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bbPress 1.0 Stable

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  • meitershaker


    I hope we’ll get the stable version from Santa ;)



    That roadmap is wildly inaccurate and just guesses.

    Not only does 1.0 gut huge sections of code that were perfectly working under 0.9 and need to be replaced but it also replaces entire concepts (like the new object cache). There is a huge amount of work to do and I don’t envy Sam and Michael’s jobs right now. Then it will need lots of testing and debugging.

    Then there is plugin stability since everything is in a state of flux. I can’t even keep up with the changes anymore, I’ve stopped updating my plugins until things settle down a bit.

    Sam is currently working on trackbacks (pingbacks) now which was suppose to be the big new “feature” for 1.0 IMHO it’s a huge waste of time that could be spent elsewhere in the code but pingbacks on forums was something Matt wanted, so he gets what he wants obviously. However it will be the first feature I delete (not just disable, but delete) since XML-RPC was the #1 security problem with WordPress over the years. It’s also going to be a spammer’s delight.

    I was tired of self pingback and just a few days ago I installed no-self-ping for wordpress and now it turns out it’s going to be a new cool feature in final version of bbPress! omg…

    so how abou adding some kind of post revisions? good idea as well…



    Post revisions? You mean like my Edit History plugin?

    I just can’t wait for 1.0 Stable, as I’m going to use it as core for new version of my Open Cafe.



    With so many structural changes underway in 1.0, will there be difficulties in upgrading from .9 to 1.0 stable?

    I just checked the plugin (Edit History) and it might be quite useful (I wouldn’t mind having this integrated in next version of bbPress …) which I can’t tell about Post Revisions in WordPress….

    IMHO every new feature should have option to disable it within admin panel without resorting to tinkering with wp/bb-config files

    hopefully the stable version packed with new features (like the i-Phone related one) will leave users the choice to use them or not


    We hope there will be no difficulty at all.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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