Today the bbPress team is proud to release bbPress 2.4.

bbPress 2.4 introduces hierarchical replies, allowing you to pick between paginated topics or a hierarchy (similar to WordPress’s comments.) There are improvements all around, including: pretty URL’s for search results pages, code posting, an Akismet admin UI, BuddyPress Group Forum integration, general query improvements, PHP 5.4 E_STRICT notices, theme compatibility, author metaboxes, some settings API changes, and more!

Please update to bbPress 2.4 right away to get the latest and greatest bbPress version yet! Major thanks go out to:

alex-ye, alexvorn2, aliso, boonebgorges, daveshine, DJPaul, ethitter, fanquake, GargajCNS, GautamGupta, imath, jkudish, kobenland, lakrisgubben, loki_racer, mamaduka, Maty, mercime, mordauk, mrcl, MZAWeb, r-a-y, strangerstudios, thebrandonallen, tlovett1, wpdennis

We’re also already starting work on bbPress 2.5, which will focus on performance improvements, new importers, and replacing comments with bbPress topics. Check out the 2.5 milestone on Trac and give us a hand with the next release.

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  • MediaSVI


    Thanks for the hard work to all you dev’s!



    Thanks JJJ!



    Fantastic! Will be upgrading tomorrow.

    Could you elaborate on what’s new/changed in the BuddyPress Group Forum integration?

    Also very excited to hear “replacing comments with bbPress topics” is part of 2.5’s scope. I checked to see if there was an enhancement issue I could start to follow yet but there doesn’t seem to be one. Will check in again later then.

    p.s. you gotta remove the last slash in the Trac link to make it valid.

    @sadr Here are the BuddyPress 2.4 related tickets, you can also the commit log for ‘/includes/extend/buddypress/’ within bbPress.

    “replacing comments with bbPress topics” is part of 2.5′s scope.

    Where exactly did you hear about that?

    Great version! I will update our website today 😀

    Sam Rohn


    any specific info on bbpress 2.4 “Improved user capability integration” listed in the changelog ?

    will it bring us any closer to being able to easily restrict access to specific forums and posts/replies contained therein to a specific user role without any 3rd party plugins or hacks, or might this new change break any existing methods of creating such per user role forums ?

    thanks for the update, i will be installing on at least one site very soon 🙂


    Sam Rohn


    btw, it was in the blog post that “replacing comments with bbPress topics” in 2.5 was mentioned

    bbPress 2.4 Released

    if you are reading this in the forum and not on the blog (this thread appears as blog post comments and a stand alone topic in the forum), you would not see the blog post or the info therein

    maybe a good idea to also link to blog post and list changelog in this type of new version announcement topic, seems lots of forum-centric folks like myself miss some things the way they are, should help avoid such confusion

    thanks again 🙂


    @sam-rohn Thanks, I added a link to the blog post 🙂

    The changes to “Improved user capability integration” shouldn’t break any existing solutions out there doing forum restrictions. bbPress 2.5 is going to focus on performance though with ‘Per-forum moderation’ & ‘Forum subscriptions’ slated also for 2.5 this will bring us closer to better forum management for users.

    Sam Rohn


    thanks stephen 🙂

    might not be a bad idea to put the changelog info or link in top post too, the trac might be kind of confusing for the less experienced

    i have updated to 2.4 from 2.3.2 on a few different test sites and have noticed that in some cases, the forums, topics and replies tabs in wp admin disappear, w gd tools and attachments plugins enabled only gd options in forum tab otherwise no forum tab at all, or the others

    i tried disabling all other plugins etc but only disabling and reenabling bbpress restored the tabs

    main site i updated went fine, admin tabs did not disappear, mostly same plugins, the sites that went odd also all had buddypress installed

    for permissions and caps etc, i think it should be a basic feature to have a simple way to create multiple levels of private forums for logged in users – private forums for admins, mods, members, public forums for non-members, etc, basically some type of granular permissions allowing groups and forum access per group membership based on wp user role perhaps, similar to phpbb etc, this is standard w most other forums but currently this is still real tricky w bbpress…

    any chance we might we see something along these lines in an upcoming release ?

    I cannot reproduce the issue of missing bbPress wp-admin panels with any of these plugins: GD bbPress Attachments, GD bbPress Tools, GD bbPress Widgets, that’s not to say it isn’t happening. I will keep an eye on Milan Petrovic’s Twitter feed to see if he comes across any issues himself.

