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    Thanks–I already had bbp style pack installed.

    Did some more testing and ended up also installing “bbPress Notify (No Spam)”.

    When I had the bbPress Notify plugin override the subscription to forums & replies settings, the emails are now sending as expected.

    Appreciate the help!


    Upon reading further, I see mention of the “Recent Replies” widget. It apparently does not affect the functionality of bbPress and it is not that important to me, so I will disable it now. Thank you!

    Robin W

    we are trying to start using Elementor Single Post template, but found out that “Hello theme Elementor bbpress template fix”

    is this from the style pack plugin, or form somewhere else?


    In reply to: Subscribe to Forum



    I’m having the same issue with notifications of replies and new topics not being sent by email.

    Plugins installed:
    Simple WordPress Membership
    bbp style pack (notifications enabled)
    bbPress Members Only (forum set to members only with all other pages visible)
    bbPress Notify (No Spam)
    Check & log email (nothing logged in tests)
    Code Snippets (original code above added)
    Easy WP SMTP (confirmed that other emails are sending successfully, eg notification of new member registrations via Simple Membership)
    WP Notification Bell (new replies ARE showing up here)

    I’ve run tests with replies and new topics for a test user subscribed to everything (and directly to the topic used to test replies), and am still not getting any emails. Have, of course, checked the spam folder.

    I’d appreciate any suggestions for troubleshooting.

    Thank you!


    WordPress 6.4.3
    bbPress 2.6.9
    MySQL 7.4

    Roughly weekly over the last six months, my entire WordPress site slows down to a stop with 504 errors experienced by users for 10-20 minutes at a time. CPU utilization on my dedicated server goes from 20% to close to 100%.

    My hosting provider WPEngine suspects bbPress is spiking MySQL with long-running queries.

    Here is what WPEngine Support told me in one of my exchanges with them.

    “Most past mysql queries were generated by this file:

    “Something about the query on line 1096 of that file is causing spikes in mysql usage.

    “Bbpress support may be able to explain what the query is trying to do and how to optimize it or change some settings to make those requests less heavy for mysql.”

    That is what has brought me here.

    Does anyone know what this query does, if it could be involved with my problem and what corrective action should be taken? I would greatly appreciate any advice you can provide.

    (I am the site owner and am not highly technical, but I have access to additional assistance as needed.)


    Hi Robin et al.,
    we are trying to start using Elementor Single Post template, but found out that “Hello theme Elementor bbpress template fix” somehow stops the template from activating (disabled all plugins, found out that now the template works and then enabled all our plugins one by one).

    Question 1: What does the plugin actually do? 🙂 I remember activating the plugin for some real need, but now it looks like the forums works just fine.

    Question 2: What could we do to get the template working (apart from deactivating a probably vital plugin mentioned earlier..). I saw one guy solving the same issue by adding a short code to a page, but at least just inserting a short code for the forum index did nothing for us.

    Our (staging) site and a Post which is affected by this

    All our plugins are up-to date, and so is our Hello theme.

    Many thanks for the great product, as well as your help. Much appreciated.


    i was not right in blaming bbpress for my issue… the sql injection was found…. was not bbpress. iam sorry for this mistake.


    It works! Thanks!
    Hopely bbPress Offcial Can be Native Support Block Theme.


    I run different forums in my website. Each forum is related to a specific course I provide.

    As the one who answers all questions sent by each forum, I have the issue that when I receive an inquiry, many times I do not know to which forum the question belongs. Today, to find out, I have to go to my wordpress backend, go to bbpress, and look in the topic section to which forum it belongs.

    So ideally, it would be great if in the subject notification email, I can see to which forum is related.

    So if today I receive a subject notification email like the following:

    Clarification about XXXX

    I would like to receive

    [Forum XXXX] Clarification about XXXX


    Robin W

    that seems to be an issue with ultimate member permissions, bbpress does not have that granularity in it. suggest you raise with ultimate member


    Ok, so because we’ve not been able to replicate the issue with test accounts et al. We think that if we delete the end user’s account and then remake the account this will rectify the issue. As we’re aware that the user may already have content that they’ve created under their account we want to migrate that to a dummy account while we’re putting in place the deletion so we can then migrate it back to their “new” account and thus cause little to no disruption for them. We just wanted to check that if bbpress content is in this equation, that this content type does also get re-allocated like any other WP content types.

