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  • Wanted to share with you the new Kineda community built using WordPress and bbPress as the foundation.

    Kineda is now part blog, part lookbook thanks to this dynamic pairing of software. The blog at still offers our comprehensive fashion and lifestyle blog features, while the lookbook at offers a rare glimpse at what our half a million readers are wearing right this moment.

    All of this built on top of WordPress and bbPress with lots of hardwork and many late nights.

    Kineda Blog –

    Kineda Lookbook –

    Would love to hear your feedback!

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  • Well, I for one think is a totally awesome work of art!

    If the lookbook is actually bbPress then I’m just plain speechless. I can’t even begin to imagine what “lots of hardwork and many late nights” actually means. Something extreme, I’m sure.

    I think you have something to be totally proud of here. And having said that, it sounds absolutely understated.

    I am just embarking on a journey to rebuild Girls Rock Radio – into a WordPress/bbPress site. Currently it is neither – it is hand coded html/php and a SimpleMachines Forum.

    On this journey, I only wish I could pick your brain along the way. If I can create something only half as beautiful as, I’ll be very happy!



    Awesome site Kineda, looks very professional and I love how you could never tell that it’s a bbpress install – like djMotLive would be hard to imagine how much work you’ve put into it.

    What did you use for images in your posts? What is a custom hack created by yourself? or did you use a plugin?



    kineda, awesome site. I am creating a similar site for a popular book series. I for see a lot of late nights also. You are an inspiration. Great work.


    I like your site. One thing that caught my attention. I count 4 adsense ad units on your posts. I believe there should be a maximum of 3 according to Adsense TOS.

    Wanted to let you know.

    Congrats on your hard work.


    Thanks necati. Glad you like it. :)

    I actually only run 1 adsense unit (and even that’s not directly through Google. It’s through a special deal I have with Glam Media).

    The 3 graphical banners you see are not provided by Google.

    Great work here. Impressed!

    Thanks Familiar! :)



    Very nicely built site! I love the lookbook feature in your forum.

    Pardon my ignorance… but how do you create a lookbook like you did? Is it a plug-in or something that pulls photos that are uploaded to a user’s topic?

    It’s a custom plugin. If anyone is interested, let me know. I may be placing it up for sale.

    Well, like everybody said, you have done a great site. I have couple of days trying to show the WP recent posts list on bbPress and I haven’t done it. I would like a clue from the experts. Thanks.

    GOD bless…


    Sweet Spirits! Now that’s the power of bbPress!

    I like your site and Am looking at using wordpress mu + bbpress .

    Can your custom plugin lookable be used .if so how much?

    Yes, it can be. Send me an e-mail through kineda’s contact page.

    Yes, send me an e-mail through kineda’s contact page.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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