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    In reply to: Remove BBPress Login

    Robin W

    ok, so I see a login at the very top left of the homepage, and one in the footer.

    so what is the bbpress login you wish to remove

    Robin W

    locked the forum down to be under Membership Requests only.

    is this a plugin/ a theme or what?

    bbpress just uses WordPress registration, so anything that does this for WordPress will work.

    you could hook to this to send


    but without knowing how they are registering, difficult to help further.

    Come back with further details


    Hi folks,

    I am currently working with a client who has a bbPress forum on their WordPress install. They have locked the forum down to be under Membership Requests only. This works great, however we are wondering if there is any way we can send the “new user” notification email that admins usually get to specific users/moderators/roles of the forum at all?

    Kind Regards

    Robin W

    You keep repeating the issue – I fully understand the issue.

    1. I am not paid to do any of this – I try and spend around hour a day helping others as people have helped me over the years, but I have a full time job.

    2. I have bbpress and 6 other plugins that I try to help.

    3. I receive 30-40 emails a day on many things, and I do not keep old emails.

    4. If I had access to your site a. I would have deleted any details b. It is not up to me to get you site working, if I ask you for details I do not expect to have to look them up myself.

    so if you are running both my plugin and adding snippets you are very unlikely to get to any solution. Consider my plugin to be blue paint, and you snippet to be red paint. If you run both, the room you want to paint might end up red because that is the only color that got painted, or red because it was pained blue first and then painted red. Only by having one bit of code running do you get a true test.

    so to fix your site.

    1. do not have any other attempts at solutions
    2. use the auto login in my style pack
    3. tell me if it works in staging – ie it goes to login and then to the topic
    4. tell me if it works in live – – ie it goes to login and then to the topic
    5. tell me the settings you have in

    dashboard>settings>bbp style pack>plugin information>subscription emails

    copy/paste here or send to me by email

    for both live and staging

    If you do not understand what this means, the use google to translate or find someone who can understand this.


    In reply to: Help with error

    Robin W

    ok you doing the equivalent of sending me an image of your car engine and expecting me to tell you what the noise it is making is caused by. 🙂 🙂

    I would suspect it is theme related, and menus and scroll are theme related.


    As a test switch to a default theme such as twentytwenty, and see if this fixes.


    If that doesn’t work, also deactivate all plugins apart from bbpress and see if this fixes. if it does, re-enable one at a time to see which is causing the error.

    If you cannot do this to your site (say because it is live) then use the ‘troubleshooting’ features of this plugin to let you test without affecting other users

    Health Check & Troubleshooting

    Then come back


    I’m using bbpress for the first time and everything works right, except that in the topic pages there is some error, I can’t scroll down the page. There’s no scroll bar. There’s something wrong with the sticky menu at the top too. I don’t know what the issue could be. I hope you can help me.

    This is what it looks like:

    Robin W

    This is one of the new FSE themes, so you need a fix to work with bbpress.

    bbp style pack

    once activated, navigate to

    dashboard>settings>bbp style pack, and you should see the first tab called ‘Theme Support’ – if you don’t see this, come back.

    In that tab, select

    Enable Theme Support

    and save

    The forums should then display


    I have just installed bbPress, configured the settings, and created some categories/forums, but when I go to the link where the forum should have been, I only see a blank page.

    I have tested with the shortcode, and added that to a blank page. That works, but links to posts and categories open up as blank pages


    yes Robin,that was a mistake. Sorry for this confusion. They both work similar.

    I also tried to put forums public + snippet to redirect visitors to login.

    But the result is exactly the same. After login there is no redirect to the topic.

    here is the snippet if you are curious :

    * Redirect bbPress pages for visitors
    function yzc_redirect_bbpress_to_login_page() {
        if ( ! is_user_logged_in() && ( function_exists( 'is_bbpress') && is_bbpress() ) ) {
            // Set Redirection Url
            $redirect_url = '';
            wp_redirect( $redirect_url );
    add_action( 'template_redirect', 'yzc_redirect_bbpress_to_login_page' );

    Do you think possible to redirect to private topic after login ?



    Hello I am wondering whether this issue was investigated any further.

    I have the same issue where WP Forms User Add On registration is not assigning a user role on approval.

    When I deactivate the BBPress plugin. the problem goes away.


    Hi guys,
    when new topic /new post bbPress private Forum subscribers receive by email a link to the new topic/new post. But, if they are not already logged in, of course they have to log in first and then they are not redirected to the new topic/new post.

    I’d like they have direct access URL from email link after login.

    Any snippet or else to do that ?


    In reply to: White page issue

    Robin W

    This is one of the new FSE themes, so you need a fix to work with bbpress.

    bbp style pack

    once activated, navigate to

    dashboard>settings>bbp style pack, and you should see the first tab called ‘Theme Support’ – if you don’t see this, come back.

    In that tab, select

    Enable Theme Support

    and save

    The forums should then display


    Hi all,

    I’m having white pages issue while I setup a very simple forum on that testing sub-domain:

    My current configuration
    – WordPress: 6.5.2 – multi-site
    – PHP/MySQL: 7.4.30 / 5.5.5
    – Theme: TwentyTwentyFour Child
    – Enabled extensions: bbPress (2.6.9), WordPress Importer (0.8.2)
    – Enabled network extensions: Comet Cache (170220), Error Log Monitor (1.7.7), Fixed Widget (6.2.3), Forum_wordpress_fr (4.2), Solid Security Basic (9.3.2), WP-Sweep (1.1.8), WP Dashboard Notes (1.0.11)

    I’ve read several topics including that one ( I’ve put the code in my functions.php child, but it didn’t get any better. (I removed it)

    But, I’m not too good at geek things, so I’ll appreciate any advices, clues if you read that topic, so I can enjoy testing bbPress extension.


