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Show off your Forum !!

  • bbwlovely


    Post links to your completed forums and info about the plugins added or code changes you’ve made. (thinking of using bbpress to convert wordpress into a cms)

    Thanks !!!

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    I should have kept a list of plugins and the only real change to the core code was I removed the bozo check.

    How do you remove the bozo check? is my area 51 where i test my plugins (bbmenu, bbportal,bbwysiwyg)



    user name: just a test (note the spaces)

    password: justatest (no spaces)

    This is a WP/BBP installation for my upcoming 10 year class reunion. I originally launched the site as static pages and a phpbb board. However, about a month ago I put WP behind it to manage updates, add payment collection capabilities, and rotating ads. After that I added a bbpress installation, which is integrated with WP. I used the phpbb import plugin, with some minor tweaks, to bring all of the posts and users over from phpbb. I’ve made minor changes here and there to the default template, and I am using most of the available plugins. So far my classmates haven’t had any trouble with anything, and it has been much easier to manage and moderate the boards, especially with MUCH less spam and bogus user registrations than on phpbb.


    Well, it is editing the core file, but, taking these lines out of bb-settings.php:

    require( BBPATH . BBINC . ‘bozo.php’);


    require( BBPATH . BBINC . ‘akismet.php’);

    Will do away with Bozo’s forever (Maybe just comment them out for later inclusion, when Bozo plays nice?)

    Thanks wmarcy!

    Done quite a lot of stuff, running 1.0-alpha at the moment (which includes the possibility for forums to be children of other forums – could be useful, although I’m not using it right now) and a bunch of plugins.

    • Page links
    • bbPress Integration
    • Allow Images
    • Comment Quicktags for bbPress
    • bbEmoticons
    • Show Post Count
    • Online List
    • WP Posts
    • Quote
    • WordPress Integration the template its not ready…

    A swedish forum for teenagers.

    • Quote
    • allow images
    • avatar
    • emoticons
    • memberlist
    • post-count
    • sitemap

    I’ve also made a “plugin” for my menu. Instead of change the code in the core-files I made a plugin for the links. I think it’s not that professional but it works.



    It is a site for me and all my friends to stay in touch.

    The only plugin I am currently using is the topic notification plugin. It was all completely migrated from a phpbb installation in the previous version of the site.

    Trent Adams


    I went back to my roots and changed from my “onvertigo – binary moon” theme back to my theme! I attempt to use every single plugin I find as I usually test them out on my forum! I always run the most recent TRAC version!




    This is my migrated phpBB forum. It’s integrated with my main site rather tightly (UI-wise, not database), and I did a bit of modification to the post layout, making the best use of the narrow column I think. Other than that, just your usual CSS tweakage.

    It’s not live yet, so I welcome feedback:

    The plugins I’m using are:

    Comment Quicktags

    Front Page Topics

    Post Notification

    Page links


    edit: Please feel free to register and test post, I would welcome the Q&A :)



    My forum is at It’s for discussing how women are portrayed in film and TV.

    I’m using the Crystal theme by I’m using wmarcy’s fix listed above until Bozo and Akismet stop marking half the posts as spam.

    For plugins:



    comment_QT_4_bbpress (quick tags to make the comment box more user-friendly – awesome!)

    fix-bbpress (which I think is awaiting a fix of its own, LOL)

    patch-to-URL (can’t honestly recall what version this one was for?)

    Sam Bauers


    Running version 1.0 alpha build789

    • Sub-forums patch
    • Page links plugin
    • Restrict registration plugin
    • Support forum plugin



    We accept signature or banner making of any kind.

    Come visit us.




    *Friendly Community

    Come Join Us Now….



    Mine is at . I’ve done a little bit here and there, although more behind the scenes than with the theme.

    The installation is integrated with the rest of the site, which runs on WordPress. So much so, in fact, that I even ended up modifying a WordPress Avatar plugin so that I can use the same plugin for both WordPress and bbPress. (Although I don’t actually use it for the WordPress side at the moment.)

    The bbPress installation itself has the following plugins:

    – Allow images

    – Comment quicktags (with some modifications)

    – Display name (with some modifications)

    – Fix bbPress

    – Quote

    – WordPress Integration

    I’m adding things little by little as the users request new features.



    Check out my forum at:

    I would like to hear some feedback.

    I use a lot of Plugins, some I’ve edited myself. I haven’t checked for new versions in some time, so I may be out of date :p.

    * Upload Avatar Plugin

    * Allow Images

    * Signature Plugin (edited to allow images)

    * Quote (edited to display who you’re quoting)

    * BB Emoticons (with tango emoticons)

    * Fix Auto-Close

    * No ?replies

    * Front Page Topics

    * BBCode for BBPress (We encourage use of regular markup, but we have this option available to our users).

    * Comment Quicktags

    * Show Post Count

    * Fix BBpress

    * Online List

    * Page Links

    * Indicate New Posts

    * BBPress Private Messaging

    * TDP Badges (A custom plugin I made to give out badges to our users depending on their taste in games and their accomplishments).

    I hacked some code to allow a color changing tag-cloud. I guess that’s it.



    Many plugins. Let me know if you have any specific questions and I’ll answer them here.



    Hi all.

    Great forum app. Just started using it a few days ago and couldn’t believe how easy it is to configure. I am currently building a forum for our members in our Swim & Fitness Centre. So, still all empty as I am still playing with the look, plugins and so on. Feedback always appreciated…. thanks


    Its my first time using bbPress and first time theming it. I must say, the easiest forum to theme I’ve ever come across.

    I mimic WordPress (.com and .org) forums layout structure and color palette. Still working to iron out some css issue.

    I wanted to update jquery to the current latest but it broke a few things. So I’m currently writing a plug-in that will hopefully update the jQuery and fixes the few broken items.

    BBCode Lite,

    BBCode Button

    Allow Image

    BB Smilies (maybe I should change this to something better)

    BB Video


    TOS (Terms of Service)



    – Human Test for bbPress

    – Forums Moderators

    – Allow Images

    – bbSocialize

    – bbPages

    – bbPress Smilies

    – bbFlickr

    – Forum Last Poster

    – BBPress Private Messaging

    – BBcode Buttons Toolbar

    – Private Forums

    – bbPress signatures

    – bbPress Polls

    – BBcode Lite

    Modifications: A lot! bbSocialize and bbPages plugins has been created specially for this website, there is a lot of conditional php tags (if, else, etc.), I’ve created a function to create a sidebar, and I’ve integrated some jQuery stuff, and more ;).

    If I could only attract members as I’m coding things :P.





    New forum on R-Project and statistics in general, based on BBPress 1.0 alpha-2I didn’t change much to the original code (other than some minor tinkering on the CSS).


    • Support Forum
    • Unread Posts
    • Post notification
    • Moderator post notification
    • Google adsense
    • Akismet

    Also use BBpress Live to mirror on my blog what’s going on at the forums. Finally, the forum is accessible through a ‘page’ on my blog:

    In the future, I plan to use BBpress Live to send a selection of my blog-posts to a subforum.

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