    Robin W

    unfortunately that is another post where someone says ‘fixed it’ but does not share the fix.

    if you are not using buddypress, where the user says the problem was, then this would not apply to you

    If you are using buddypress, then it would be worth posting in the buddypress support forum

    But in any case that was 10 years ago, and against a very old version of both bbpress and buddypress, it is unlikely that the problem is the same.


    So we’ve done some digging around on the forum and found an instance where someone had the same issue?
    and they then say: ‘Found it – buddypress was applying a filter, and it does some wonky logic. Overwrote it in my theme.’
    Would the you guys know what we could do to force override this to ensure all participants can reply to solve this?


    I am building a new community forum per a client’s request and they would like their members to not have the ability to create post / topics but only comment on topics they create. Is this a feature in bbPress or do I need to add additional plugins?

    Robin W

    This is one of the new FSE themes, so you need a fix to work with bbpress.

    bbp style pack

    once activated, navigate to

    dashboard>settings>bbp style pack, and you should see the first tab called ‘Theme Support’ – if you don’t see this, come back.

    In that tab, select

    Enable Theme Support

    and save

    The forums should then display


    I am using Twenty Twenty-Four Theme, But bbPress Not Support Block Theme, so When Support Block Theme?


    In reply to: Remove BBPress Login


    you rock, I’ll test it some more as time goes on, unless you think I’m good? Does this BBPress try to login in any other BBPress pages?


    In reply to: Remove BBPress Login


    I do not want BBPress login anywhere, nowhere at all, because I’m already handling login: see login at the bottom? That comes from BBPress, that is a BBPress forum. BBPress is a forum that has a login by default. I do not want their login.


    In reply to: Remove BBPress Login

    Robin W

    ok, so I see a login at the very top left of the homepage, and one in the footer.

    so what is the bbpress login you wish to remove

    Robin W

    locked the forum down to be under Membership Requests only.

    is this a plugin/ a theme or what?

    bbpress just uses WordPress registration, so anything that does this for WordPress will work.

    you could hook to this to send


    but without knowing how they are registering, difficult to help further.

    Come back with further details


    Hi folks,

    I am currently working with a client who has a bbPress forum on their WordPress install. They have locked the forum down to be under Membership Requests only. This works great, however we are wondering if there is any way we can send the “new user” notification email that admins usually get to specific users/moderators/roles of the forum at all?

    Kind Regards

    Robin W

    You keep repeating the issue – I fully understand the issue.

    1. I am not paid to do any of this – I try and spend around hour a day helping others as people have helped me over the years, but I have a full time job.

    2. I have bbpress and 6 other plugins that I try to help.

    3. I receive 30-40 emails a day on many things, and I do not keep old emails.

    4. If I had access to your site a. I would have deleted any details b. It is not up to me to get you site working, if I ask you for details I do not expect to have to look them up myself.

    so if you are running both my plugin and adding snippets you are very unlikely to get to any solution. Consider my plugin to be blue paint, and you snippet to be red paint. If you run both, the room you want to paint might end up red because that is the only color that got painted, or red because it was pained blue first and then painted red. Only by having one bit of code running do you get a true test.

    so to fix your site.

    1. do not have any other attempts at solutions
    2. use the auto login in my style pack
    3. tell me if it works in staging – ie it goes to login and then to the topic
    4. tell me if it works in live – – ie it goes to login and then to the topic
    5. tell me the settings you have in

    dashboard>settings>bbp style pack>plugin information>subscription emails

    copy/paste here or send to me by email

    for both live and staging

    If you do not understand what this means, the use google to translate or find someone who can understand this.


    In reply to: Help with error

    Robin W

    ok you doing the equivalent of sending me an image of your car engine and expecting me to tell you what the noise it is making is caused by. 🙂 🙂

    I would suspect it is theme related, and menus and scroll are theme related.


    As a test switch to a default theme such as twentytwenty, and see if this fixes.


    If that doesn’t work, also deactivate all plugins apart from bbpress and see if this fixes. if it does, re-enable one at a time to see which is causing the error.

    If you cannot do this to your site (say because it is live) then use the ‘troubleshooting’ features of this plugin to let you test without affecting other users

    Health Check & Troubleshooting

    Then come back


    I’m using bbpress for the first time and everything works right, except that in the topic pages there is some error, I can’t scroll down the page. There’s no scroll bar. There’s something wrong with the sticky menu at the top too. I don’t know what the issue could be. I hope you can help me.

    This is what it looks like:

Viewing 25 results - 51 through 75 (of 64,092 total)
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