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    My language is already set to french and no translation have been downloaded… I am not using wpml but Loco Translate for updating my language files. I also can translate some of the string but not all so I know my translation setup is correct.




    Hi, I’m new with bbpress and using a WP (v4.7.3) with WPML (v3.6.6) to display 2 languages. I created 2 main forums named “English Forum” and “French Forum” with some sub forums under each of them, and I’m looking now for a way to display a search form to target only the “english forum” but also his child forum, and another which target the “french forum” with his child ones.

    I’ve found this :
    but it only search on a single forum ID (not to child ones).

    I googled for hours but, surprisingly, found nothing really helpful.

    I can create my own shortcode to display a search form but how to target a forum_id?

    Thanks for any help…




    I have a wordpress with some plugins and i can’t install bbpress properly (no links access to the admin menu)
    The plugin i have is :
    yoast seo

    is there an incompatibility with one plugin ?
    i tested by unable those plugin and install first bbpress and it’s works.
    if i install after no…




    This might be overkill but WPML might work.




    I use WPML for a french/english website and bbPress 2.5.10 on a WordPress 4.5.3

    I would have a single forum but have the ability to switch between the two languages. Is it possible ? How ?




    Thank you for your fast reply.

    I posted this also on the WPML forum and they asked for server access.

    I provided this and I’m waiting for an answer. 🙂

    I hope it will work. If not, I have to switch to WP multisite but I’m not quite comfortable with us.

    Thank you for your time.


    Stephen Edgar

    WPML have a bbPress plugin you need to use, they don’t publish it publicly, you need to ask them for a copy of it, that should fix any WPML and bbPress compatibility issues you’re having.



    I just installed on a test domain WordPress, bbPress and WPML. All are updated to the latest versions. I don’t use any other plugins and the theme is also the default one, Twenty Sixteen.

    I setup 2 languages: german as default and english. So the URLs are like this.

    I posted some topics in bbPress in both languages and I can see them per language, which is what I want. On the german version I see only the german posts and on the english version I see only the english post.

    Of course, a problem may be with the bbPress slugs settings. I cannot translate them but I can live with them.

    What I noticed is that when I go to profile and try to see the “Topics Started”, “Favorites” and “Subscriptions”, I see only a message that I don’t have any of those, although on the main Profile page shows that I have started 11 topics.

    That might be also a problem because it counts the topics from both languages. But I can live with that also, for the moment.

    I switched the languages and I made english default. After doing this, everything worked fine in english but not anymore in german, because german became the second language.

    Basically, I can see the “Topics Started”, “Favorites” and “Subscriptions” only for the default language.

    Only “Replies Created” show up for both languages.

    I also attached some screenshots.

    I also changed the theme from Twenty Sixteen to Twenty Fifteen and also Twenty Fourteen. Same problem.

    I setup another test website as WP Multisite, without WPML and everything works properly. I had to install another plugin to connect both languages. But I would like to use WPML and a single website, if this is possible.

    I hope there is a fix for this. bbPress is the most used forum and WPML should be able to handle it.

    Thank you very much for your time.

    Best Regards,



    We have experienced problems to localize some of the bbpress strings with WPML.

    The following words on bbpress cannot be translated:
    1 topic
    1 reply
    Super sticky

    There might be some more parts, however, these are the ones I have discovered as unable to localize. I have browsed the Google and found some links to this forum where there were some discussions about experimemtal WPML plugin for bbpress but that’s it.

    Can someone please advice me what can I do to translate these parts? We are really stuck on this issue and it keeps us from publishing our website. Is it possible to localize the forum and rewrite these parts manually? Some .mo or .po edit way?

    It is sad that a plugin popular like this is not working with WPML.


