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Integrate a memberlist by default

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  • _ck_


    I think you are missing the point that some people don’t want such features (for example, me) on their forums and by keeping it plugin based it can be an option instead of forced.

    And I think you are missing the people who will say “oh, we need a plugin for just that! I can’t imagine the others! “

    I have already twenty plugins activated, some of which, as memberlist, which does not change of code (or very little) and they can be integrated safely by default.

    In place of a plugin, a checkbox in the options natives would be better, no?

    As WordPress 2.7 perhaps we should integrate the most simple and the most popular plugins by default, no?

    I thought about it to ensure the development of bbPress and enable it to compete with others. And if there is more interested users = more visitors for the sites of the plugins creators on their “donate” link lol: p

    Please, think at the question^ ^ or create a “plugin integration poll” :p

    Bug fixes are good. New features, too. :)

    I agree with _ck_ – the point behind bbPress is to make the easiest and simplest forum script ever – personaly, I see no need for members list, really. It’s not very useful on huge forums like WordPress support, and there’s no point for that on small forums where everyone know each other.



    Member lists just attract spammers in my experience, the only person who needs to be able to see all members are the admin team, and they already can.

    Please, *don’t* make a member list a default option, I like that BBPress is free from this kind of bloat.



    If I do want to install the memberlist plugin, here do I place the “>Member List in the admin section so that only I can view it?



    Put it on an admin page, like the dashboard. (bb-admin/index.php)



    Thank you chrishajer!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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