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    Sorry–I think there was a typo earlier. The shortcodes are here:

    Shortcode for create new topic page: [bbp-topic-form]
    for new topic specific to an id: [bbp-topic-form forum_id=$forum_id]


    Hi There. I am new to bbpress, but I had a similar requirement, and I believe the following works:

    1) Create a page where users can create a new topic. To do this, you can use one of these shortcodes: for new topic page: [bbp-topic-form]
    for topic specific to forum id: [bbp-topic-form]

    2) Put a link to this page in the menu. (so in your menu, have a “Create a New Topic” link that takes you to the new topic page).


    Thanks. This is all helpful to hear. Do you have any sense of what is going with the maintenance of bbpress? People have been talking about version 2.6 for 4 years+. bbpress seems terrific; I am hoping it is maintained with updated security, speed, etc.


    Thank you.

    I did notice that this forum ( seems very big and, on my computer at least, it works very fast. Do you think here they are using the normal out of the box bbpress 2.5+, or maybe have they added some extras to make it extra fast?

    Robin W

    1. I’m just a user who helps out on the forums, you’ll need to judge for yourself if this will work capacity wise, but bbpress supports the wordpress forums which are huge.

    2. you have to enable nothing – I can only suggest that you set up a wordpress site with just forums, and you’ll soon realise that your iste doens;t neeed to look wordpressy and that users can just register on that site fro the forums using the forum registration (which is just a front end for WordPress site registration. You don’t need to use any other plugins to get bbpress working.

    3. Many people have a ‘just forum’ site, it is more common to have a forum as part of a site, but by no means necessary.


    Thanks, but I think my situation is still slightly different than you have in mind, and maybe the difference is instructive. (or maybe I am not understanding what you mean.)

    Let’s say I want to build a question and answer site, like stackoverflow or these discourse sites: or The question/answer piece (the forum piece) is THE site. It is not an add-on to a blog. It is an online tool like those sites are.

    I understand that the common use case for bbpress is to be a modest forum that supplements an existing wordpress blog or wordpress advertising site. This is not what I have in mind. I am interested in seeing if bbpress can be used to build a web tool that would have its own (potentially large and active) user base.

    I have considered other options out there–coding from scratch, discourse itself, NodeBB–but I have not seen anything as developed and creator friendly out of the box as bbpress. So I thought I’d give it a spin. For this to work, a few things have to be true:

    1) Can BBPress handle many thousands of users and many many thousands of topics (or more)? It seems like the answer is yes, given there are forums out there with a lot of users/topics that seem ok. But a common reply here is “wait for version 2.6”–and version 2.6 has been 4 years+ in the making(!) So this brings up the question of whether BBPress is being maintained. (I asked that here: And whether bbpress can be performant at scale.

    2) What do I have to do to enable anyone in the world to register for the bbpress-focused site? To use stackoverflow, you don’t need to be a wordpress user; same with those discourse sites. To run bbpress at all, I understand I have to have an underlying wordpress site. But I was hoping to use bbpress’ registration so people could sign up for the forum–and they would not even know wordpress was being used under the hood.

    From what you are saying, sounds like this is not possible out of the box? Do I have to use a wordpress front end registration plugin like Ultimate Member and have that coordinate with bbpress, so that a user’s registration page–generated by ultimate member or some other like plugin–shows their posts and replies (just like your registration page at stackoverflow)?

    3) I understand what I have in mind is not the common use case for bbpress–but based on what I am seeing, bbpress should be up to the job. Is there something I am missing–some reason you would not want to use bbpress to power a question and answer web app?

    Thank you very much for your info.

    Robin W

    ‘users register directly on the site without need to have an underlying account somewhere else’

    If you install bbpress on a wordpress site, then anyone who registers with that site will be a bbpress user. They can then use the forum. They don’t need to be registered ‘somewhere else’ – just on your site.

    You can also allow anonymous posting (but it does tend to get you spammed a lot!)


    Thank you for your reply.

    Here is the issue: I am considering using bbpress as an important part of a site that anyone can use. Imagine it like stackoverflow, discussion sites run by discourse, or practically any web app–users register directly on the site without need to have an underlying account somewhere else. It seems to me that if someone wanted to build a site like these–entirely separate from a wordpress blog– bbpress would be a good place to start. (Please let me know if you disagree.)

    So I will require a way for anyone who wants to use my site–wordpress user or not–to register and use the site. One of the great things about bbpress is that out of the box it covers so much and it has been around long enough to be thoroughly tested; so I had hoped I could just use bbpress’s registration, without having to configure a separate registration process.

    In particular, I like how bbpress generates a user profile page that summarizes a user’s activity in a simple way.

    Is there a way to allow non-wordpress users to register, while still utilizing bbpress’s tools like its user profile page? Maybe a bbpress plugin?

    I know there are general wordpress plugins that allow registration on the front end by non-wordpress users, like Ultimate Member. I am not familiar with how those could work with bbpress.


    Robin W

    bbpress just uses wordpress registration – so yes a wordpress subscriber account is needed – is there an issue with this ?


    Using bbpress registration for my forum, can anyone–including people without any wordpress account–register?

    I would assume so and hope so, but I saw that this bbpress-powered forum requires a wordpress account for registration.


    Hi All,

    Had the same issue as described above. The default phpbb.php import script didn’t convert anonymous users of topics and replies and the Pixenated script looped infinately with the conversion of users.

