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Show off your Forum !!

  • Post links to your completed forums and info about the plugins added or code changes you’ve made. (thinking of using bbpress to convert wordpress into a cms)

    Thanks !!!

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  • Sam Bauers



    Awesome to see bbPress Live in use.

    The post to a forum stuff is coming really soon. It may require you to update bbPress to the latest Trunk though…

    The forum is looking great rense, and also the BBpress Live. Excellent!

    Tons of plugins. Modeled after a combination of the bbpress forums and ck’s great bbshowcase board. I have no link on my main page yet but will add one today (just launched).

    Looking for feedback on performance. Thanks! I did notice it hanging on some onvertigo javascript?



    @ TexasH: Thanks! BBpress Live is a cool addition indeed.

    @ Sambauers: Looking forward to it. I considered installing something like bbsync, but already anticipated on the next update to be coming soon. So, I decided to wait.

    Do you know whether it will be possible to send only a selection of the WP posts to the BBpress forum? I.e. only posts within a specific category, or with a specific tag? That would be really great.

    Mine :

    Integrated with WP. no plugins so far :)



    You’re using WordPress 2.6.3 – what version bbPress did you use?

    And, can your users just log in at WordPress or bbPress and they are automatically logged in on the other side?


    running with 25 plugins. I’m still keeping the old themes kakumei blue due to modifications carried out from old version.

    Mine is:

    Im yet to begin involving the forum deeply into my whole blog, but it’s theme and databased intergrated :)

    Jorja Fox: Online and the Forums are finally done.

    I’ve had the blog up for a couple years (it got taken down and revamped when it crashed my server with bad code and bad bandwidth usage). No ‘hacks’ involved, though I did tweak some plugins.


    • Akismet
    • Allow Images (commented out two lines to allow for images without blowing up code)
    • Bad Behavior (the generic file provided by the creator, with a plugin header added to allow it to be pluggable)
    • bbPress Smilies
    • Comment Quicktags for bbPress (added in my spoiler tags)
    • Mass Edit – Moderate Posts
    • Spoiler Tags
    • Unread Posts

    The design is based on the Dignity Theme, and then hacked to kingdom come to make it, among other things, variable width.




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    I’m using the popular iNove theme for both bbPress and WordPress here…

    Barack Obama UFO


    bbPress Smilies

    BBcode Lite


    I’m finishing my new forum (latest was made with SMF). I’m using bbPress 1.0 alpha 4 with the default theme (in blue and customized) and several plugins (a lot):

    – Akismet

    – Attachments

    – Favourites notification

    – Registration notification

    – Temporal Ban

    – bbcode buttons

    – smileys buttons

    – Related topics

    – Signatures

    – bbcode lite

    – bbvideo

    – post count plus

    – support forum

    – mass edit

    – hidden forums

    – active users

    – bbpress karma

    – terms of service

    – human test

    – report post

    I’ve made the translation of bbPress 1.0 to spanish ( ) and the forum URL is …




    I started playing with WordPress on December 25th. ApocalypticTomorrow was born on the next day. On that same day, I discovered bbPress and it was then integrated with WP. At the mement it has the included default “blue” theme and not many plugins but as the days go by, I will be modifying it and adding plugins as well as changing the look and feel.

    Check it out at (feel free to join and be one of the first ones in the newly-made community!)

    By the way, you can shameless self-promote your personal website at:

    John James Jacoby


    It’s live with quite a few plug-ins installed. Fully integrated with WordPress. Still some kinks to work out, but otherwise live and functional.


    @ganzuelo this is a Adult Xbox Live gamer group tons of plugins dont know if it all works yet but check it out



    Hi fernandot,

    i am looked at this forum, very great, if it posible can you help me with installing someone plugins?

    So it really actualy.



    Based on Scoun theme from Mike Lothar.

    Plugins used:

    – Akismet

    – Human Test for bbPress

    – bbpress SEO tools

    – Allow Images

    HEAVILY modded forum warning. I only use bbPress because of the WordPress integration, and I want it as close as possible to other forums, so I did this (with only amateur self-learned skills):

    Feel free to use it as reference, but it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen done in bbPress. Like, at all. And not only the looks, functions too. I’m especially proud of the support of bbcode, including nested

    tags :D



    Tiago S, I really like that, well done.

    Nice one Tiago, very inspiring, thanks for showing :)

    I’m pleased with bbpress.

    Very simple forum I’ve put together here without many scripts or plugins… just keeping it simple.

    See it here:



    Simple but elegant. I hope you like it



    Very customized theme: (Danish site for Volkswagen enthusiasts)

    I’m not finished yet, using a few own developed plugins to glue it all together and doing the inline pictures… Everything on the site is custom developed plugins, or done in the theme… Nothing changed in the core, which was my main goal… So I am able to keep updating from the development here…

    Having changed to bbPress and been live for about 10 days it’s been very good, and after the performance fix for latest topics, it been running very smooth…

    Hey, mine is check it out and register.

    Spent nearly a half day trying to get the same look as my main blog template. I’m nearly there, just some minor tweaks to get it exactly the same :)

    Besides that I several other plugins.

Viewing 25 replies - 26 through 50 (of 74 total)
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