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Can’t change language

  • eitan1112


    Hello everyone.
    Website: Link
    WordPress version: 4.9.8
    bbPress version: 2.5.14

    Despite reading many threads about this, I still couldn’t figure out a way to change the language of the forum to hebrew. I will work you through what I did:

    1. Download bbPress.

    2. Add all the pages (login, register etc.) to the menu. (since the website is in hebrew, you can the pages find it under the second last menu item).

    3. Download the hebrew .po and .mo files and put them in the directory /wp-content/languages/bbpress with the proper name (bbpress-he_IL.po and

    4. Check the websites register and login pages, still in english.

    5. Edit “wp-config.php” file and added “define(‘BBLANG’, ‘bbpress_he_IL’);”.

    6. Check the websites register and login pages, still in english.

    Also things I have tried:
    – Putting the .po and .mo files under /wp-content/languages/plugins/.

    – Made sure I don’t have a translation update under “Dashboard -> Updates” in wordpress.

    Important Note:
    The hebrew is not 100% finished, but from this guide I understood that it doesn’t matter as long as I manually override it.

    So the bottom line is – I really need help figuring that out. What am I missing?
    Thanks for everyone who read and help,

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  • mrkoki10


    use bbpress and WPML on this site. What we did was to setup 2 different forums, one for each language.
    Then from the english menu we link to the english forum and from the spanish menu we link to the spanish forum.
    It works fine with no changes made to bbpress.

    Let me explain that you can see the same forum in different languages just by changing the URL. For example, you can see this same forum in english or spanish

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