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    Hi Robin !

    LOL !

    I talk too much, but as I want to give as many detail as possible…

    Your code is working for the pages of the site.

    Your code is NOT working for ALL the forum pages of the site

    Your code is applied for all the pages, that’s it takes almost 100% of the page, but site pages are not concerned by my problem.

    Your code doesn’t make any difference when applied to the forum pages.

    I was just adding in my previous post that I have the same problem for my second issue with the background gradient that is not applied either, unless the code is not correct, but I don’t think so !

    Thinking about all this yesterday, I’ve got the feeling that in fact, what is desperately keeping void corresponds to the place that should be occupied by the sidebar, even though I told you that I have no sidebar on all the site pages as well as the forum pages.
    But there’s a section dedicated to its management in this new theme and version of WordPress 4.7.2 !
    I removed all the widgets initially present in this sidebar but maybe the code keeps holding the place !?

    It’s as if this part of the code keeps applying in the end, prevailing on the child theme css code !

    Hope this is clear now ! 😉





    Thank you kindly, Pascal!

    The links I would like removed are listed in two separate posts as follows. Note that I have edited the actual link data in my note below so I don’t create yet another link here, but you can easily identify the links in my posts per the information I am providing below:

    topic link 1:
    Link to remove 1: http://www.cyt*****.com/user*****/

    topic link 2:
    Link to remove 2.1: http://www.cyt*****.com/for**/
    Link to remove 2.2: http://www.cyt*****.com/for***/forum/regist******-instru******-and-fo***-guide*****/

    Thank you!



    To the best of my memory, I added the below to my themes’s child functions.php file to disable the “forums” breadcrumb that links back to the “forums” page that does not include the sidebar. NOTE that I am not a developer and got the below from this forum somewhere last year so use at your discretion. If you crash your site, I accept no responsibility!!

    function rkk_custom_bbpbreadcrumbs() {
    // Remove Forum root from bbPress breadcrumbs
    $args[‘include_root’] = false;
    return $args;

    add_filter(‘bbp_before_get_breadcrumb_parse_args’, ‘rkk_custom_bbpbreadcrumbs’);


    In reply to: Font-Size


    The code you wrote didn’t work, but your plugin does. Almost exzellent 😀

    I have a different question, and I know many post becouse of this issue exist.
    But none of them got me to a resolution.

    How can I use the full width for my forums? At the homepage of my forumsite it works nice, but as soon as I click on a Forum the disgusting sidebar comes from the right. I tried copying the page.php an rename it to bbPress.php and remove all things that have to do with sidebars. That didn’t work.

    Here is the code:

     * The template for displaying all pages.
     * This is the template that displays all pages by default.
     * Please note that this is the WordPress construct of pages
     * and that other 'pages' on your WordPress site will use a
     * different template.
     * @package Sydney
    get_header(); ?>
    			<?php while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>
    				<?php get_template_part( 'content', 'page' ); ?>
    					// If comments are open or we have at least one comment, load up the comment template
    					if ( comments_open() || get_comments_number() ) :
    			<?php endwhile; // end of the loop. ?>
    		</main><!-- #main -->
    	</div><!-- #primary -->
    <?php get_footer(); ?>


    Hello everyone.

    I have a question with sigle-topic.php.

    If I want to put the topics as full width (while the rest of the forum has sidebar) I remove the call to the sidebar, but it all concerns me.

    What and where do I put it to be full width?



    Hello everyone!

    I want to do one thing on my bbpress and I’d like to do it without plugins.
    Currently my entire forum is full width. In my child theme I included the template “fullwidth-page.php” renaming it as “bbpress.php”.
    It worked perfect.
    My intention now is to see the sidebar in the whole forum, but in the pages of topics is full width.
    I think it improves the user experience. When they see the main page of forum, with the listings of forums, or when they enter a specific forum does not bother the sidebar to see what topics exist. But I would like to remove the sidebar when the user enters a topic or will do anything in it (read it, respond, etc …)

    Do you know how I can do this?

    If I delete the template I made to remove the sidebar (“fullwidth-page.php” renamed as “bbpress.php”) I get the sidebar in the forum.
    But what do I do next to remove the topics sidebar and everything related to them?

    Thanks greetings!




    I used to have this code in my forum to make it full-width.

