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    WPML is the plugin which causes the issue.

    I contacted them but their first approach didn’t work.

    Mostafa Shahiri

    I use WordPress 4.9.8 and some plugins such as Woocommerce, WPML, WP Job Manager and BuddyPress at my website. Today I installed bbPress but I found a conflict with other plugins. When I try to access wp-admin page, it is not loaded correctly and loading is stopped by displaying white page. It is a bad problem, because I can not access to dashboard after login. Please guide me.




    I am have successfully setup bbpress using the “second” method.
    My site is multi-language (en/he/ru) so I have a different page for each “forum” page so it has a different language. For example <- English version. <- Hebrew version.
    Each of this pages has the “[bbp-forum-index]” tag, bbpress appears on the correct page language and I can see the translation is working.

    The problem is that as soon as I click any link inside the bbpress, the language immediately switches to English.

    How can I configure bbpress to maintain the language ?

    I am using Polylang as the translation plugin. (WPML compatible)

    Thank you.


    In reply to: Issues with pagination


    Check out this link – Regards Asperina Technosoft


    EN(English) and TC (Traditional Chinese) . Forum and topics seems to be working properly during the translation. But when it come to the replies section, I tried translating and it saves properly, but upon visiting the replies for the translated language TC the reply being translated cannot be seen. it says it is done translating to TC but the post reply cannot be seen. Is this a bug?


    I was integrating the WPML for bbpress and it was going well until in the reply thread.


    use bbpress and WPML on this site. What we did was to setup 2 different forums, one for each language.
    Then from the english menu we link to the english forum and from the spanish menu we link to the spanish forum.
    It works fine with no changes made to bbpress.

    Let me explain that you can see the same forum in different languages just by changing the URL. For example, you can see this same forum in english or spanish


    I have a multilingual site and I’m using wpml.
    I have 2 forum topics in Hebrew and none in English (currently).
    I’ve set up link to the forum pages
    but both pages are showing the 2 hebrew forums. I don’t want the hebrew forums to show on the english page, I only want the forums of that language to show.
    How do I do this?



    I have a issue, I want to have a code who works like this:

    If user registered on English version – redirect to custom English registered successfully page
    If user registered on French version – redirect to custom French registered successfully page

    So far I have made this below:

    function bp_redirect($user)
    $redirect_url = “”;

    if (defined(‘ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE’)) {
    switch (ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE) {

    case ‘fr’:
    $redirect_url = “;;

    $redirect_url = ‘”&#8216;;

    return $redirect_url;
    add_action(‘bp_core_signup_user’, ‘bp_redirect’, 100, 1);

    Unfortunately it is not working and I do not know what do do more to make it work.
    Language plugin is WPML the language pages are , etc,

    Please help me, I really need this script to be working.

    Thank you so much


    Hello! On the forum i am trying to build it appears that Participants can only reply to a message and not edit their own messages, unless its a fresh reply and during the first minutes and in that case the edit link appears. But when the participant comes back on the forum after a longer period, only the “Reply” link appears, even on its own message.

    On my previous question on your forum ( I experienced the same thing, but is it the normal function or should I see the “Edit” link ?

    Is there a way for a participant to edit its own messages regardless of time ?


    Hi John, thanks for the hint. I switched the WPML system to use subdomains system with http://fr.mysite/forum/ for the french version, and it seems to work better with bbPress.


    It looks like a conflict is causing the WPML language parameter to be added before bbPress adds its /edit/ endpoint.

    I suppose it’s possible inside bbPress to try and handle that differently, but I’m reluctant to make it too fancy since it might break something else.

    Without really looking, my guess is that WPML should filter the permalink at a later priority (as late as possible) so that all other filters have a chance to hook in normally first.


    Hi there,

    I tried to create a WPML multilingual which is going great so far with the bbPress Multilingual plugin. It is in English & French, the English works well (default language) but on the French side of the forum a user can not edit its own post.

    The English link to edit the post is: http://mysite/forum/reply/2478/edit/
    the French: http://mysite/forum/reply/2479/?lang=fr/edit/

    The french one forwards to a 404 error page, but what is weird is that replying to a post contains also the “?lang=fr” parameter and it works fine.

    Do you have any idea how to make the “Edit | Close | Stick | Merge | Trash | Spam | Reply” toolbar to work with different languages ?