    Permissions and caps with bbPress is a hard (for me anyway) to grasp at a code level, I do know that essentially bbPress is ahead of WordPress in some ways in this aspect and the fact that bbPress is built on top of WordPress this is going to constantly evolve. The ‘other’ forum packages that are available do have finer granular permissions but none of them integrate with WordPress the way bbPress does (I am up to my 27th forum converter now BTW).

    These bits will come, hopefully sooner rather than later and the dev’s that contribute code for bbPress are acutely aware of this type of feature request and I am quite sure it is kept in their mind as code is written for anything for example as mentioned above ‘Per-forum moderation’ & ‘Forum subscriptions’ slated for bbPress 2.5, these two features alone make for a great start in getting more of the types of features you are referring to.

    “bbPress is forum software with a twist, from the creators WordPress”

    Sam Rohn


    hmm, i just noticed the same thing on one of my test sites still site running 2.3.2, no bbpress admin tabs except for gd sub items, so i suppose this is OT for 2.4, must be something on my end, sorry

    thanks for the update on permissions, Tehnik-bbPress-Permissions seems to be the best solution for now but i am always afraid it might break with a bbpress update, and it requires yet another plugin besides…




    Since this update, I can not publish or respond to a topic with the moderator or administrator status.




    Thanks for a nice release.

    Upgrade went smoothly.
    although, it seems my child theme blocks hierarchical replies’ 🙁

    but not a problem for now. glad about the small speed improvements



    Hi, great job guys.. 😉

    I have a little problem with widget in sidebar, it not show the date and the author.. after upgrade to 2.4

    It is only a my problems? Thanks…

    The bbPress downloads page needs an update:




    Installed latest from add new. Now website or admin panel does not load.
    After clicking activate plugin this URL is displayed and hangs. Nothing but a white screen.

    Had to remove bbPress folder from plugin directory in order to get our site back up.
    Tried manual install of plugin but same thing.
    We are using the FLexForm by swiftIdes ver 1.5 theme which is great and works wonderfully.




    I’ve been having trouble with bbPress and another plugin – WP Editorial Calendar – for a while now and cannot seem to get it resolved (bbPress forum topics + replies redirect to calendar and disappears altogether when the calendar is deactivated).

    I hoped that upgrading to the new bbPress would have solved the issue, but it hasn’t. I’ve posted in the forums, but so far, mine is the only voice.

    Any help/advice would be awesome. Thanks.



    Auto role does not seem to be working after upgrade to v2.4 from v2.3.2. I am using WP v3.6.



    How can I downgrade to the previous version?

    There are several bugs:

    1. The width of the box with user information (username, avatar, role) is now too small.
    2. An extra line break was added under usernames and role. How can this be removed?
    3. Were certain elements renamed? Some of CSS styles I had in place previously are now ignored.




    As others have stated, the widgets no longer show the date and author! Need to fix this ASAP!

    @sam-rohn I hadn’t seen ‘Tehnik-bbPress-Permissions’ before so I’ll take a look at that.

    @la_chouette Open /wp-admin/users.php and check the forum role assigned to each user affected. What happens if you change the user back to ‘Participant’? Can they post now? What happens if you now change them back to ‘Moderator’? Can they post now?

    @freewpress Thanks, I can also reproduce this and looks like ticket #2319 didn’t quite fix the ‘Widget settings won’t save’, will try to get a patch in for bbPress 2.4.1.

    @alex-ye updated, thanks.

    @logicbit Can you try disabling all your other plugins and see if bbPress works if it is the ONLY plugin activated. If you can then re-enable each other plugin you have it might narrow down what the conflict is.

    @dallisonlee I have replied to you here:

    @jgasparine ‘Auto role’ appears to be working for me, can you check that it is enabled via /wp-admin/options-general.php?page=bbpress

    @nykess Thanks, I linked to the widget issue in my previous post above. The user Gravatar are still using 80×80 Gravatars and has not changed, the line break between the username and forum role has also not changed. How have you customized your theme? It sounds like the either the bbPress or a theme update has overridden your customizations. Can you start a new topic and give some more detailed information on each of these. You can also download all previous versions from

    The Widget issue has a fix now and will be included with bbPress 2.4.1



    Thats is good.. wonderfull, but when i find a cure for now? Is possibile to fix it manually for wait a new upgrade? How i patch it for now?

    @freewpress The patch is on the trac ticket I linked to above.

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