    /* Hide SideBar in bbPress Profiles and Topics*/
    function disable_all_widgets( $sidebars_widgets ) {       
        if ( function_exists('is_bbpress') ) {
            if (is_bbpress()) {
                $sidebars_widgets = array(false);
                unregister_sidebar( 'bp_core_widgets' );
        return $sidebars_widgets;
    add_filter('sidebars_widgets', 'disable_all_widgets', 1, 1);

    Is there a way to apply full-width only for Forums and Topics (opened)?




    Today I changed theme to GeneratePress. Under the “Forums” Page, I changed Content No Sidebar & Full Width Content. Still the Forums page will NOT remove the sidebar. When originally installing bbPress, I created a Forums page with the slug “forums” and that is how its communicating. From there as a diagnostic step, I created another page named Forums2 and added the shortcode to display the forums index. That page would NOT displat it full width (no sidebar) no matter what I tried. Any help would be awesome.



    Try this code. Put it on the function.php

    /* Hide SideBar in bbPress Profiles and Topics*/
    function disable_all_widgets( $sidebars_widgets ) {       
        if ( function_exists('is_bbpress') ) {
            if (is_bbpress()) {
                $sidebars_widgets = array(false);
                unregister_sidebar( 'bp_core_widgets' );
        return $sidebars_widgets;
    add_filter('sidebars_widgets', 'disable_all_widgets', 1, 1);

    You don’t say if You want the full-width to all pages or only to topics, forums, or profiles.




    I finally got it to go away like this

    if (is_bbpress ())

    if ( is_active_sidebar( ‘social-icons’ ) || is_active_sidebar( ‘click-here’ ) || is_active_sidebar( ‘split-sidebar-left’ ) || is_active_sidebar( ‘split-sidebar-right’ )) {

    but it removes it sitewide



    It’s with the conditional, I have the sticky social icons on the right side on all my pages fixed. Don’t know if that is causing it to stay cause I just can’t seem to remove it from the forums pages, are there any alternatives to displaying a login section? As I said this genesis child theme does not have a registered sidebar, however I went in and registed the primary and secondary sidebar just so I could get the log in on there, but with that fixed widget in the way, it just pushes that sidebar off the left of the sticky widget.



    thanks. I tried that and it did not work.
    I also tried
    if (!is_bbpress ())
    remove_action ( ‘genesis_after_header’, ‘the_411_extras’, ‘genesis_after_sidebar_widget_area’ );
    if ( is_active_sidebar( ‘social-icons’ ) || is_active_sidebar( ‘click-here’ ) || is_active_sidebar( ‘split-sidebar-left’ ) || is_active_sidebar( ‘split-sidebar-right’ )) {

    if (!is_bbpress (‘forums’))

    if ( is_active_sidebar( ‘social-icons’ ) || is_active_sidebar( ‘click-here’ ) || is_active_sidebar( ‘split-sidebar-left’ ) || is_active_sidebar( ‘split-sidebar-right’ )) {

    with and without the forums part. nothing seems to remove it.



    Hello, I am using genesis theme the-411 which has no sidebars just a fixed widget area to the right showing social icons. The site is forced full width but the container sit at about 800px I am trying to remove that from showing on the forums page and instead show a a login for bbpress. Not sure how to go about doing this. I tried the If conditional tag on there but it does not seem to work.

    here is the code
    //* Hook social icons and click here widget areas
    add_action( ‘genesis_after_header’, ‘the_411_extras’, ‘genesis_after_sidebar_widget_area’ );
    function the_411_extras() {

    if ( is_active_sidebar( ‘social-icons’ ) || is_active_sidebar( ‘click-here’ ) || is_active_sidebar( ‘split-sidebar-left’ ) || is_active_sidebar( ‘split-sidebar-right’ )) {

    echo ‘<div class=”site-extras”>’;

    genesis_widget_area( ‘social-icons’, array(
    ‘before’ => ‘<div class=”social-icons”>’,
    ‘after’ => ‘</div>’
    ) );

    genesis_widget_area( ‘click-here’, array(
    ‘before’ => ‘<div class=”click-here”>’,
    ‘after’ => ‘</div>’
    ) );
    genesis_widget_area( ‘split-sidebar-left’, array(
    ‘before’ => ‘<div class=”split-sidebar-left”>’,
    ‘after’ => ‘</div>’,
    ) );
    genesis_widget_area( ‘split-sidebar-right’, array(
    ‘before’ => ‘<div class=”split-sidebar-right”>’,
    ‘after’ => ‘</div>’,
    ) );

    echo ‘</div>’;

    if (is_bbpress( ‘forums’ ) ) {
    /** Remove default sidebar */
    remove_action( ‘genesis_after_sidebar_widget_area’ );



    I added the split right and left, but I only use the right for search box. Thanks!


