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  • Jamie Dallaire


    I’ve got a simple forum set up using the shortcode. I used the same shortcode on the translated page (French). When bbPress is activated, I have noticed the following issues:

    – The top right language switcher re-directs me to the french homepage instead of the community forums page. If bbpress is de-activated, the language switcher works as advertised. All other pages are fine.

    – The shortcoded forum on the French page does not carry over custom css styles I input with the Simple Custom CSS plugin. Seems like it has to do with the page template I am using. For some reason, the English side automatically uses my theme’s ‘Upcoming Events’ template. I have the option to choose on the French side, but if I pick that same ‘Upcoming Events’ one, the custom css colours do not carry over.

    And lastly, and I believe this is a concern of many. A moderator to the site can not create or modify forums – which I find ridiculous. Any work around to this?

    Any help would be appreciated


    Kolya Korobochkin

    Guys. I make the repo for plugin on github, checkout the latest version with some fixes: (and russian translation included).

    @pooledge don’t quite understand what you talking about. On my forum links with parameters works great with this plugin. For example: — simply topic — edit topic, for admins only, but not 404 :) — write reply to some user.


    In reply to: Translation problem


    I go to the track:
    Wp-content / languages
    Create a folder named:
    Then enter the folder to the path becomes:
    Wp-content / languages ​​/ bbpress
    Translations and upload files
    Athar said the concept was not my Arabic interpretation and use




    Wordpress version : 3.9.1
    bbPress version:2.5.4

    When i translate the plugin in french, the forum translation works but install the translation broke the admin part.

    I can’t publsh any article or access to the parameter, i have a “server problem” when i try to access these part of the admin.

    To translate the forum i sent the .mo in : /wp-content/languages/plugins.

    Thank’s for your help.

    NB: Sorry for my english, if some point are not clear dont hesitate to ask me more information/explanation.


    Stephen Edgar

    bbPress should work fine using the ‘default’ settings including the default slugs:

    The shortcode should be [bbp-forum-index] (You used bbb and not bbp)

    The Japanese translations for forum and forums are the same, these should be different based on how the Japanese language uses plurals in this context as if they are the same this will cause a problem for bbPress, I had to use フォーラ so it was different from フォーラム ;)

    Here it all is working for me, my domain is http://en-au2.wp.nw/build, yours would be and everything is using ‘native’ Japanese for the permalinks :)

    bbPress Settings (Slugs/Permalinks)

    Page with (Back end) [bbp-forum-index]

    Single Page (Front end) with Menu link showing the above page フォーラム

    Forums (Front end)

    Single Forum (Back end)

    Single Forum (Front end)

    Single Topic (Back end)

    Single Topic (Front end)



    Thanks for your reply and sorry that you are “lost in translation”. Following your advice, I have; changed the theme to twenty fourteen, revised a forum page with the text and [bbb-forum-index], added this to the menu, recreated another forum and a topic as well as changing the permalink setting to “default”. What else do I need to do so that the bbpress features finally appear when clicking “forum” on the menu bar ? Thanks again.


    Stephen Edgar

    I’m getting lost translating the permalinks though the English is “Forums” and Japanese translation should be “フォーラム”

    You can check with these links

    Here is the topic you created:

    I’d also suggest trying in the Twenty Fourteen theme, the Twenty Twelve theme (and eleven) can be a little tricky at times.


    Stephen Edgar

    As I’m not a validator I assume I can’t replace the whole file but I’ve to rewrite all the missing stings one by one.

    That is correct.

    And yes, send a message to the Catalan translation team, they can also add you as a validator and if they do that you will be able to upload the .po file and replace the existing translations.

    p.s. The automatic translations updates are really cool :)



    Thank you for your response.

    I’ve translated 100% of plugin with poedit and I don’t want to rewrite the same strings again in GlotPress project.

    As I’m not a validator I assume I can’t replace the whole file but I’ve to rewrite all the missing stings one by one.

    I’ll post message in

    If catalan validator reads the post I hope he will submit translation.

    Thank you again


    Stephen Edgar

    @farsite281 Thanks for this though you should submit your translations in the GlotPress project you linked above:

    Catalan Language

    • /dev 43% translated, 466 strings translated, 602 Strings untranslated and 401 strings waiting approval
    • /2.5 44% translated, 467 strings translated, 572 Strings untranslated and 160 strings waiting approval

    The best resources to help get you started are:

    The main transators handbook:

    The WordPress translator community blog:

    bbPress translations reference:

    WordPress Catalan project site:

    The reason I state that it is best to provide (and update) the bbPress (including WordPress, BuddyPress and Akismet) translations at is because each of these projects can have the translations updated as part of WordPress’ “Automatic Updates”, just like you see updates for your plugins and themes, if any of these projects are 100% translated you will be offered to update all of your translations from the WordPress dashboard updates page.


    Stephen Edgar

    You’ll need to download the translations manually per the details here:

    Save them into /wp-content/languages/plugins

    With some luck these two direct links will get you the .mo and .po. Make sure you rename both files so they are named and bbpress-fr_FR.po respectively.

    The reason I asked for the language you are using is because if the language translation is 100% translated then bbPress translations are delived to you automatically by the same WordPress Core ‘Automatic Updates’ mechanism, sadly bbPress French translations are not at 100%. (Technically they are at 100% translated but there are 228 strings waiting to be approved.)


    Stephen Edgar

    What language are you using? You should see bbPress’ translations in /wp-content/languages/

    (Dependant on the language you use also changes a couple of things)


    Stephen Edgar

    The string Keymaster is being translated to Super Administrator(here)

    If you login to using your username and password you can also suggest an updated translation and the Spanish translation team will review the translation and accept it or not.

