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    While this isnt ‘resolved’ I found a workaround that served my purposes. It was a straightforward fix in some respects originally. Removing the beginning of line 19 did fix the title in my feed reader. For whatever reason, the RSS widget on my blog page wouldn’t take the new rules though. So I found the kb advanced rss widget and it read the title correctly.

    So I’m not sure if there is an override built into the WP RSS Widget core or what.. regardless, thanks for the help.



    There is no other mention of php post_author in Kakumei (except for threadauthor stuff in post.php) and certainly no mention in the BBOrg template. Something in the rss.php in the core BBPress files must be overriding the change in the template.



    WordPress built-in RSS widget. I realized I was pulling the wrong feed..should have actually read what you were asking me earlier..

    I wanted http://beernews.org/bbpress/rss/topics but was pulling http://beernews.org/bbpress/rss/ instead.

    I would like the option to use either though and posts feed (2nd one) is still pulling the author. I have the rss2.php file open but am too exhausted to think. Will re-visit in AM.



    Thanks for your help, Chris. Shockingly it didn’t work. I am using bbOrg theme for which there is no rss php file. So I changed the one in kakumei but didnt work. Maybe there is an override built into BBPress, WordPress somewhere else with the exact same code?

    Note that I removed it on both my local server bbpress file and my actual live site’s server. Didn’t work in either case.

    http://beernews.org/ Look at the left sidebar.



    I’ve looked everywhere. Mostly BBPress files though…rss.php, some of the functions files, the widgets files

    I would expect to see something like <post_author> ” on” <topic_id> somewhere in the php code and be able to delete everything before <topic_id> but not finding it.

    Chris, why don’t you think bbPress sitemaps would make forums more SEO friendly?

    From Google:

    “Creating and submitting a Sitemap helps make sure that Google knows about all the pages on your site, including URLs that may not be discoverable by Google’s normal crawling process.”


    Did the SEO-Meta plugin work? That site appears to be down so perhaps someone could be so kind as to re-up it.

    CK, what are the few SEO options that you have turned on?

    In reply to: bbOrg?

    sorry for not being more clear.

    It was a javascript that I didnt realize had been left behind the code in the header file:

    <script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://onvertigo.com/anarchy_media/anarchy.js”></script&gt;

    Nice work on this template, Trent. :thumbsup:

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    Tons of plugins. Modeled after a combination of the bbpress forums and ck’s great bbshowcase board. I have no link on my main page yet but will add one today (just launched).

    Looking for feedback on performance. Thanks! I did notice it hanging on some onvertigo javascript?

    In reply to: bbOrg?

    Why might the loading of this theme hang on onvertigo.com?

    Looking into this now but your comment confuses me, Chris. Isn’t pretty permalinks on by default (even though the admin indicates that it is not in the options).

    Is this not pretty permalinks?

    Is bbpress SEO friendly???

    Wouldnt it say https://bbpress.org/forums/topic/#thread-2342 or something like that if they weren’t on?

    Will being able to bring in other blogs into posts on your bbpress be part of v1.0?

    In reply to: TalkPress

    Been a few months. Where does one keep up with the developments (other than the trac/code stuff which I dont understand)?

    Thanks! I got it.

    I guess I didnt understand how it all works. So Kakumei is a theme and these various ‘templates’ are just extensions that work off of it rather than their own themes.

    Got around to trying this in version / template: bbOrg

    I didnt see those files you mentioned but searched a bunch of files and all I found was this strip of code in the includes/template-functions.php file:

    function allowed_markup( $args = '' ) {
    echo apply_filters( 'allowed_markup', get_allowed_markup( $args ) );

    // format=list or array( 'format' => 'list' )
    function get_allowed_markup( $args = '' ) {
    $args = wp_parse_args( $args, array('format' => 'flat') );
    extract($args, EXTR_SKIP);

    $tags = bb_allowed_tags();
    unset($tags['pre'], $tags['br']);
    $tags = array_keys($tags);

    switch ( $format ) :
    case 'array' :
    $r = $tags;
    case 'list' :
    $r = "<ul class='allowed-markup'>nt<li>";
    $r .= join("</li>nt<li>", $tags);
    $r .= "</li>n</ul>n";
    default :
    $r = join(' ', $tags);
    return apply_filters( 'get_allowed_markup', $r, $format );

    Would that get rid of the markup stuff underneath the posting area WITHOUT disrupting my BB Code Buttons functionality?


    I posted this as a comment on the blog but it will hopefully get more play here.

    Are people using these Alpha releases on their live blogs?

    Would love to see an admin option for this in the next release though not a priority given you can stay on top of proper tagging which will provide a similar categorization effect.

    In reply to: bbPress 1.0 alpha

    Ok, fair enough. I will delete the alpha off of my local and play around with the older version instead. Is the upgradability from release to release as seamless as WP?

    In reply to: bbPress 1.0 alpha

    any chance this becomes stable this week?

    i’m antsy to add a forum to my blog but dont know if i should wait for the stable version?

    Thanks for the message, Chris. I downloaded the file from the Download page here 2 days ago.

    Unfortunately, a search here, nor FAQ, nor google search, nor lookup of the readme file in the install led me to the answer of how to retrieve this mysterious ‘revision number’! Any chance we can get a modification of the ‘Version number’ sticky to include that info?


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