    I’ve fixed the script and uploaded to PasteBin. Feel free to share widely.

    How To:
    1) Upgrade phpBB to v.3.2.5
    2) Install BBpress 2.6 RC7
    3) Upload to /wp-content/plugins/bbpress/includes/admin/converters/phpbb.php

    Remember that real men don’t do backups. They cry a lot. 🙂



    We’ve got a demo set-up running a site that uses both bbpress and memberpress. We’re pretty close to being able to move this to the production site, but in running through what a user/member would be experiencing, we noticed that logged-in users are able to view the forum (we have one forum, many topics) just fine. They/we can click on another user’s name that is linked to their bbpress profile — and we can edit another person’s profile details.

    Memberpress told me to use a rule to restrict access, but I don’t see how to block it unless the Edit portion on a profile page is a specially named post? I’ve tried and don’t seem able to block it. They are unable to tell me what else to do.

    bbPress version 2.5.14
    wordpress version 5.1

    Any help in this matter would be so appreciative.


    One follow-up note. When I investigated how performant bbpress is, I came across this discussion–saying essentially “don’t worry, version 2.6 is almost here, and it is very fast”. That discussion was over 4 years ago.

    BBPress for HUGE forums? Capable?

    What is the status of bbpress?


    Hi. I recently installed BBPress and was surprised the latest version for installation was 2.5.14. I also get a notice that the plugin “has not been tested with your current version of WordPress.”

    Is BBPress being maintained? What is the expected timing for 2.6?

    Performance/speed is important to me, and last I looked into it 2.6 was supposed to be a big improvement.

    Robin W

    it’s not much of a codex, but it’s the only one there is! I wrote quite a lot if it when I started using bbpress – I’m just a bbpress user who helps on here. If you’d like to contribute, post suggested improvements and I’ll add them – just saying 🙂

    So if your code was working a few days ago, and it now isn’t, then you must have upgraded the theme, a plugin or changed something else. Without knowing what it’s hard to help.


    Does anyone know if it’s possible to successfully import Kunena 5? Currently only Kunena 3 supported.

    I was wondering whether it might be possible using another forum as a middle step.

    And if the import into bbPress is achieved, will users be able to set a new password since the old Kunena one probably won’t work?


    I have a bbPress forum integrated with WooCommerce.
    Until a few days ago it was working fine, but now

    $uid = bbp_get_current_user_id();
    if ( bbp_has_forums( array(
         'author' => $uid
     )) ) :

    returns bool(false) regardless of the user or user role.

    On a side note, when searching, the results I (don’t) get:

    bbp_get_current_user_id – “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.”
    bbp_has_forums – “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.”
    bbp_forums – “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.”
    bbp_the_forum – “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.”

    I understand these are just wrappers for WP_Query, but there are some obviously also forum-specific options. It doesn’t seem like much of a codex. Just saying.


    Hi. What is the expected timing for 2.6?

    I recently installed BBPress and was surprised the latest version for installation was 2.5.14. I also get a notice that the plugin “has not been tested with your current version of WordPress.”

    Performance/speed is important to me, and last I looked into it 2.6 was supposed to be a big improvement.


    Unfortunately, the problem not solved.
    Scheduled topics are published, but appear in the list of topics with the first save date (not with the time of the delayed publication).

    Have an idea to use a some outside buffer for publishing. Is there such a remote plugin scheduler? Something like posting via email-just schedule a date in the mail-client. But works for the blog, not for bbpress.


    Hi, I imported a vbulletin forum into bbpress.
    When I do the repair, I get a blank page for these 2:
    – Recalculate the position of each re-entry
    – Reset existing users to default forum rules

    I tried again and again, always the same result.
    How can I solve?

    Pankaj Bisane

    I have two wordpress sites, one with bbpress forum running since 7 years and one is new which is running since 2 years.

    I want to migrate forum from old site to new site. But i have checked that post ids of old forum already present in new wordpress site which may conflict.

    I tried Export import from WP tool but not working as topics and replies and authors are not mapped properly. Also i am not sure if import can update existing posts as forum if post id is matched while import.

    Also tried bbpress import feature but there no way to transfer from bbpress to bbpress

    I don’t want to loos any forum, topic, replies and relationship during import.


    Robin W

    the templates are in


    start with content-archive-forum which is the main forums list, and then you’ll see how the other templates are called


    In reply to: Links in new topic


    yes, apostrophes are okay now, with same result as before : links do not appear anymore in new topics. i disable the code, links display…

    So strange this function is not in bbpresscore, I suppose many of us need it..

    Anyway, thank you so much for your help and patience Robin. I spent much time on this without results. I think I’ll just lokk for another system than bbpress for my forum..

    Pankaj Bisane

    Hi All,

    I am facing an issue while importing bbpreess forum data to another wordpress bbpress forum.

    I have checked that new wordprees setup Post ids are matching with the bbpress forum, topics and replies post ids. So it could lead in conflict.

    Is there best way to migrate forum properly with new post ids for forum, topics and replies with proper relationship/linking of forums, topics and replies.

    Looking for help Urgently !!

    Note: I am using new bbpress Version 2.5.14 and old bbpress version is also 2.5.14



    Guys take a look robin has already share it the plugin with which you can style the bbpress. Try it out it is amazing.

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