONE!
    4. Admin Clean-up – DONE!
    5. User Profiles – DONE!
    6. User Posts – DONE!
    7. User Favorites – DONE!
    8. User Subscriptions – DONE!
    9. User Roles – DONE!
    10. Topic Move – DONE!
    11. Topic Split – DONE!
    12. Topic Merge – DONE!
    13. Tag Tools – DONE!
    14. Theme Compatibility – DONE!
    15. Feeds – DONE!
    16. Importer from 1.0 – DONE!
    17. Fix Multisite- DONE!
    18. Investigate Topic Tags- DONE!
    19. Add actions to post forms- DONE!
    20. Zero out tickets in 2.0 milestone- DONE!

    If you need support for your specific site running a pre-release version of this plugin, please open a dedicated topic. Thanks :)

    If you find a security vulnerability, please reference:

    [edited: 9/21/2011 – jjj]

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  • I’m interested in getting this installed to check it out for a new project (one of those that I’ve started 50 times already) but after downloading in and dropping it into the plugins folder its not showing on the plugins page in wp-admin?

    Am I missing something?



    When you unzip the download you’ll have a folder called “branches” and a subfolder called “plugin”. I’m assuming you uploaded the branches folder when the plugin folder is the one that needs to be uploaded.

    Nope, I did that.

    I can see that there is a themes folder in there that presumably needs moving somewhere else, but even so I’d imagine the plugin should just show in the list.



    Are you running 3.1 or 3.0.x?

    The themes folder can stay where it is.

    Tried it on 3.0.5 and and 3.1 RC4. Do I need to change the name of the folder or something?



    I changed the name of the folder to bbpress on my 3.1 installation, but I don’t think it was required.

    On my 3.1 rc4 installation I have multi-site enabled and it only shows up in my Network Admin plugin menu, not the plugin menu for any of the single sites.

    I just reinstalled it on my 3.0.5 installation. I left the folder named “plugin” and it appears to be working as expected, so I guess we need someone smarter than me to respond so we can figure out what’s going on.

    I’ll be patient then. Thanks. :)

    Rich Pedley


    ch8rt, you’ve put the plugin in the plugins directory – so please confirm what you named the directory for the plugin, and what you see when you open that directory.

    I downloaded the zip at the bottom of this page

    Expand and copied the ‘plugin’ folder to my wp-content/plugins folder. So I have










    My other plugins look like this…




    Its a completely fresh install of 3.1 RC4 except for the bbpress plugin.

    I’ve had my hands in front of my face for the last day, ready to facepalm :)

    Rich Pedley


    change the directory name from plugin to bbpress, see if that helps.

    Nope, still not showing

    Rich Pedley


    then that’s strange, because I can see and use it fine.

    Are you using php4 or php5?

    Windows or Linux? (or rather IIS or apache?)

    (and I’m sorry to ask but.. you aren’t just looking at the activated list are you?)

    You scared me then. No I’m looking at the full list, I’ve testing installing a few other plugins in various ways and everything works fine with them.

    I’m running php 5.3.3 on Apache 2.2.15 (Locally on a Mac)

    Rich Pedley


    Mac… hmmm. can you open up the bbpress.php file and resave it. I know it shouldn’t affect things, but I can recall having a few issues with things on that side (and ok this is a really really long longshot…)

    If that doesn’t make any difference we’ll have to wait for JJJ or Gautaum to see this and reply – I’m out of ideas!

    I tried that already, I’ll just sit tight. And wait. :(

    John James Jacoby


    Out of ideas honestly. If you have /wp-content/plugins/bbpress/ and all the necessary files are in there and not corrupted from the download and moving around process, then it’s file permissions.

    Doesn’t appear to be a permissions thing. I’ll try a new fresh install. Thanks for everyones help so far. :)

    Just tried it on my other server and it works fine there. So its something to do with my setup. Just strange that I’ve had no issues with plugins in the past?

    Are sub forums limited by 5? Since only 5 show up, perhaps make this an option too? ^^

    Gautam Gupta



    Increase the forums per page option and they would show up.


    Sorry, but I really don’t have any idea. :)



    “what is left to do before the soft October 15 deadline”

    John James Jacoby


    @willabee – This is fixed now. Subforums were still defaulting to 5 instead of adhering to the setting.

    @ch8rt – How about removing the plugin entirely, and reinstalling it?

    @alanchrishughes – Development has sped up in the past 2 months, and we’ve been able to get a lot more features in as a result.

    I’ve tried that several times. I’m taking a break from it for a few days and then I’ll see if I can tackle it head on. Its obviously something wrong with my setup.



    Hi everyone!

    I don´t know wether to post this here or start a new thread, if the mods find it unsuitable i will open a new one.

    I just installed the bbpress pluggin on a test site, just trying to figure things out and start learning while its being developed, one of the first things i wanted to do was adding a icon to the each forum in the forum list and since the new bbpress uses “wordpress” i went and added a thumbnail to each forum at:

    Admin panel>>>Forums>>> and edited/added a thumbail to each forum using the post thumbnail function

    but it wasnt showing up so as newbie i used firebug to find where i could add that in and i found;


    and modified:

    <td class=”bbp-forum-info”>

    ” title=”<?php bbp_forum_title(); ?>”><?php bbp_forum_title(); ?>


    <td class=”bbp-forum-info”>

    <?php the_post_thumbnail(array( 25,25 ), array( ‘class’ => ‘alignleft’ )); ?>” title=”<?php bbp_forum_title(); ?>”><?php bbp_forum_title(); ?>

    here’s a link to the code on pastebin:

    it worked but because i uploaded the images at 150×150 the thumbs were being displayed at 150×150 eventough i specified that it should be 25×25 in the code.

    Am i doing something wrong? to quicly fix it i reuploaded the images at 25×25 and they’re showing ok now.

    sorry if i’m “sounding” complicated but i cant explain it better

    here’s the live bbpress instalattion:

    Gautam Gupta



    Looks like you fixed it. You can have the width and height attributes in the parameters. Correct me if I am wrong. :-)

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