    In reply to: Languages in bbPress



    i am using wpml to translate language in my site, i need to translate BBPRESS plugin with wpml
    can anyone let me know how can i do this , i didn’t find any wpml addon for wpml.I need 3 language in site i.e EN,RU and LV. please reply me asap


    In reply to: Languages in bbPress

    Pascal Casier

    Hi Adri,
    Sorry to come back on this thread, but I have some Dutch WP colleagues that can discuss WPML with you if you want to join on slack. Short procedure:
    • Login with your account on this link:
    • Scroll on that page ( to “Joining the WordPress team on Slack” and enter your email address
    • Check your email and you will have a “” account
    • Activate your account on
    • Use that created account on to signup to the Dutch WordPress community



    Adri Oosterwijk

    Hi all,
    I think I got it worked out together with Otto and Tia over at WPML.
    You can have a look at it at those two topics:

    BTW I hide the language switcher(s) on the topics pages by adding this piece of code in my header file

    <?php if (!is_bbpress()) {
    } ?>

    and this in my footer.php

    <?php if (!is_bbpress()) {
    } ?>

    I hope it helps you as well.




    Adri Oosterwijk

    @robin-w: thank you for your reply. I’m sure it could work. However using this solution forces me to create a function for every language I add.

    @casiepa: Goeiemorgen, daar zijn we weer! Thanks for helping out. I have achieved a lot of what I want but the breadcrumbs remains. (for reference, see this topic on WPML:

    As a result of this thread I have an English forum AND a Dutch page displaying the forum with a shortcode with only one set of topics. Exactly what I want.

    For the breadcrumbs I tried to create a solution with an onclick event and then navigate back in the history but that is not reliable. When a user is entering a topic from, let’s say a google search result page and then clicking the breadcrumb link they are send back to the google page.

    I imagine something like this:

    The English page for the forum has the slug: supportforum (for example)
    The Dutch page for the forum has the slug: helpforum (for example)

    On the forum index page no breadcrumbs are needed.
    On the topics page I only want a link back to the forum index for the appropriate language.
    So the ‘solution’ must not link back to the forum slug but to the page where the index lives.
    I have absolutely no idea how to achieve this.

    The outputted link has to be something like this:

    For the other languages:

    In my case English is the default language and Dutch is the translation.
    The urls should be: -> for the default English language.
    and -> for the Dutch language forum page.
    same way for every other language added.

    I hope this description make sense.





    Pascal Casier

    @robin-w : Dutch, not Danish 🙂

    @adri-oosterwijk : Goedemorgen. I have been looking for you on the Dutch slack but didn’t find you. I have myself a WPML instance with 3 languages and I will have to think of this myself soon, so keep monitoring this thread as I might come back to you with possibilities in the next weeks.



    Adri Oosterwijk

    Although this is an old thread I just try my luck.
    The solution above does work however I’m trying to get it to work in a multi-lingual site using WPML. I know there are issues with the compatibility between bbPress and WPML. What happening is that when I click on the (altered) breadcrumb it alway returns to the English version.

    I’ve been working on a solution to use bbPress in my multi-lingual site for quite a while now and this is the one issue left.

    I do not translate the forums because I want the English topics displayed on all different language pages. However I want to achieve that the visitor is returning to /nl/supportforum/ (when the site is in Dutch) instead of /supportforum which is the English version.

    Please advice.





    I’m using WPML plugin. You say that it be tough one. Can you say me how can I do that ?

    Best regards,




    I have a site in 3 languages, made with the Enfold theme and the WPML plugin.
    English: hidden
    French: default

    In the footer widget area of the theme, I added the bbPress “Recent Topics” widget, and it is only showing in the French site. In the Dutch site, the footer widget area is empty.
    This also happens in sidebars.
    Other (bbPress) widgets work perfectly in both languages.

    What can I do to solve this? Where can I find the code to change it?

    I’m using WordPress 4.4, bbpress 2.5.8 & WPML 3.3.3




    I noticed few people one boards (WP & BBpress) complaining about WPML compatibility with bbPress. All themes were older than 6 months, so I am curious if anyone knows, if there is still a compatibility issue?

    Thanks for any information.



    you can try to disable all the plugin but bbpress.
    I had the same problem as yours but when I disable the WPML Multilingual CMS ,then the button is appeared


    Pascal Casier

    Hi bo-oz,
    I don’t know what could cause the issues (probably another plugin), but for your last line: we also use WPML and bbpress works fine.




