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    Topic: Customization

    in forum Installation

    I’m new to WordPress and I wonder how can I customize bbPress without using elementor tool? There are 6 content are in my sidebar which is Home, Listings, My Posts, Forum, Settings and Profile. But now I want to remove the my post content from the sidebar. Can you guys help me to solve it.

    Sorry for asking this stupid question.


    Hi guys,

    I tried everything to remove sidebar and use the full width but without luck. I have the main forum page as I want but topics and replys contain the sidebar. I can hide it but not get the full width.

    What can I do?

    I´m using Newspaper 10.3.7 –> this is OK –> this is with the sidebar what I want to remove 🙁


    Topic: removing the sidebar

    in forum Plugins


    I am trying to remove the sidebar from the forum pages so it becomes fullwidth.

    Here are the pages I am struggling to remove the sidebar:


    I have few writers with wp roles of author on the website and the bbpress forum role is participant.
    I want the writers to get similar wp author kinds of rights on the forum but they cannot see, edit and delete others forum topics.

    Basically I want the Topics option in the WP dashboard sidebar to be shown for bbpress participants.

    I followed few of the existing discussions on the forum with similar requirements but none of them worked for me.

    Remove Settings Capability for Editors

    Allow members to trash their own topics based on edit time

    I would really appreciate it if someone can suggest a solution for my case.


    In reply to: Need BBpress Help


    Thank You Robin W that helped a lot, i just realized new topic/forum doesn’t show nor anything else that you normally see in forums when logged in. I think i need to remove the sidebars. To do this i would need someone help to walk me through it, as you guys gained your knowledge through experience. Well I need your experience.


    this is how my forum looks on my website I would appreciate any help in making this clearer to read and understand. I’m looking into finding ways to remove sidebars on forum page, but not until i can read the forum.


    I looked through all the entries and didn’t find the answer. Maybe if someone else goes searching they will see my answer.

    If you remove the sidebar and change your page to full-width it won’t work…buttt if you create a new page and set it as full width and then put the bbpress code into it, it will go full width. My only thing now is I will probably install a plug in to put sidebars where I want them


    I am trying to add a forum to my website, using bbpress, .

    I ran into a problem with the forum layout in a “heading section”?

    I don’t know what to call it, and can’t find a reference in the documentation, or via google.

    It is the heading that holds … topic, voices, posts and freshness
    Something is too wide, so they wrap ..
    Both in the heading and In the content below

    – see link

    I removed the sidebar widgets, but that did not change anything.

    The theme I am using is Rise.

    i an looking for help to get it lined up so it doesn’t wrap?

    wp version 5.0.3
    bbpress 2.5.14


    rise 1.401.1


    I created a list of 5 forums some with sub forums and used the short code to display the index of forums on a page which I added to my navigation menu. Today it is only showing the first forum and none of the others. I’ve tried refreshing the page, renewing the page with the shortcode and gone back over some of the steps (I’ve been trying to remove a sidebar from the forum page) but nothing seems to work. All the forums are listed and I haven’t changed any of the settings within the forums…

    I’m using the Ruby theme – but have tried it with twenty fifteen, sixteen and seventeen and the problem persists. I’m using bbpress Version 2.5.14 and the bbpress style plug in Version 4.0.3 which was updated today.

    My site is not published as I’m still working on it, ironing out some of these issues.

    Thanks for any advice


    Hi @pauldlb

    Try this… Paste the follow code into function.php (Appearance – Editor – Functions.php)

    /* Remove SideBar From bbPress Profiles and Topics*/
    function disable_all_widgets( $sidebars_widgets ) {
    if ( function_exists('is_bbpress') ) {
    if (is_bbpress()) {
    $sidebars_widgets = array(false);
    unregister_sidebar( 'bp_core_widgets' );
    return $sidebars_widgets;
    add_filter('sidebars_widgets', 'disable_all_widgets', 1, 1);
    Mantosh Pal

    As you can see how the title is appearing on forum.

    sidebar is also not working. I am trying to remove sidebar from the pages using the editor setting still I think bbpress overwriting the setting and let showing sidebar instead I have selected no sidebar as wider page but still showing.


    I’m creating a forum website and wish to add a particular sidebar to the right of the forum table with specific bbPress widgets. However, all plugins that allow new sidebars to be created require an existing sidebar to be replaced. Now my problem is that the only existing sidebar in the Forum page is the footer sidebar. which can’t be removed, and so, how do I create a completely new sidebar in a location where there is no sidebar previously existing (forum page)?

    P.S.- I am using twenty seventeen theme.

    PrintStop India

    You can go to the wordpress dashboard and from there you go to Appearance>Widgets then in widget there will be a option of sidebar.Then click on the sidebar,it will show you about the widget that is included in that sidebar,just remove that widget then your sidebar will be deleted from your website.

    selftrips ru

    Нow to remove sidebar?