    I’ve spent a long time looking through fixes, and nothing has worked for me so far. Currently I am trying to set up a forum/website. I am using the Twenty Fifteen theme with bbPress, except I am currently on a child theme so I can make changes safely.

    The site portion looks fine, but the forum looks awkward:

    View post on

    I would like to stretch out the forum side of this page so the posts take up more space. I don’t want to be scrolling constantly, especially with much larger posts. I think the best way to do this is removing the sidebar from the forum section. After the sidebar is gone, however, I don’t just want the right section to be centered and be the same size. I want it to take up the whole page. I understand this makes accessibility across the site a bit more difficult, but I can figure something out later.



    EDITED: I first added the second code snippet you provided, then realized I needed to other one, so I deleted that second snippet and used the first at the end of the functions.php file in my child theme. It does not place a small “edit profile” link centered at the top of my forum main page, which is a help (thanks), but it also places the following text at the bottom of my members home page when logged in: “Click edit button to change this code.”

    That is not a clickable link and it is also not in the right location. Also, I can’t see where that specific text is being defined to edit the wording, which I’d want if it was a working link. It would be great to also have the edit link on the members home page, not just the forum main page, or even better to be able to add it to the sidebar that shows on all member area pages, but at least I’d like to remove this text from the non-forum page.

    Thanks in advance if you can sort this.



    That did not work. I still have the wrong widget showing up. The added page is displaying – I know because I added some text to test it, and even though I change the sidebar to the one I want the incorrect one is still showing up. I even tried to remove it and make the page full width and that did not work – the wrong sidebar is still there. Sure hope someone can help me solve this.




    I have:
    WP 4.4.2
    bbPress 2.5.8
    BuddyPress 2.4.3
    Karma theme 3.0.3

    Please see my forum home page here:

    What I want to do is hide the “white area” with the logo and menu (products, gallery, etc.) ONLY on bbpress forum pages, not the rest of the non-forum pages. Here is the code for my bbPress.php page created from copying another template page and saving it in my child theme (as instructed).

    Can anyone tell me what to edit/remove from this page to just remove the home menu, but LEAVE the main top menu (home, about us, client sites) in blue?

    I have tried several things and can’t seem to get anywhere.

    Thanks in advance!!!

    Template Name: bbPress
    <?php get_header(); ?>
    </div><!-- header-area -->
    </div><!-- end rays -->
    </div><!-- end header-holder -->
    </div><!-- end header -->
    <?php truethemes_before_main_hook();// action hook, see truethemes_framework/global/hooks.php ?>
    <div id="main">
    <?php get_template_part('theme-template-part-tools','childtheme'); ?>
    <div class="main-holder">
    //retrieve value for sub-nav checkbox
    global $post;
    $post_id = $post->ID;
    $meta_value = get_post_meta($post_id,'truethemes_page_checkbox',true);
    <div id="content" class="content_left_sidebar">
    <?php if(have_posts()) : while(have_posts()) : the_post(); the_content(); truethemes_link_pages(); endwhile; endif;
    comments_template('/page-comments.php', true);
    get_template_part('theme-template-part-inline-editing','childtheme'); ?>
    </div><!-- end content -->
    <div id="sidebar" class="left_sidebar">
    <?php dynamic_sidebar('bbpress-custom-sidebar'); ?>
    </div><!-- end sidebar -->
    </div><!-- end main-holder -->
    </div><!-- main-area -->
    <?php get_footer(); ?>


    Hi there

    I am using WordPress Version 4.4.2 and BBPress v2.5.8. I am using a magazine theme called Soledad which allows a number of custom sidebars.

    After setting the forum root to community (and I removed the shortcode from a page) and seeing that I did not have a sidebar, I created a new bbpress.php in a child theme to enable it.

    At first the sidebar was showing as the default one on the main forum index and the individual forums and topics were showing a custom side bar that I had assigned to posts (it shows the author bio)

    After I installed BB WP Tweaks, the main forum index page is showing the correct side bar after adding in the widgets into the BBPress sidebar. However, individual forums and topics are still showing the sidebar assigned to post.

    Any help much appreciated. I have read the how to page on setting up specific sidebars, but not luck.




    i am trying to remove the sidebar from all of the forum pages. i went through the bbpress template files under templates>extras folder and removed:

    <?php get_sidebar)(); ?>

    but they are still showing. is there anything else i can do? i am using simple mag theme.

    thank you!