    Sorry for late response, there was lots more that needed to be translated so I installed WPML. WPML handles RTL very well.


    Hello everyone,

    in my site bbpress multilingual is not working properly. in my site, i use wpml for language dropdown. but in english its not showing the other language name into dropdown, but in dutch language dropdown, english is showing into dropdown. i m giving u the two link.

    kindly help me about the issue


    Hello everyone,

    in my site bbpress multilingual is not working properly. in my site, i use wpml for language dropdown. but in english its not showing the other language name into dropdown, but in dutch language dropdown, english is showing into dropdown. i m giving u the two link.

    kindly help me about the issue


    In reply to: Problem translating



    My language is already set to french and no translation have been downloaded… I am not using wpml but Loco Translate for updating my language files. I also can translate some of the string but not all so I know my translation setup is correct.



    Hi, I’m new with bbpress and using a WP (v4.7.3) with WPML (v3.6.6) to display 2 languages. I created 2 main forums named “English Forum” and “French Forum” with some sub forums under each of them, and I’m looking now for a way to display a search form to target only the “english forum” but also his child forum, and another which target the “french forum” with his child ones.

    I’ve found this :
    but it only search on a single forum ID (not to child ones).

    I googled for hours but, surprisingly, found nothing really helpful.

    I can create my own shortcode to display a search form but how to target a forum_id?

    Thanks for any help…



    I have a wordpress with some plugins and i can’t install bbpress properly (no links access to the admin menu)
    The plugin i have is :
    yoast seo

    is there an incompatibility with one plugin ?
    i tested by unable those plugin and install first bbpress and it’s works.
    if i install after no…



    This might be overkill but WPML might work.



    I use WPML for a french/english website and bbPress 2.5.10 on a WordPress 4.5.3

    I would have a single forum but have the ability to switch between the two languages. Is it possible ? How ?




    Thank you for your fast reply.

    I posted this also on the WPML forum and they asked for server access.

    I provided this and I’m waiting for an answer. 🙂

    I hope it will work. If not, I have to switch to WP multisite but I’m not quite comfortable with us.

    Thank you for your time.


    Stephen Edgar

    WPML have a bbPress plugin you need to use, they don’t publish it publicly, you need to ask them for a copy of it, that should fix any WPML and bbPress compatibility issues you’re having.



    I just installed on a test domain WordPress, bbPress and WPML. All are updated to the latest versions. I don’t use any other plugins and the theme is also the default one, Twenty Sixteen.

    I setup 2 languages: german as default and english. So the URLs are like this.

    I posted some topics in bbPress in both languages and I can see them per language, which is what I want. On the german version I see only the german posts and on the english version I see only the english post.

    Of course, a problem may be with the bbPress slugs settings. I cannot translate them but I can live with them.

    What I noticed is that when I go to profile and try to see the “Topics Started”, “Favorites” and “Subscriptions”, I see only a message that I don’t have any of those, although on the main Profile page shows that I have started 11 topics.

    That might be also a problem because it counts the topics from both languages. But I can live with that also, for the moment.

    I switched the languages and I made english default. After doing this, everything worked fine in english but not anymore in german, because german became the second language.

    Basically, I can see the “Topics Started”, “Favorites” and “Subscriptions” only for the default language.

    Only “Replies Created” show up for both languages.

    I also attached some screenshots.

    I also changed the theme from Twenty Sixteen to Twenty Fifteen and also Twenty Fourteen. Same problem.

    I setup another test website as WP Multisite, without WPML and everything works properly. I had to install another plugin to connect both languages. But I would like to use WPML and a single website, if this is possible.

    I hope there is a fix for this. bbPress is the most used forum and WPML should be able to handle it.

    Thank you very much for your time.

    Best Regards,


    We have experienced problems to localize some of the bbpress strings with WPML.

    The following words on bbpress cannot be translated:
    1 topic
    1 reply
    Super sticky

    There might be some more parts, however, these are the ones I have discovered as unable to localize. I have browsed the Google and found some links to this forum where there were some discussions about experimemtal WPML plugin for bbpress but that’s it.

    Can someone please advice me what can I do to translate these parts? We are really stuck on this issue and it keeps us from publishing our website. Is it possible to localize the forum and rewrite these parts manually? Some .mo or .po edit way?

    It is sad that a plugin popular like this is not working with WPML.

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