    We are looking to modify BBpress meaning:

    – remove the possibility for anonymous users posting answers to questions.
    – remove BBpress notices like ”You can publish HTML content” or ”You can use BBCodes to format your content”.
    – remove the website field request when asking a question, along subject type and question status.
    – add a name for the description field regarding the title of the subject.
    – customize the right sidebar to include: add a question, search and categories of the forum.

    We are using bbpress 2.5.14 and wordpress 4.7.9. Any help will be much appreciated.

    Thank you!


    I am using divi theme, I want to remove the default sidebar in forums page, so I create a new page name “forums”, and add some module and bbpress shortcode in it, but the forums page always look the same with default.

    site link

    Robin W

    ok, put it into the child theme and remove form the parent theme – that way it doesn’t get lost on updates

    so you have a bbpress specific sidebar as per

    Layout and functionality – Examples you can use

    yes ?

    If so then in your new bbpress.php replace

    line 49 ish

    <?php get_sidebar(); ?>


    <?php dynamic_sidebar( 'bbp-sidebar'); ?>


    Hello all,

    I somehow broke the page layout of my topic index and topic pages. The sidebar should be on the right, but it looks like WordPress is drawing the gray line separator on the left of the page, and pushing all the sidebar content to the bottom. Example:

    I thought this was due to some code I put in the style.css and functions.php to style my archive pages, but I removed that code and it’s still messed up. Has anyone experienced this before, or could someone more knowledgeable look at the source and developer tools to figure out what’s going wrong here?



    Topic: Remove sidebar?

    in forum Plugins

    HI, I found many articles on how to remove the sidebar from bbpress pages but nothing I do works for me. I’ve already checked my theme and sidebar is enabled. I’ve tried commenting out the <?php get_sidebar(); ?> under all bbpress templates files. I’ve tried hiding it with CSS.

    The index forum pages and topics don’t show sidebar, but when I go to other pages like a user account or a tag, etc then the sidebar is there. Please, anyone, help me. I’m not sure what to do anymore.


    Hi there,

    I’m writing because I have trouble to understand how templates are managed in BBPress (and wordpress I guess :)).
    I’d like to have a specific template on the main forum page (the one displaying the different forums). And another template for the page displaying the different topics.

    Currently in the wordpress page where I pasted the short code [bbp-forum-index], I call the template bbpress.php, which is presented in the bbpress codex (See example at the end of the topic).

    But how can I create a specific template for my forum index (listing all my forums), for instance “forum-display.php”. And another template, listing my topics (for instance “topic-display.php”).

    Maybe my file bbpress.php is not appropriate to do so ? or need to be customized a bit ?

    NB : I’m using twenty twelve theme

    I hope my question is clear,
    Thank you for your help,

    Template Name: index-forum
    get_header(); ?>
    <div id="primary" class="site-content">
    		<div id="content-forum" role="main">
    		Start the Loop
    		while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>
    		This is the start of the page and also the insertion of the post classes.
    		Post classes are very handy to style your forums.
    			<article id="post-<?php the_ID(); ?>" <?php post_class(); ?>>
    			This is the title wrapped in a header tag
    			and a class to better style the title for your theme
    			<header class="entry-header">
    			<h1 class="entry-title"><?php the_title(); ?></h1>
    			This is the content wrapped in a div
    			and class to better style the content
    			<div class="entry-content">
    			<?php the_content(); ?>
    			<!-- .entry-content -->
    			<!-- #post -->
    			<?php endwhile; // end of the loop. ?>
    	 	<!-- #content -->
    	 	<div class="login-sidebar"><?php dynamic_sidebar('forum_login_zone');?></div>
    	<!-- #primary -->
    This is code to display the sidebar and the footer.
    Remove the sidebar code to get full-width forums.
    This would also need CSS to make it actually full width.
    <?php get_footer(); ?>

    I am using the latest version of bbPress on WordPress 4.8.1
    How do I remove the sidebar from the Forum pages?
    Thank you


    Ok, here’s what I did. If anyone has a better solution post it! What I was ultimately trying to do was combine both the WooCommerce accounts sidebar with the BBPress sidebar. I think the most difficult part / part I’m most unsure about is the bbp user ID which we’ll get to later.