    So I managed to remove the right sidebar of bbPress by duplicating the “page.php” file and renaming it “forum.php” and dropping that into my parent theme folder. No more sidebar…

    BUT now the bbPress breadcrumb is right behind the Page Title (overlapping). Is there any way to correct this?




    Bumped into an issue that i can’t seem to figure out. Please help.

    I have a wp blog(matheson theme) and a bbpress forum.

    Trying to remove the sidebar from posts but keep it on side in the forum.

    When i go to customize menu there is an option to make the posts 100% width. The sidebar moves to the bottom instead of going away. So i went to single.php and removed <?php get_sidebar(); ?> which removes it all together. Great, or so i thought.

    The issue is now the forum is full-width and the sidebar is on the bottom instead of the side.

    any suggestions would be much appreciated. the site is



    Hi Folks,
    I thought I had this nailed but my forums are not sending out any messages re new posts.
    I’m using the following setup:
    WP version 4.4.1
    Theme Jolene 1.1.5
    PHP version 5.4.45
    bbPress version 2.5.8-5815
    site url
    Active Plugins Name and Version
    – p1 AsynCRONous bbPress Subscriptions 2.1
    – p2 bbP Manage Subscriptions 1.2.0
    – p3 bbP Toolkit 1.0.6
    – p4 bbPress Enable TinyMCE Visual Tab 1.0.1
    – p5 bbPress 2.5.8
    – p6 bbPress2 shortcode whitelist 2.2.1
    – p7 Content Aware Sidebars 3.0.1
    – p8 Duplicate Post 2.6
    – p9 GD bbPress Attachments 2.3.1
    – p10 My Calendar 2.4.13
    – p11 Nav Menu Roles 1.7.4
    – p12 PDF Embedder 2.4.1
    – p13 Postman SMTP 1.7.2
    – p14 Remove Widget Titles 1.0
    – p15 Fast Secure Contact Form 4.0.39
    – p16 Simple Custom CSS 3.3
    – p17 Slideshow 2.3.1
    – p18 TablePress 1.7
    – p19 W3 Total Cache
    – p20 WP User Avatar 2.0.4
    This is a real pain as I’ve only just created the user accounts for the club membership at:
    I’ve checked all the setting options on the associated plugins but can’t find anything that could be causing the problem. Sending a test message from postman SMTP works and the site is providing admin messages re users changing passwords etc. Seams only bbP that doesn’t want to comunicate.
    Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers, Eugene




    I’m new to both wordpress and bbpress, and am having a few problems customzing a theme for my forums.

    I am copying ‘page.php’ (or ‘index.php’ in the case of stargazer) to ‘bbpress.php’ and editing that.

    Mainly, I just want to get rid of the posts/navbar stuff and have full width forums. However, I seem to need to remove get_footer() to achieve this (there doesn’t seem to be a get_nav() or get_sidebar() in either theme I’ve tried) – but doing this causes odd side effects.

    In the case of the ‘stargazer’ theme, removing the footer causes extra ‘>’ chars to be inserted into the forum breadcrumb trail. Forums are still only about 60% of page width too.

    In the case of the ‘twentyfifteen’ theme, it causes the theme to go into some weird mode where a bunch of HUGE links suddenly appears on the left of the page.

    Can anyone suggest a good ‘starter’ theme for me to play with, along with possibly hints for how to get a ‘clean’ forum page?

    Apart from this, setting up bbpress has been a breeze!




    I have read other posts regarding the alignment of bbPress after removing the R side bar in a theme. I would like to center the forum on this page. Any help would be appreciated.


    WP version 4.4
    Theme Twenty Sixteen 1.0
    bbPress version 2.5.8-5815
    bbp style pack 2.8.4
    bbP Toolkit 1.0.5

    I created bbpress.php and placed it in the theme root dir to remove the R sidebar.

    get_header(); ?>
    <div id="main-content">
    	<div class="container">
    		<div id="content-area" class="clearfix">
    			<?php while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>
    				<article id="post-<?php the_ID(); ?>" <?php post_class(); ?>>
    					<h1 class="main_title"><?php the_title(); ?></h1>
    					<div class="entry-content">
    					<?php the_content(); ?>
    					</div> <!-- .entry-content -->
    				</article> <!-- .et_pb_post -->
    			<?php endwhile; ?>
    		</div> <!-- #content-area -->
    	</div> <!-- .container -->
    </div> <!-- #main-content -->
    <?php get_footer(); ?>
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