    I tried installing bbPress, after activation I was redirected to a page which told me “you have insufficient rights”. After a refresh, the plugin was activated but nothing changed in the menu (no formums menu option, also no settings -> forums was added). I tried deactivating -> activating and completely re-installing the plugin, but nothing worked so far.

    I use wordpress 4.3.1 and the latest version bbPress to automated plugin install.

    I’m also using WPML, could that be causing conflicts?



    I’m currently running a store with woocommerce and some other plugins like wpml. I wanted to create a forum for members for the shop, so just people which are registered to the shop can see the forum.

    So far the installation went fine and I created a forum with the private attribute. Members can see the forum BUT keymaster don’t. Which leads to the problem that I, as a keymaster, can’t administrate the forum.

    Is there any solution for that problem?


    Denna Gherlyn


    I’ve a caching(?) problem and I’ve no idea how to solve it.

    I use bbpress on a single website in a multisite wordpress installation with the [bbp-forum-index] bbcode on a custom page as front page.
    Now I realised that then I’m moving topics or deleting some of them the topic- and post-counter as the freshness column doesn’t update. There still seems to be a topic but then clicking on the forum there isn’t.
    My first suspect is the cache but after smashing the F5 button and manually clearing the browser cache it’s still there. Also topics deleted a long time ago are still in the freshness column but not in the topic- and post-counter.
    We’re not using any caching plugins. The only thing that comes near a caching plugin is the plugin wordfence that has a caching option, but that function is disabled. I also deactivated the plugin but nothing changed.

    Now I’m quite confused. Does someone know of any problems with following plugins?

    What I’ve tried:
    – deactivating wordfence
    – use the Twenty Fifteen theme instead of evolve (on a test page same result if I move topics between different main categories or parent forums)

    What I use:
    – WordPress 4.3
    – bbPress 2.5.8
    – evolve theme 3.4.3 with a child theme
    test website:

    These plugins are active together with bbpress (on both the test website and the productive forum):
    – Breadcrumb NavXT 5.2.2
    – Redux Framework 3.5.7
    – Wordfence Security 6.0.15
    – WPML Multilingual CMS 3.2.6 (active on multisite but deactivated through the WPML intern deactivation)
    – WP Statistics 9.5.3
    – BuddyPress 2.3.3
    – WP Hide Admin Bar 2.0
    – Orbisius Child Theme Creator 1.2.8




    There should be a vBull importer in bbPress.

    The W3 Total Cache would help optimize bbPress. Of course it is more important to have high performance hardware on your site, use an opcode cache, possibly an object cache (the plugin helps add a backend file), and keeping your database tidy. Page cache can become a little tricky in some situations but it should be fine using w3 total cache with bbPres.

    bbPress is translatable and there are translations for specific langauges.

    bbPress could work in multilingual sites. It might be better to just allow your users to contribute their content in their language though. There is an issue using WPML though.



    I am working on this website, I added this code (below) to have the profile redirect to our dashboard using WPML. The nav however is out of order, and I do not know how to arrange this nav.

    So we have Home | About us | Logout | Profile

    The profile is added by the code in the function.php (below), which means it is not arranged by the menu section on the WP. I have a conditional navigation. So when not login, I got Register | Login only. Once I login I have Home | About us |

    So the logout and the profile are added by the code below. How do I arrange it that the logout will be at the end?

    	add_filter( 'wp_nav_menu_items', 'my_nav_menu_profile_link' );
    function my_nav_menu_profile_link($menu) {
        if (!is_user_logged_in())
            return $menu;
            $current_user = wp_get_current_user();
            $user=$current_user->user_login ;
            $profilelink = '<li><a href="' . bp_loggedin_user_domain( '/dashboard' ) . '">' . __('Profile') . '</a></li>';
            $menu = $menu . $profilelink;
            return $menu;

    Please and thank you,

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