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  • I know something’s wrong with my theme, that’s why I’m asking about important things that changed in new version of bbPress ;). Where’s that change log for Thyme Mint…


    Found it, fixed it! Turns out that what worked in previous versions doesn’t work in new one, I’m talking about this:

    <?php bb_profile_admin_form(); ?>

    This works, in previous versions I was using this:

    <?php bb_profile_admin_form('input'); ?>

    This doesn’t work :).

    Being there, read that – still it’s not it. I’m trying to figure our the BB_Query function by reading about WP_Query on Codex ;). Anyone have other ideas?



    I’m using “Human Test for bbPress” with RC3 and it’s working perfectly, spam bots has been stopped.

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    Things like “tags” or “topic” can be translated directly within .htaccess file, as for the “post-name” – I think there’s no way to manipulate this yet, it is being sanitized deeply within bbPress core.

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    Perhaps because if you will install wordpress in https:// domain, secure_auth_salt will be created automatically.



    Make copy of files and database, upload new files, run and you’re done :). I’ve done it many times and never had any problems.



    Hmm, I guess this function has to be used within topic look, otherwise it won’t work – my only idea is to play with CSS – put the tags within the loop, but on the very bottom of it, then use CSS to move it even lower. :)

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    Not every wordpress installation have secure_auth_salt – you can skip this part, as it’s related to https:// protocol – I mean, as long as you’re not using https:// for your websites :).

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    The best thing you can do is to post the error here on forums, it will be more public and maybe someone will help you. I’m no longer supporting the plugin (maybe some day…)

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    – Human Test for bbPress

    – Forums Moderators

    – Allow Images

    – bbSocialize

    – bbPages

    – bbPress Smilies

    – bbFlickr

    – Forum Last Poster

    – BBPress Private Messaging

    – BBcode Buttons Toolbar

    – Private Forums

    – bbPress signatures

    – bbPress Polls

    – BBcode Lite

    Modifications: A lot! bbSocialize and bbPages plugins has been created specially for this website, there is a lot of conditional php tags (if, else, etc.), I’ve created a function to create a sidebar, and I’ve integrated some jQuery stuff, and more ;).

    If I could only attract members as I’m coding things :P.

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    Been there, tried that – it’s definitely more than 10 minutes :P

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    I just can’t wait for 1.0 Stable, as I’m going to use it as core for new version of my Open Cafe.

    First impression – “where should I click? What the heck this website is about? I’m living…”

    Second impression – “StumbleUpon – first impression count” and in the moment you’re reading this I’m 20 sites away :P.

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    All right, let’s try different question – I want to add additional informations to topicmeta when posting new topic – how can I achieve this? :)

    Or at least point me to a plugin that is doing something like this so I could learn there…

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    For me it’s clear – bbPress puts user first, but it sucks without developer – I’m talking about board developer, not script developers ;). Someone need to set up forum first, and he is using this great engine-core as I’m calling it with additional plugins he need – if one is creating forum for php coders, then he don’t need bbcode or any form of editor, as users will know stuff. This forum for example don’t need editor because its target is people who are developing using bbPress.

    For me, it’s a library of functions ready to set up a great, huge and fast forum – if you want a board like “set up and forget about it” then go and use phpbb3 – huge, slow with thousands of useless options. But if you’re a developer, then there’s nothing better than bbPress for you.

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    So how do you think, when Official 1.0 will be ready? :)

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    Very simple, very clean – I like it!

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    > What do I get with bbPress?

    The most coder-friendly Engine Core I ever seen :P. If you know how to code of course – coding plugins for bbPress is a pure pleasure.

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    If any of you is interested in paranormal stuff and you would like to help in developing Open Cafe (both content and php code), please contact me on f.t.mastergreed [at] – I’m desperately looking for coder ;)

    155?! Whoh, and I’m worried about 18 queries in my still-in-development plugin :).

    It would be much easier to say anything if there would be any link…

    First question – user and password – ok, but have you created a database “forum” and plug user/pass into it?

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    Everyone will be recommending their hosting – for example, I’m happy with WHB on which I’m running three WP and one bbPress, not mentioning a MediaWiki script.

    I agree with _ck_ – the point behind bbPress is to make the easiest and simplest forum script ever – personaly, I see no need for members list, really. It’s not very useful on huge forums like WordPress support, and there’s no point for that on small forums where everyone know each other.

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    Sweet Spirits! Now that’s the power of bbPress!

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