    Robin W

    for template layout see item 8

    for general styling use :

    bbp style pack


    Right now, my forums seem to be formatted according to my theme’s single post template, which uses a cover style layout in my theme. This doesn’t suit the pages generated by bbPress (see forum, topic compared to forum index).

    How can I tell bbPress to use a default page template rather than post?

    Thanks very much!


    => Hello, we have identified it’s bbpress bug, So when user click on add new replay and forget to add post title, then it is not saving in database, and giving error.

    => While normally in WordPress, when we create new post and page, if we forget to add post title, then it automatically add title into that post.

    Replay Add New:

    Normal post (When title is not added):


    In reply to: Date of next update?

    Robin W

    I am just a moderator here, and not a bbpress author.

    The authors tend to release updates every few years, rather than more frequently.

    My personal view is that you should consider bbpress to be a ‘mature’ product, ie any releases will be to fix issues rather than add functionality.

    bbpress is written really well, and has loads of hooks. In essence it is a WordPress product, written by the founder of Wordress, and taken into a plugin by sponsorship from WordPress. There are no show stopper bugs in it, it may throw a few deprecation notices (and these are very few at the moment), but WordPress recommends that you should not show error messages in live sites.

    I currently have my test site running WordPress 6.4.x and php 8.2 with no issues.

    The only major issue with bbpress at the moment is that it does not work well with FSE themes.

    However my bbp style pack plugin has fixes for this

    bbp style pack

    as well as block versions of the widgets and a ton of styling and functionality add-ons.

    All plugins are subject to the authors commitment, and bbpress is no different.

    The main WordPress support forums use bbpress, and it would be mega work to move those over to some other product.

    I am guessing that you are being told by Wordfence, which is telling you based on the fact that the plugin has not been updated, rather than any actual security risk.

    But with open software you make your choices….


    Hello there,

    I am using WordPress version 6.5 and bbPress version 2.6.9. This problem has been persisting for us for a while and isn’t an issue with the latest version of WP.

    The pagination on our forums is not working. Clicking page 2 on the home page of the forum takes you to the page 2 URL but displays the results from page 1. The same thing happens if you view a topic – it shows only the most recent replies, even when going to page 2, 3, and so on.

    Our forums are at but are hidden. Please let us know how we can provide credentials.

    What I have tried:

    – Checked error logs both in the site back-end and in the console and did not see anything relevant.
    – Flushed & disabled the cache
    – I disabled all plug-ins and changed the theme to default. This did not fix the issue. This means it isn’t a plug-in/theme conflict.
    – Added custom post types to the cache exception rules
    – Flushed the permalinks
    – Deleted the .htaccess file manually and allowed it to regenerate.
    – “Resetting forum slugs to default” in BBpress Forum Tools.

    Can you please advise on what the issue might be?



    Hi Robin, not sure if you received my last post. I’m using bbpress without buddypress. Buddypress has continuously glitched on me. As mentioned before, I am trying to create a social media forum. The problem I am having is small customization for the profile. I want to get rid of the hover text over the tabs. I wish to change the font style. I still want to change the word subscribe under the subscriptions. How do I make these small changes. Or could I suggest you add them to your style pack and bbp profile information plugins. I am willing to donate to add these features to your plugins, since you seem to be the only one still invested in bbpress.

    Robin W

    If you update to 5.9.1, then in

    Dashboard>settings>forums under the moderation section you can set up so that the link goes via a login if they are not logged in. If ultimate member allows login redirect, then this should work via a login page. If not you can either use wp-login (since these are moderators they should be fine seeing this) or set up a bbpress login page.


    I am using bbPress with Ultimate Member. The latter controls authentication and content access.

    With my bbPress installation all the forums are set as ‘private’. I have a problem when trying to access a forum post via its URL, e.g. :

    If the user is not already authenticated on the site, then when they select this post URL they get a ‘404’ error.

    For all my other semi-static site content (pahes/posts) I am using the Ultimate Member ‘content restriction’ feature to redirect the user to the login page. However, those redirection instruction has to be setup manually for each page.

    The problem with bbPress topics is that the content is created dynamically, where there is no opportunity to assign a Ultimate Member content restriction to redirect an unauthenticated user to the login page.

    What I really need is a way to automatically assign the content restrictions to a forum post as and when it is created.

    Any suggestions?


    So I have worked out how to modify the BBPRESS main forum menu ‘Topics and Posts’ titles to now show Icons as per Topics Voice and Topics Replies (as above).

    I then modified the Loop-Forum.php file and edited as described above for the Loop-Topics.php but changed the …

    <li class=”bbp-topic-voice-count”>
    <li class=”bbp-topic-reply-count”>


    <li class=”bbp-forum-topic-count”>
    <li class=”bbp-forum-reply-count”>

    This does remove the menu bar ‘Topics and Posts’ titles but alas this seems to cause a clash (maybe) with BBP-Style-Pack as the main forum page becomes distorted.


    Hi there,

    Wondering if there is any way to create a new bbpress subforum and topic programmatically with php or api or bbpress buildin functions so that I dont have to log into wordpress to do the job?

    Thank you!


    Rather naivily I thought bbPress would include an out-of-the-box automated facility to notify forum admins by email when new posts are submitted.

    I have a number of different bbPress forums setup, each of which has a different moderator user. Can anybody advise if there is a plugin that will support:
    * An email notification sent only to the forum moderator?
    * If the notification email body content includes ‘approve’, ‘bin’, actions?

Viewing 25 results - 76 through 100 (of 64,099 total)
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