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WPML Translation – Missing Breadcrumb

  • cstoll


    Hi everyone,

    we’re currently using bbPress in conjunction with WPML and LearnPress. With that setup, I’m encountering a couple of problems:

    1. With WPML, we want to enable users to switch between English and Spanish. I’ve run the string scan via WPML and most strings are already there in Spanish as well as get displayed correctly when the language is set to Spanish. However, there are certain strings that didn’t have translations and that we manually translated – but they don’t show up on the frontend, somehow they remain in English there.

    Here’s an example of a such a string. and here’s a corresponding screenshot of the frontend.

    2. We’d like to customize the date format so that it displays “Hace 2 Semanas” as “hace 2 semanas” in the last post column, for example. It seems like this would need to be changed in the php files, as with the string translations, that’s just a placeholder? But where exactly would this need to be changed?

    Here’s the string I found.

    3. Also, no breadcrumb is being displayed at all. Is there some setting I’m missing where this can be turned on?

    (WP 5.6.1, bbPress 2.6.6)

    Thanks in advance, I’d very much appreciate your help with these issues!

    All the best,

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