    Unloading a Template

    I used the bbp_get_template_part filter to find and remove the user-details.php template from loading:

     * Prevent BBPress from loading certain templates
     * @param Array $templates
     * @return Array $templates;
    function prefix_bbp_template_removal( $templates ) {
    	if( bbp_is_single_user() && is_array( $templates ) ) {
    		if( false !== ( $key = array_search( 'user-details.php', $templates ) ) ) {
    			unset( $templates[ $key ] );
    	return $templates;
    add_filter( 'bbp_get_template_part', 'prefix_bbp_template_removal');

    Loading a Template

    Then I used the bbp_locate_template() function to reload the template where I wanted it.

    bbp_locate_template( array( 'user-details.php' ), true, false );

    User Profile Links

    This is where it gets hairy. For whatever reason, when outside the “User Home”, BBPress doesn’t know which user is displaying so none of the sidebar links would link plus “Edit” and “Subscriptions” were missing. To show the last 2 links I needed to have bbp_is_user_home return true, in my case it was whenever the user was on WooCommerce Accounts pages:

     * Modify Home Conditional if viewing WooCommerce Account
     * @return Boolean
    function prefix_bbp_user_home( $is_user_home ) {
    	if( function_exists( 'is_account_page' ) && is_account_page() ) {
    		$is_user_home = true;
    	return $is_user_home;
    add_filter( 'bbp_is_user_home', 'prefix_bbp_user_home' );

    Which now shows the two links at the bottom. The final piece was actually getting the links to work correctly. This is what I’m most unsure about as I’m not sure how BBPress defines which user is displayed. I’m assuming there’s some kind of impersonation feature which makes this more difficult or something I’m not sure so I just return the current user ID:

     * Give BBPress a User ID on Woocommerce Accounts
     * @param Integer $bbp_user_id
     * @return Integer $bbp_user_id
    function prefix_bbp_user_id( $bbp_user_id ) {
    	$user_id = get_current_user_id();
    	if( function_exists( 'is_account_page' ) && is_account_page() && empty( $bbp_user_id ) ) {
    		$bbp_user_id = $user_id;
    	return $bbp_user_id;
    add_filter( 'bbp_get_user_id', 'prefix_bbp_user_id' );

    I’d love to get some clarification on the BBPress user ID, why it doesn’t use the current user outside User Home, and what the best way to go about this is.


    WordPress version 4.8
    bbPress version 2.5.12
    Site URI: Localhost (I can create a temp vpn tunnel to the site if needed.)


    I am confused about the following setup and theme page template/bbPress weirdness.

    I have installed bbPress and set the forum root to “support” and saved changes.
    Then I created a page with the exact same name “support“. The slug matches the page name and reads: www.mysite/support/
    In this page I have added the bbpress short code [bbp-forum-index]

    With the current theme I have the option to choose a page template with or without a sidebar. When I set the page template to “sidebar“, the sidebar does NOT display.

    When I change the “forum root” from “support” to “forums” and leave the page name and template choice as is, the sidebar does display.

    The same applies when I do not change the Forum root and leave it as “support“, but I remove the bbPress shortcode [bbp-forum-index]. The page “support” does show the sidebar.

    I am wondering if I am doing something wrong with either setting the Forum root slug and the page name to the exact same; “support“.

    Maybe this is not possible and leads to url/permalink confusion in WP/bbPress and it instead uses the “standard” page template (which doesn’t utilises any sidebars in the current theme I am using.)

    In the end what I would like to see is the following (if possible at all.);

    When you visit the site’s support page the url/slug read:
    The page title matches the slug: “Support” and it uses the sidebar page template.

    In this page the support questions are shown by freshness and the breadcrumb actually displays “home >> support“, not “home >> forums“.

    Thanks in advance for any help in explaining the Forum root and page name scheme/setup.


    WordPress version 4.8
    Genesis Theme version 2.5.2
    bbPress version: 2.5.12
    Site URL:

    My site has a members section for which all of the pages in it have a template applied to it with this simple logic:

    	if ( ! is_user_logged_in()) {
    	} else {
    		// add the members only sidebar and show the content

    Is it possible to install bbPress such that I can apply this template logic to all forum pages?

    I also want all forum pages to exist under a parent page. e.g.

    I can place my forum there ( using a shortcode, but then all other forum pages go to their default locations (

    I tried changing the Forum Root to ‘members’, but then when I visit that page, the page template with my logic is removed.


    I first heard of WordPress only recently. Today, I heard about CSS for the first time. This must give people the ability to customize anything on their site.

    1) I have a page that I set to be the Front page. So in the menu bar I can click Home or I can click the title of the page to load the page. Having Home in the menu bar makes sense but that means I don’t need the title of the page to be there too. How do I remove the page title so the only way to load the page is by clicking Home?

    2) I have a link to a privacy policy in the menu bar. I heard one can put page links in the site’s footer. That makes sense. I want to do that. I found these instructions:
    Create a new menu, “Footer Menu” for example
    Add-in whatever links (pages) are needed there
    Add a widget (called Custom Menu) to a footer widget position (if your current theme supports it)

    I went to Customize and made a menu called Footer. I went to Appearance…Menu and added Privacy Policy to the Footer menu. I went to Appearance…Widgets and found Custom Menu. That’s as far as I got. How do I add custom menu to the “footer widget position”? Maybe my theme doesn’t support it. If I click Custom Menu, I see only “Right Sidebar” and “Add Widget”. If I go to my site, at the bottom I see “2017… Developed by Tamal Anwar”. Is that area at the bottom the footer?


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