    The first link above is for the ‘development’ version of bbPress, upcoming 2.6 release, you should also suggest any translation updates for the current bbPress v2.5 here.

    Once you have done the above you should let the Spanish translation team know:

    Stephen Edgar

    Confirm the capitalization of the language setting is the same for all the files:


    • wp-config.php -> define ('WPLANG', 'he_IL');
    • bbpress-he_IL.po

    Also make sure the bbPress translation files are stored in /wp-content/languages/bbpress/


    i’m working with the wordpress 3.9.1 site network installation.
    i have installed the bbpress plugin version 2.5.4 and added the Hebrew mo and po files from and changed their name to and bbpress-he_il.po.
    also checked that the wp-config has the define (‘WPLANG’, ‘he_il’); and checked that the language in the backend for the Hebrew site is set up to Hebrew.
    I’m working with twentyten child theme but even if i change it to twentyten original theme the forum is still showing up in English.
    i have tried everything and can’t find a solution.
    anybody has any suggestions?



    Hi @Rasheed.

    I was quite impressed by your forum.
    As this is quite poorly documented, for some reason, Can you please be so kind as to outline the steps needed to complete the RTL support and translation?
    We’re having quite a rough time with it, and frankly: Yours is the first RTL neat forum we’ve come accross.

    Many thanks.


    Stephen Edgar

    ‘It should work’ on a clean installation, I use a translation for approx half the sites I develop bbPress and it works perfectly. I just tested Slovak and is working as expected :)

    I found the issue… You need to name the files and bbpress-sk_SK.po using the _ underscore character not the - hyphen.

    I have never tried the ‘Polylang’ plugin and I had a quick look in their support forums but couldn’t find any information if they support bbPress or not, maybe posting a question in their support forums may get an answer from others who have tried and had success or not, at least that way you can find out if Polylang is compatible with bbPress.



    Hello. I do not want to bother you with basics, however I tied Slovak and French translation and non of them worked.

    I did everything according and no translation appears.

    I downloaded translation files (po and mo) from (, bbpress-2.5.x-sk.po), I moved the files to /wp-content/languages/bbpress/ and rename it to and bbpress-sk-SK.po (I also tried names and bbpress-sk.po).

    What I did wrong?

    I use WP 3.5.1. with bbpress 2.5.3. I use also polylang module. All translation Slovak, France … works just the translation of bbpress do not.

    Just to identify the problem I tried to install your module to WP 3.8 clear installation (with out polyalang) and same result, that translation do not appears.

    I believe that it works, since you jut few people ha problem wit translation ( but I did everything according manual and it does not work for me.

    Thank you.


    Hi! I found the problem, but not the solution,

    I realized that if I check the option in the UAM to “Hide Potst” completely it also hides the first topic; if i unchecked it, the first topic is shown again.

    Maybe it could help for anyone who understand the mechanisms of those plug-ins.

    -Sorry for my english, i’m spanish and i’m using the spanish translation, so i can’t say exactly the option to check or uncheck, but it’s the first one in the Adjusts/Options for UAM-



    Theme: modified portfolio press:

    Theme Name: Portfolio Press
    Description: Portfolio Press is a responsive theme for showcasing your photography, art, web sites, or other projects. It also works nicely as a regular blog site. An options panel is included for uploading logos and and changing the layout. There’s also support for the image, gallery and quote post formats. Visit the demo site or watch the video screencast for set up instructions.
    Author: Devin Price
    Author URI:
    Theme URI:
    Version: 1.7
    License: GNU General Public License
    License URI: license.txt
    Tags: white, black, gray, two-columns, left-sidebar, right-sidebar, flexible-width, custom-menu, full-width-template, microformats, post-formats, rtl-language-support, theme-options, translation-ready


    Portfolio was built on the solid foundation of Toolbox:

    Reset default browser CSS.
    Based on work by Eric Meyer:

    MODERATOR EDIT: I removed the ~1200 lines of code here, use pastebin or a gist on GitHub for big code dumps.


    In reply to: bbPress 2.5.3

    Stephen Edgar

    @magic-komplex You can find the latest German translations for bbPress here (Both ‘de’ and ‘de formal’)


    In reply to: bbPress 2.5.3


    I just installed the latest version of bbpress and now I’m searching for German language files for this version. The latest version I could find was 2.0 or 2.1, but that one didn’t work, actually there’s nothing translated at all, except from some parts within the backend.
    I just need a translation for the front end, cause most of my users don’t speak English, I’m fine with English within the backend.
    Any help would be highly appreciated and sorry if this is the incorrect forum for this request.


    In reply to: Translate to Swedish

    Stephen Edgar

    You want to use the /dev branch of both projects:

    On each of the above pages select ‘.mo’ from the dropdown at the bottom of the page and click export.

    Rename each file to &

    The extra instructions on the BuddyPress site might also help, I’ll try to get the bbPress updated soon also.




    This is the link of my forum

    Right below the word “Translation” is the path of the forum, ‘Home>forums>Translation Subscribe’.
    How can I remove the path?

    And if possible, I have one more question.
    How can I control the width of the forum? I think the width of this bbpress support forum is wider than my forum, whose width is too narrow.

    Thanks a lot.



    Hello, I can not seem to translate into french. I use bbpress 2.5.3 and Poedit.
    I use the po file available in /bbpress/languages/bbpress.pot. after translation, I save my file as fr_FR.po, then I transferred to the languages​​, but the change does not appear. I emptied all caches.
    Thank for your support

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