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Forum Index only displaying one forum

  • writersabroad


    I created a list of 5 forums some with sub forums and used the short code to display the index of forums on a page which I added to my navigation menu. Today it is only showing the first forum and none of the others. I’ve tried refreshing the page, renewing the page with the shortcode and gone back over some of the steps (I’ve been trying to remove a sidebar from the forum page) but nothing seems to work. All the forums are listed and I haven’t changed any of the settings within the forums…

    I’m using the Ruby theme – but have tried it with twenty fifteen, sixteen and seventeen and the problem persists. I’m using bbpress Version 2.5.14 and the bbpress style plug in Version 4.0.3 which was updated today.

    My site is not published as I’m still working on it, ironing out some of these issues.

    Thanks for any advice

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  • Robin W


    I am author of the style pack plugin, and 4.0.3 shouldn’t have anything that would affect your site, but please as a test, deactivate it and check that it is not causing any issue, you will not lose any settings, and as soon as you have looked you can re-enable it.

    Then come back



    Thanks, when I deactivate the plug in and go to my forums page, the list of forums is there, without all the changes I made in bppress styles.
    When I activate it again, all I get is the first forum and its sub forum, not the index of forums listed I’ve been changing fonts and colours in the style sheet and none of these are being activated either apart from the changes I made yesterday?


    Robin W


    That is very strange.

    Can you contact me via the email in my website, as I need you to send me some info

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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