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bbPress 1.0 alpha

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  • davidbaldwin


    if i upgrade to the alpha, can I downgrade to the stable release?


    Probably not. The database structure has changed a bit.

    If you want to test it out on your current site, it would be best to test it out on a copy of your current database.



    Because of the radical change in how topicmeta and bb_options are now stored, a few of my plugins will not work properly under 1.0 alpha until I figure out a work-around:

    My-Views (most/least views tracking, some statistics)


    all-settings <<– now updated to support 1.0

    (there may be others, tba)

    Also note there is a drop in meta db performance under 1.0 vs. 0.9 because of how forum meta is appended in multiple queries and that more than one index (as needed by design) cannot be used in mysql on the bb_meta table.

    There is also an issue of the meta table being checked on every page load to see if it needs to be upgraded – that part will probably be fixed in a later release.


    A naïve question :

    I use another forum script and would like to prepare a migration to BBpress when BBpres is ready for real use

    If i integrate BBpress alpha 1.0 with my WP 2.6 (check, learn, but don’t put it in use yet by my uers) am I at risk to break something in my WP install (tables ?)

    So can I safely (for the WP part) integrate a BBpress alpha 1.0 with a WP 2.6 ?



    bbPress should not tamper with your WordPress tables.

    The user data is kept separate.

    Thanks !!

    Does the 1.0 alpha allow for integration with WordPress 2.6?



    Yes, 1.0 alpha is required to integrate with WordPress 2.6

    bbpress 0.9 <-> WordPress 2.5.x

    bbPress 1.0 <-> WordPress 2.6.x



    Hi guys,

    I want to start a forum from scratch and was going to install phpBB but after too much reading I decided that is best to me (and to the forum) use the bbPress.

    I installed both stable and trunk versions on my local machine and was playing around for a couple hours. bbPress is really what I want, but I’m a little bit undecided about what version upload to my host.

    I know 1.0 final release is coming soon but have too many tickets to close and I don’t want to wait.

    In your opinion guys, for who wants to start over theses days… should I install 1.0 Alpha or latest stable version to put on production.

    Thank you so much.

    Joel Teixeira



    If you know how to use SVN, the trunk is your best bet.

    There will likely be regular updates this month by Sam and MDA until it’s more polished.

    The only catch is there are still a few plugins that don’t work with 1.0 and you may not know what’s wrong until you fiddle a bit.

    Then again, if you are not integrating with WordPress, 0.9 should upgrade almost effortlessly to 1.0 when ready.



    Thanks _ck_,

    I’m not integrating with WordPress. I thought to install the stable and then (after released) the 1.0 but with too many changes between 0.9 and 1.0 series I’m afraid that the process of updating leave some unnecessary dirt on the database.

    Do this make sense or I shoudn’t worry about it?

    The trunk version is very polished (mainly the admin area) but at this time some points seems strange to me (well, is all new to me at this point) like the search form above the title of the forum instead of be placed above hot tags.

    [sorry my english]




    When logging in using the BB-Press form, goes to white blank screen. It doesn’t allow user to log in. Can however log in using the WP form.

    Using the ThemePress them, doesn’t show options for new posts or the option to reply. (but this may just be a theme issue).

    Hi, I am already using the Simple:Press Forum but I am not happy with it. I am thinking to make a phpBB3 integration but it seems to hard to do, so I see this forum system and taking a look is simple but usefull, so, who questions…

    1. May I think to use this system for a high trafic forum ?. I mean, can I control the users, has good permissions and things like that.

    2. There is a way to import from my actual forum system ?

    PD. I will update to 2.6.x today or tomorrow.




    If you are not on 2.6 yet, stay with 2.5 and install bbPress 0.9

    bbPress 1.0 is in ALPHA and not ready for active sites that use/need plugins. Many of my plugins have issues with 1.0 because of many internal changes.

    bbPress integration is easy and takes just a few minutes if you have a typical server and standard setup.

    There are a several large sites using bbPress (including so it handles high traffic just fine.

    I’ve never heard of anyone converting from Simple:Press, you’ll have to search for it. If you can get it into PHPBB2 format, several people have converted from that.


    I’m in the same situation, using SimplePress and willing to switch.

    I’m not willing to do so because of SimplePress problems (SimplePress is far more advanced than most forums scripts, BBPress included and far better integrated with WP than most forums BBPress included) but because it’s a single man project and the day he will decide to have a life it’s likely the project will be dropped…

    Currently I’m converting things by hand (and with PhpMyAdmin) because I didn’t found any converter (and that’s normal, Simple Press is not very well known and would deserve better diffusion).

    I would be interested by your experience in integrating BBpress in WP design.




    There is at least one person I found via google who has done the simple:press conversion but they didn’t say how. I suspect it was the phpbb2 process.

    Any series of steps you do via phpmyadmin can be saved in sql code and made into a converter. Give me the sql commands and I’ll make you a script.

    @ _ck_

    Any series of steps you do via phpmyadmin can be saved in sql code and made into a converter. Give me the sql commands and I’ll make you a script.

    In fact I’m not by far enough PHP and sql fluently to use sql commands.

    My SimplePress forum is rather young so I don’t have thousands of messages (274 in fact).

    I proceed in a very manual way :

    On my Mac / Firefox I have 4 tabs, the old forum, the BBPress forum, the Old forum phpmyadmin and BBpress php myadmin

    I copy a message in the old forum, craete a new message in BBpress then correct in phpmyadmin the time poster id and so on.

    Old forum :

    BBpress 1.0 install

    Its long but it works.




    Wow I can’t believe you hand copied all those messages.

    There’s something weird about your server’s load.

    The first page takes a long time to respond. Then once you have a connection you can browse fairly smoothly until it stalls again. It’s not bbpress doing it because it happens on the other side too.

    ps. you are going to need the “allow images” plugin

    Congrats on the alpha release!

    So how do you think, when Official 1.0 will be ready? :)



    You can get an idea of the timeline by following TRAC bug reports:

    I suspect there will be a beta in a month and maybe gold by November. It all depends how much time Sam and MDA can put into it.

    Everyone can help the process by putting the alpha through it’s rounds and writing up quality bug reports in TRAC.

    @Thion – I think 2018-2019 ;)

    bbpress needs all (all current and all “release critical”;) bugs at least) bug fixes … and 3-4 relatively small enhancements.

    I think regular (every 4-5 weeks) alfa-s will be useful.

    How well do existing themes work with the latest alpha release? And is that likely to change with the final release? I’ve made lots of modifications to my existing theme, and would hate to have to start from scratch. (Although, admittedly, I knew I was running that risk using a beta release of bbpress!)



    I have a few forums using .9 on a single database. Can I also install 1.0 alpha for a new forum on the same database without any problems to my forums using .9?



    No, 1.0 alpha CHANGES the database upon install/upgrade that will make the database incompatible with 0.9.

    You may find yourself thinking it’s still working with 0.9 afterwards, but there will be critical updates missing, for example the topicmeta table is no longer used or updated in 1.0, even though it’s left in the db.

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